Reviews for Calamity Jane 2: The Doctor and the Deputy
captainjaneway23 chapter 53 . 6/30
Wow I find myself rereading these stories after just having read them a few months back.
I wanted to say again how much I loved them. I tend to love AU more than canon because canon was such a wasted opportunity. Your characters had the spirit of the canon characters, but a better description of what their lives could be if they were allowed to be in love there.
There are still Rizzles fans out here, and it's so nice that some people keep wring about them. I didn't think to looks
for any fan fiction until I saw a rerun of the show.
Thanks for sharing your gift with us. I think ill make up a second epilogue in my head. What happens when they get older? A number of characters will have passed on. I figure at this point they're in their early 30s, so what would they be doing in their 40s?
Again, thank you!
captainjaneway23 chapter 54 . 3/20
Fabulous story! Loved it as I did the other. Thanks for sharing!

And THANK YOU so much from keeping Angela's endless whining about grandbabies and her privacy violations down to a bare minimum. Her endless whining about in canon and most fictions works my nerves. I'd have double deadbolts on the doors to keep her out during times I wanted privacy.
I'm definitely tagging both of these stories as ones to be reread at some point. The characters are just so loving.
captainjaneway23 chapter 41 . 3/20
Oh come on Jane! Just let the rest of them take the shot. Maura's scared to death and you made it about you
captainjaneway23 chapter 36 . 3/19
Uh oh. The showgirl is a bad guy.
Missed the Xena reference and I'm usually great with those. My mopeds are named Xena and Gabrielle
captainjaneway23 chapter 31 . 3/19
Yeah I don't get how Jane thinks Riley
is trustworthy either
And Constance, thank you for bringing Dennis Rockland around.
captainjaneway23 chapter 20 . 3/19
Beautifully written
CookieMumster chapter 38 . 2/23
That line from Xena! Dang you for making me re-live that memory, now i am bawling my eyes out. So perfect though!
Guest chapter 54 . 11/16/2023
Phenomenal! Amazing story, even with it being my third time! I’m so sad to leave these beautiful characters after so much time with them in the past two months of reading. Thank you again for writing these pieces and sharing them. This ending, bringing their story into the present, is perfect! Thank you!
sammysth17 chapter 54 . 7/17/2023
I'm currently on a rewatch and decided to have a look for some fanfiction. This story is one of the first ones I've found and boy am I glad that I did. I love AU and this is one of the very best stories I have ever read. I love everything and it's so close to character, I found myself reading the dialogue in their voices. Thank you so much for sharing this very epic story.
Mag Guarino chapter 54 . 6/25/2022
Well, this was one epic tome that I am happy to have hitched a ride on. Bravo! I LOVED the first story but ADORED this one. I only have one disappointment...and that is it’s completed as I could’ve read J&M exploits until their natural ends. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful, beautiful love story.
Mag Guarino chapter 43 . 6/24/2022
I’ve read that fans think Maura and Cailin actually are biologically sistersHope Martin the mother and Doyle being their “father.” As to your A/N query, maybe JTam’s giving Cailin and Collin similar names was her way of intimating they also have the same “fatherDoyle? Could be.
Writer Marx chapter 54 . 2/2/2022
I’m not crying. It just a bit of dust...My god, this was an amazing conclusion. 10 years is a long time for this story but it shows that the fandom can prevail on. Even with the slow nature of it now. Makes me happy to be a writer!
Yankeemel343 chapter 54 . 8/24/2021
I really hope you take up this story again someday. I enjoy the way you write and, its funny really, how the characters/stories become sort of companions. Thank you
Guest chapter 54 . 7/12/2021
Thankyou for this wonderful trip. These characters will live now for ever in my heart. You're an amazing writter, please, do never stop.
tabby.cormier chapter 54 . 6/20/2021
This was the first time I've read both Calamity Jane's and all I can say is wow! Awesome awesome stories!
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