Reviews for Second Time Around
GrowingEntish chapter 46 . 7/13
I really really like your story, and I wanted to wait till I reached the last chapter to review, because well there are 72 of them, but... I'm very disappointed. So disappointed I'm stopping mid-chapter to write this.

I was so happy when Joana was introduced and it was heavily suggested she was a lesbian.

Then there were innuendoes, and I thought she was a trans lesbian, even better ! It's really so rare to have queer (woman) representation in fanfiction. And then... You decided to make Jonah a cishet guy ? really ? It was *that* impossible to make a queer character in your story? If you wanted a big secret and stuff, you /could/ have made her a trans girl. And the casual homophobia of Draco who's like it's creepy if Jonah winks at him, even though it wasn't as much when he thought he was a girl? It's even worse that the million fanfictions that just pretend queer people don't exist.

And I know you don't like flame. This isn't flame. This is a queer trans person hurt by queerbating in your fanfiction.

Also, I want to point out that I am going to overlook this and keep reading, because I really do like your story and unfortunately, as a queer person you sometimes have to overlook stuff that's hurtful to you if you want any sort of entertainment. So yeah.
SSB chapter 72 . 7/12
nice chapter love it
i wish luna would tell theo that
he's the only
guy she loves and who would be harry's
girlfriend,draco has mione,ron has lavender,
pansy has jonah,theox luna,i dont think
harry would go for ginny then who is it
Kyonomiko chapter 72 . 7/11
I love that even your "short" chapters are 5k words! So excited Draco has decided to seek help outside his circle of friends. Canon Harry Potter could learn from that. But then again as cryptic and riddle-spoken as Albus is let's see if it gets them anywhere...
Analena chapter 72 . 7/11
What will happen when Draco goes to Dumbledore? Will Hermione ever be able to tell Harry about her relationship with Draco? And someone needs to end the awful Reuel, he's so creepy and horrible, I think he's the murderer.
Please update soon.
torigirl1996 chapter 35 . 7/10
I really enjoy this fic but the run-on sentences are killing me. You should get a grammar nerd to beta this fic and fix those kind of errors before posting.
I was BOTWP chapter 72 . 7/10
Lots of canon woven into this chapter - you did it seamlessly! I am so glad that Theo agrees that Draco needs to go to Dumbledore. I am looking forward to that interaction and whatever revelations is brings.
PH.Lui chapter 72 . 7/10
A promise made in jest.. a girl with blonde hair and hazel eyes...hmm correct me if im wrong here but will Theo be going all pedo on Draco and Hermione's daughter? :D
asdfghhjkl chapter 72 . 7/10
Sending love for a great chapter~~~
Nianika chapter 72 . 7/10
What's up with that ending!
A hufflepuff!? Why students!?
Is it the same death eater who caused the students to go missing throughout the whole year? Is it someone from the story? Is it one of Jonah's friends? Is Reuel doing this?

Overall great chapter. Loved the Draco and Theo interaction.

Update soon.
ED2 chapter 72 . 7/10
I like the dramione but this fic is very bloody and a little ridiculous in some parts I say that character oc yours reuel/ransay bolton you give too much credit, really see it unnecessary and otherwise dumbledore is a brilliant mind but do not realize that the this fed spiders with your students? I talking about a very bad director say did not believe that would commit the same mistake as with tom and the basilisk
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 72 . 7/9
so intense what a dark ending to this chapter
Smiley chapter 72 . 7/9
Omg your writing is just soooo good! I kirtally wish this was finished so I could just read the entire thing in a day! I'd actually stay up all night to read this, that's how much I love this fanfic! One of the best and the lost original fanfics out there!

I love how your sticking to the timeline but just changing a few things and it's just absolutely perfect! I wish j k Rowling had shipped dramione in her books
A Week Of Sundays chapter 72 . 7/9
Great chapter! I can't wait to see what happens when Draco goes to Dumbles!
Radhika Lakhotia chapter 71 . 7/6
please please continue the story
waiting desperately for the next chapters
Beckerrs chapter 71 . 7/2
Please continue on with this! :) It is a very good story.
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