Reviews for Some Boys Are Monsters
CelestialMyth chapter 1 . 9/20
you have no idea how happy I am that this has 16 chapters I love you
Dahna1098 chapter 16 . 9/4
OMG, I CAN'T STOP CRYING! BEST FIC EVER, was perfect, omg, I don't know what to say, is perfect, it's wonderful, marvelous, gorgeous
Guest chapter 1 . 8/29
NoOnis chapter 16 . 7/25
Amazing! I hook up inmediately and I must say I felt a lot of thing through the reading. I loved it completly! And the epilogue was really cute! They have a child together and played spacemen with him haha sooo cute!
But I have a question about Kenny and Kyle... they were in a relationship or something like that? That idea doesn't leave my mind and I'm intrigue thought... well I hope you keep writing 'cause I'll keep reading!
MariePierre chapter 16 . 7/14
I read this fic in about 2 days, because as soon as I read the opening I was already hooked. This fic explored feelings that I have experienced first hand and I can't believe how well you were able to articulate them. The Characters were so well developed and real and every interaction felt so natural for all of them. Just a beautifully written piece that I am so happy I read. Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the fandom!
Guest chapter 16 . 7/8
The ending is perrrrrfect!
Guest chapter 15 . 7/7
This story is so beautiful. You did a great job.
DenisseWantsFood chapter 8 . 7/6
Guest chapter 16 . 7/3
I just wanted to let you know that this story is absolutely brilliant. I have cried over it twice and laughed at it multiple and I can confidently say that it is by far my favourite story on this website. Thanks for the happiness.
Pixlpower15859 chapter 16 . 7/1
Oh my gosh, you've done something that I haven't had happen to me in what feels like years. You actually broke my solid heart and I'm tearing up so badly.

I spent a week read in this entire fanfic, and I gotta say, this was a blast to read. The use of words and writing each sentence as it flows to the next fits perfectly, the plot is amazing despite it feeling like everything would be a secret romance cliché at the first moment (clearly got me wrong), and the many moments that got me smiling at the pure innocence of two children living an imaginative childhood that would later evolve into their relationship rebuilding and forming a new generation of companionship. I never thought I would be in for such a ride.
I love the transition of perspectives from Tweek's life to Craig's, and how they deal with other people who have their own lives to juggle, feeling like the bottom of the bucket until someone convinces that they're more than they think they are.

The only question I have... are Tweek and Craig actually together in a family? I read over the epilogue and I think that's what I got, but I could be wrong.

Aside from that, I loved reading the fanfic, I love the way it went, and you are awesome. I'll just be making fanart for a while to get the feels out of my system before I cry again over how beautiful this was.
jania-chan chapter 12 . 6/28
I personally ship Ike and Firkle but this is new and nice.
jania-chan chapter 7 . 6/27
jania-chan chapter 7 . 6/27
we all know what that warning meansʖʖʖʖʖʖʖʖʖʖʖʖʖʖʖʖʖʖ
jania-chan chapter 3 . 6/26
jania-chan chapter 1 . 6/25
Teacup is such a cute name... I wanna use it. can I use it? please?
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