Reviews for Second Time Around
topazz chapter 76 . 2/7
awww come is soooo close to the best part...please continue your interesting story, i cant wait
DiagonAli chapter 76 . 2/6
A a aarrrrggghhh! I am so sad this isn't a completed fic. it feels like it is ramping up to something great ... story lines coming together, character development ... so many questions I'm left with! I hate reading unfinished fics because I'm too impatient and need to binge read it all in a day (okay, this one took a couple days because I moved this past weekendand I want to stamp my foot and demand it to be finished! ha! really enjoyed the concept of this. that Draco has the second chance to be the man he could be. I'm a Sucker for a good dramione fic and this is in my top 3. thanks for that!
SB- Potterhead Budgie Lover chapter 76 . 1/27
Thanks for updating
ninawinna chapter 76 . 1/22
So I just binge read your story in 3 days & I freaking love it. It had me hooked and my feelings everywhere, you provided great dialogue, a wonderful plot, and amazing characterization for each person. I'm so freaking ready for an update, keep up the great work, your story is definitely worth the long nights lol
I am a hypocrite chapter 76 . 1/22
This is by far the bes Theo that I have seen in fanfiction. Many write him as a funny character and some others write him as a totally stoic person but this Theo is awesome. Best character in this story. love the others too like Joana and livia and Harry too. man this Harry is having a good character development. just one request though , Dont make the Blackboard Girl an OC. And find someone good for Ron.
moonlight10060 chapter 76 . 1/20
Are you kidding me? I got to the last update! Finally! I'm really glad to be here waiting for the next chapter
Eternal Night 2008 chapter 76 . 1/20
More please...
Jatm chapter 1 . 1/19
absolutely amazing! This chapter got me hooked
Kyonomiko chapter 76 . 1/19
Finally a little something for Theo! So glad Hermione told Draco what's been bothering her. How terrifying to think he might morph into someone else. Ron finally learning something is always a pleasant surprise lol
Autumn-Hime chapter 76 . 1/18
I love the change you made in Ronald most people tend to make him appear mean and unfeeling... Looking forward to the next chapter
mochikochi chapter 1 . 1/17
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Lola.Loves.Me chapter 76 . 1/17
So I've just binge read this fic in three days and my god it's amazing! The way the Draco's are similar and different is done perfectly, I'm not normally a fan of slow burn, but I didn't feel like I was waiting in this fic, everything leading up to them being together was riveting!

And I love Jonah! He is fab! Again I'm not normally a lover of original characters but he is so real! With fan fiction you go in with at least an underlying hint of personalities and characteristics so half the job is done, but with Jonah your characterisation is flawless and so emotive I want to cry with him at the horrors he's faced! And Livi I just want to put her in my pocket! I thought maybe she was Theo's "princess" but with the whole blackboard thing I'm no longer sure. Sorry about the essay! But I just wanted you to know I love your writing and you are a fantastic author and I can't wait to see where you take this story
moonlight10060 chapter 62 . 1/16
I just realized Reuel is Livia's brother. Poor sweetheart
moonlight10060 chapter 62 . 1/16
I just realized Reuel is Livia's brother. Poor sweetheart
moonlight10060 chapter 60 . 1/16
Blue flowers, red thorns. Shrek much?
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