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Needle In A Haystack chapter 39 . 11/23
FINALLY got round to reading and reviewing this! Life's been pretty hectic but this cheered me up as it always does! the dynamic between the older generation and next gen kids really made me smile... and of course the fantasy quidditch league! oh teryn...
can't wait for more, especially about the potion mystery!
Fryron chapter 39 . 11/23
Oooooo... Can't wait for more! That was too short!
HopeWithinDarkness chapter 39 . 11/22
:) go you!
Awesome chap btw
Mme bookworm chapter 39 . 11/20
You are right, Fantasy Quidditch (and tea!) is too funny - especially, the 'but not James' bit.
I also love the George, Ron, Harry dynamics. Long time friends and family relationships summed up in just a few sentences bonding over sports. Perfect.
This chapter and the last was lovley to see Lucius sharing (but not passing) the torc, so to speak, to Scorpius. Still very much in control, but allowing and respecting Scoripius' plans and insights. And as much as he may shudder at the thought that Rose may be a permanent member of his family, he seems to tolerate, dare I say appreciate, her more than Astoria. Her head for schemes, her cunning, and her calmness with strong personalities are all traits he respects a great deal.
Best of luck with your NoNoWriMo project!
trinityblue76 chapter 39 . 11/17
I have been rather lazy and haven't reviewed for some time, however I wanted to say that the Weasley & Potter Fantasy Quidditch League really made my day. Ron was particularly entertaining this chapter and I laughed at his grumblings about his team. Thanks for continuing to put a smile on my face!
VandyFNP chapter 39 . 11/17
My favorite part was Ron calling Harry creepy. Haha!
I'm just glad the delay was for a good reason and not due to complications from the surgery.
nobodysperfect2133 chapter 39 . 11/16
Love how you wrote the Fantasy Quidditch League with Ron, Harry and George interacting like they did in the old days. The ear references were very amusing and this chapter really came to life for me. I could totally visualise the "New Trio" (sorry Ted!) sitting with the family, sipping tea and eating madeleines while discussing the inner workings of the ministry and the Knights. The added use of Kreacher (how old is he now?) made me smile although the hint that Teryn may be helping Edgar with the Micro Trackingballs makes me concerned about her future. She really cannot get a break poor girl.

Good luck with your novel writing as well - I am sure you will do yourself proud!
Siriusmunchkin chapter 39 . 11/16
Scorpius is finding answers and more questions are showing up. That is the way the world works. Not sure Harry is convinced it's Aurors that are doing the harassing? Or maybe a group of rogue Aurors? Is Edgar behind this supposed harassment? Trying to make it look like the Ministry is targeting Knights and Lucius is too old and soft to do anything about it? Is Teryn stealing the tracking balls for Edgar? Does she know what he's doing with them? Will Ron ever win at any kind of Quidditch?
ctc chapter 39 . 11/16
fynnsmom chapter 39 . 11/16
I'm jealous that you had enough time to be caught up with nano and still were able to write a new chapter. I've fallen behind in writing but I'm planning to catch up. As always, I love Kreacher and his thoughts on what Blacks do and don't do. My family used to be spoiled. They wouldn't eat anything unless I had made it myself. That meant no store-bought cookies, although they would deign to eat a Mrs. Field's cookie now and again:P I also loved the fantasy Quidditch league. I never think of things so unique. Catch you in December. I tried to post this after the first chapter but they wouldn't accept it. I was asleep at the wheel, so to speak.
alix33 chapter 39 . 11/16
Crap! Poor Tarryn!
Hyperion chapter 38 . 11/15
I have just finished reading all of the stories and rid bits associated with this wonderful saga that follows Scorpio and Rose. I very much enjoy imagining some of my favorite childhood characters as grown ups with children. You're writing is incredibly detailed and your portrayal of the characters is insightful. I am so very glad that I found your work, as it has brought me great joy. I am eagery awaiting the next installment of this nail biting saga. Cheers!
HopeWithinDarkness chapter 38 . 11/10
Missdagane chapter 38 . 11/9
Hello, I'm so glad you updated this amazing fic. Can't wait to read the next chapter and I really hope you're feeling better! Take care of yourself, it's the most important (after updating TGKR, of course :-)
No turning back666 chapter 38 . 11/4
I am dying without an update
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