Reviews for Second Time Around
tina chapter 73 . 8/22
wow. Pleasse update soon. Also I forgot the first half of the story cuz ive been follwoing it as you write, so could you remind me, does harry know draco and hermione are dating? Why is he nice to draco sometimes again?
Guest chapter 73 . 8/20
Scorpions are not insects. They are arachnids, like spiders. This feels like something Hermione ought to know.
Lillipopp chapter 73 . 8/19
Wow. Nice twist. Can't wait to read more.
ellieclang chapter 72 . 8/19
Wait a minute. I remember Theo saying "an arm, a leg, and a first born child". Could it be? Draco and Hermione's first born is Theo's princess?
ellieclang chapter 1 . 8/19
I love you. Please. Update soon? *Puppy eyes*
ellieclang chapter 73 . 8/19
Update pleeeeeese! Omygod! What's gonna happen next?! This fic is best! Now I regret reading the story while it's still in progress. This cliff hanger is pure EVIL. I can't calm down. OMYGOD. UPDATE PLEEEASE.

I'm glad with what you did with Theo confessing his crush on Hermione. Although I was kinda expecting him to let it out on his friends or Hermione. I wish he'd let them know.
Ladylamentana chapter 73 . 8/18
If Harry is checking the map for Draco then at some point he's gonna see him with hermion even and find them being all fluffy to each other. Is that an impending reveal I smell?
I was BOTWP chapter 73 . 8/17
Such a cliffhanger!

Hermione needs to bring her friends in on the secret. At least parts of it. At some point in time it becomes difficult to call people friends when you constantly lie to them.
Cassandra chapter 73 . 8/16
Going absolutely up the pace.
Please don't take as long and please update soon.
Blueberry Bliss chapter 73 . 8/16
Oh my god! I HATE YOU, What the hell! That was a really shitty cliffhanger, i was hoping that talk chapters ago and you ended and then the other come out but puff! You leave it ther my god you really are hatefull doll, even if i was so happy in the pansy/hermione exchange Im so mad for that end, you better hope that Snape comes out from the chimney
Kyonomiko chapter 73 . 8/16
Oh my god you can't! Not there! Stupid dumbledore and his stupid interruption... Draco should have brought someone with him. Someone to keep him grounded and explain if this happened. It's exactly what I was afraid of. So now you simply must update! Ok? Please...
blueness28 chapter 73 . 8/16
I love this story. This was an evil cliff-hanger - as I'm sure you well know. Please update soon!
asdfghhjkl chapter 73 . 8/16
chinaluv chapter 73 . 8/16
Awww draco
Guest chapter 73 . 8/16
Amazing as always but aaaaaahhhhhh! That cliffhanger!
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