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squeeks chapter 15 . 2/24
it just doesnt matter how many time i read this, i still end up under my covers crying my heart out because i just, aomine hoped so hard and then it was HIS teammate and the coach that pushed him to become a pro that took kise away from him and its the text messages okay. the text messages in chapter ten and then the ones in the epilogue, because i love the fact that the phone lasted throughout all of those ten years and just the symbol behind it and god, no, i literally just cry to myself reading this fic. everytime, EVERYTIME and im sorry if this sounds incoherent but you just do things to me and i want to hate you for making me feel like this but this was honest to god such an amazing fic. top three, number one best aokise fic out there (even though technically its centered more on kagami/kuroko and solving kise's death). i'm recommending this to my friends, to tumblr, to everyone i know honestly. never stop writing, you're so talented! thank you for writing such a beautiful story, i really like cold case myself as it is so..., i loved every piece. yours is a story that regardless of how many times i read it, there just isnt a bit i can skip. usually i'd just read my favourite bits but i could never do that with this. every chapter is like a puzzle piece istg, the jigsaw wouldnt be complete if i went and skipped the preciousness that is these chapters ; v ;

thank you for ripping my heart out though x'D i always tell myself not to read this bc i know i'll cry but i cant resist!
Naoki Akuro chapter 15 . 2/6
Whoah I just red the French translation and I plan to read yours in English. It's not like the translation was bad but I think the original could be even better.
That was a beautiful story, I had tears in my eyes sometimes. At first I didn't want to read this fic because I'm not really fond of death fic but then I was on YouTube and I saw two amv about yellow and in a different life. I liked them and then I saw the very good comments about them and it's just convinced me to start reading yellow. I don't regret it.
It made think about a TV show I used to watch before: cold case.
The story just end like the episode: like now the criminal has been caught, we accept that you left and you can rest in peace.
It's kinda difficult for me to express what I felt reading this story because English is not my 1 language, I'm French so sorry if my English looks very bad :/ it's 4am here so I might have done a lot of typos, I apologize for that. But I wanted to let you know that you did a great job writing this story and I liked it a lot.
Thank you
Bye bye
Naoki Akuro
CarolinaEirasSa chapter 15 . 1/23
Okay. I'm not a big fan of the KagamixKuroko pairing. Nor a fan of the AominexKise pairing. Nor a fan of any KnB pairings, to be honest.
But damn, this is for sure the very best KnB story I ever read. :o
Just... Wow.
kikijrv chapter 15 . 1/14
Ok I was rather proud of myself for keeping it together throught most of it. Don't get me wrong I loved the story and it was very emotinal (I was pretty much playing detective through out te whole thing trying to figure out eho it was) but for some reason the part that really got to me was when the old Kaijo team showed up and bowed to Kagami. Everybody needs some clousere and they were all so grateful for him hard work. Also I like how you gave that last clousere to Aomine by shutting down the phone. It was a very nice touch.
niamhamas chapter 15 . 1/12
oh my fucking god. that last chapter nearly brought me to tears multiple times! this was such a good story and the writing style was amazing and everything about it was amazing and ahhh. you did such a good job :)
t3cn4j35513 chapter 15 . 11/28/2014

Kudos, author! 3 This has to be the best fan-fiction I've ever read!
SoaringOnWings chapter 15 . 11/1/2014
This fic is sobworthy. Your writing is so good! I could feel all the emotions in the story. I felt like I was walking right next to them.
briana.fowler.37 chapter 15 . 10/20/2014
I've read this story for the umpteenth time and every time I year up. It's even worse that I read it while listening to the song "Still Here" by Digital Daggers. I absolutely love an hate (in a good way ;) ) this story! You did a fantastic job and I always love comin back to rerea the fic from the first word to the last.
mariexmarieclosedaccount chapter 15 . 10/20/2014
That was just too sad! Great story too!
Hiichi-tan chapter 15 . 10/7/2014
I'm crying a river... Seriously best fanfic I've read...
Bloophearts chapter 15 . 10/4/2014
Well my heart is breaking from reading those text messages, especially the final one Auggh this story just hit me right in the feels like ouch it hurts so much but I'm glad I read this :) Have a thing for heart wrenching stories so yeah this was really good Wonderful writing and I love how the whole thing turned out actually, like the murderer and stuff. Sighpie I was actually quite glad to know Aomine got to meet Kise in his dreams for the last time, so there was some closure and all. :) Yeaps I'm done with this long review and yeah God bless!
Icyicy3 chapter 15 . 9/22/2014
Is this weird, I just gave a standing ovation to my computer after reading this.
No seriously this was fantastic, bloody brilliant. Rated M for marvellous, magnificent, most-epic-m-rated-fic-ever.
I'm just glad you went through with it, added to favs

You might want to check out How Does It Feel? by pale rose fire. Not as good as yours but it's ok
Icyicy3 chapter 10 . 9/22/2014
Bloody brilliant.
I nearly cried at all those text messages.
Bloody, bloody brilliant
Icyicy3 chapter 7 . 9/22/2014
This chapter was weird, really weird...I got really worried at one point but...ok...
Icyicy3 chapter 4 . 9/22/2014
OMG I love guessing whodunnits...ok, random guess, Moimoi
If Kise and Aomine had an intimate relationship she would go very very insane.

*Posts comment and goes to next chapter silently squealing like a raved fangirl*
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