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jsdc13102003 chapter 15 . 8/20
Hi, about the sentence "its contents laid splayed carelessly on his night stand", what does it mean, can you explain for me? Thank you and sorry for disturbing you .
Guest chapter 15 . 8/20
Aomine gives me heart pain. Jesus Christ this boy attracts angst.
I love this. So, so much. Aomine's closure after 10 years of waiting for Kise to come back- it's so heartbreaking and yet it's so sweet.. and Kise. Kise, omg.. Kise showing up at the end and his and Aomine's conversation.. I can't. My heart hurts for these boys so badly. I want to give them both a hug right now.
Thank you for writing this. I loved it. :)
jsdc13102003 chapter 12 . 8/16
Hi, can I ask you something? About the part "After making dinner for them... he was surprise his head didn't explode.", is this in the morning of the next day or it's still in the evening that day? (Sorry for my bad English :'((( )
Penguin-chin chapter 15 . 8/10
Wow, I never knew how much I loved Kise until I read this "novel". Thank you for this amazing story and plot! I learned a lot from it! As a young person, I didn't know much a lot about life in the first place, but this taught me a lot. It made me realize how much I'd miss someone important to me. There's so much more that I learned but can't even spell it out! I guess I'm just a bit overwhelmed. It's actually almost the one year anniversary since a guy from my class died. I wasn't close to him and I barely talked to him, but it's weird when someone just disappears. Even if it wasn't anyone I knew very well. Thank you again for this amazing story! Now off to read the two sequels!
RansomeNote chapter 3 . 7/11
Kagami called Kuroko cute! That was so sweet. I like the little omake that you did at the end, and I think the characters are written very realistically. You're doing a fantastic job in my opinion.
RansomeNote chapter 1 . 7/11
Awww! Kise's dead!? That's terrible! It's a really good start to a story though, and I find it very engrossing. I can't wait to read more of it!
vika chapter 15 . 5/26
I'm deeply touched by your amazingYellow,it's fantastic though it almost break my heart. Aomine and Kise,they never give up loving each other even though death did them apart. I think it is the most great AOKI I've ever read. Thank you for the story.
Lector Dominion chapter 15 . 3/14
I expected it, I really did. But damn, you really killed off Kise. This is such a bittersweet ending. I have a love-hate relationship with your fic. The first time I read it, I stopped cause I don't like the heavy feeling it gave me but it's almost like it was calling me and I have to completely finish it. Took me two years to get the guts too...

Anyway, good job, even though I cried at Kise and Aomine's last meet-up.
tet0889 chapter 15 . 2/13
shit, I'm crying,. The tears just won't stop,. Those messages nearly choked me to tears! I hate you! ﹏,.
Kuroiageha92 chapter 15 . 1/26
It's killing me to see Kise and Aomine could only reunited in dream, and it was only one. You can do it Aomine
Squishy4953 chapter 8 . 1/23
Ahhhhhh when my sis told me to read this I was skeptical about it but...
This story is really developed enough to make me feel so saaaaad :(
Chinese Herbal Tea chapter 15 . 12/13/2015
Oh my GOOOOOD!I'm crying and I cannot stop it when I read Kise's messageQAQ
It's so saaaaaadQAQ
lambtastic chapter 15 . 11/24/2015
:( the text messages though... This was such a great read! The story is super sad though. I'm glad Tetsuya finally was able to morn and that Aomine got some closure.
lambtastic chapter 10 . 11/20/2015
OMG way to stab me in the heart with that last segment:( I'm still hoping that Kise will come back so I'll keep reading on...
shugo tensai chapter 15 . 11/17/2015
This made me cry a little, It was so beautiful and heart felt. I love it so much, I love the way the emotions were written everyone was truly grieving for the lovable blond, including me. Just beautiful
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