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The Chirpy Bitch chapter 26 . 7/5
Hola! Great chapter. I liked the Q and A bit the best. It was very funny. And Teddy's gut thing- very entertaining. Somehow, when you first began the series, Scorpius seemed less human. He had all these great abilities- photographic memory and great looks and the whole Slytherin with a cause thing. He seemed perfect. I loved that but now that as his character is developing, we can see so many things that do not fit the 'perfect' criteria- and yet, I love him more and more. Not just because he is smart or handsome- but the jealous streak and being wary of his own patronus. So I really want to congratulate you on not just making a splendid character, but also exploring him so well.
Waiting for another speedy update
VandyFNP chapter 26 . 7/4
I think you have a typo at the very beginning. Should "Maybe I'm one cracking up" be "Maybe I'm the one" or is that a weird British grammar thing?
I'm glad everyone is enjoying the party, and that there will be more next chapter.
It's good that Teddy and Scorpius finally cleared the air. I'm guessing it won't last though.
Kind of rude for Harry to use Legilimency on Scorpius at a party in his own home.
fynnsmom chapter 26 . 7/3
When did Harry become a skilled Legilimans? I know he had to get better than he was when Severus tried to train him. Of course, a number of years has gone by. How sweet when the elder Weasleys ran into old friends. That must have eased the social situation a bit. If you ask me, Teddy is kind of nosy and rude. Remind me not to invite him to my house.
nobodysperfect2133 chapter 26 . 7/3
Any writer who takes inspiration from such diverse sources as The Addams Family, Aesop's fables and Gilbert and Sullivan deserves high praise! This is such a fun chapter and while I still cannot picture Draco Malfoy preparing pizza, I enjoyed the party scene you created. Big cheer for giving the Stevens' family some more detail (you KNOW we are going to want that backstory you allude to on them now!) and for the Ted/Scorpius interaction.

I am looking forward to the next party chapter, but am also intrigued to know what is going on with the Notts, the Walpurgis Club and of course one Mr Edgar Goyle.
trinityblue76 chapter 26 . 7/3
You started the story with a Sunday Dinner and now we reach the long-awaited Family Dinner! I loved the fact that the Weasleys went to school with Q and A; the image of a 6 year old Scorpius singing; the blossoming friendship between Luna and Astoria; Aesop's fables...ah! I could go on and on.
ctc chapter 26 . 7/3
Arcoiris chapter 26 . 7/3
Whoops, sorry, I don't have a personal account so I think I can't be PM-ed. I do miss Rose voice/inner thoughts quite a bit (of course, Scorpius' are intriguing and compelling, but Rose's are a bit more feminine, which I might relate to more ;).
Anyhoo, loved the confrontation between teddy and Scorpius. Give that some thought, Ted!
And the Stevens parts (all of them), fabulous! All your characters are so rich!
alix33 chapter 26 . 7/3
Very amusing, that Rose's grandma and grandpa went to school with Scorpius's butler and his wife.
Rose of the West chapter 26 . 7/3
I laughed put loud at the Gilbert and Sullivan. I can't hear that line without thinking of a bit from The West Wing: "It's from Penzance." "No, it's from Pinafore." "It's the one about duty." "They're *all* about duty!"

Which brings me back to the review. Scorpius is negotiating his duties to his family and his new families and trying hard not to miss a step. The level of finesse needed in his case really requires a person to be Slytherin to the core.
drcjsnider chapter 25 . 7/2
1st thing - loved the rock star sneer at Lupin's name
2nd thing - can't wait to see what Harry has to say... not to mention the rest of the family. Not like them to be so quiet.
3rd thing - thought the owl shopping was cute, i like their choice
4th thing - Draco and Astoria were very sweet in this chapter, i especially like how Scorpius has picked up his dad's need for safety over the things he loves
5th thing - Why was Lucius amused at the photo?
6th thing - Seems like Lily went a little overboard, although I suppose that is her personality
7th thing - Did Rose snap at Scorpius when he asked her to send her patronus, cuz it isn't as easy for her to send her's (she's not as good at it/needs to be alone to do it), than it is for him? or for some other reason?
VandyFNP chapter 25 . 7/2
I enjoyed the long chapter, even though it want the dinner party. The burrowing owl sounds very cute.
How nervous is Draco to be around all those Weasleys and Potters? Haha.
Looking forward to whatever comes next. Even if it is not the dinner party. ;)
Needle In A Haystack chapter 25 . 6/28
I just love rose and scorpius together! The little spat made their relationship realistic too. Can't say I blame Lily's reaction, I'd be jealous too! And I can't wait for the party!
yiota146 chapter 25 . 6/27
Looking forward to the party! Are you sure it's coming next chapter?
trinityblue76 chapter 25 . 6/26
Glad to know that great hair runs through the Malfoy family in more than one form. Curls and a dimple - how intimidating!
NaginiFay chapter 25 . 6/26
I really want to see how Hermione would react to all of this troll welfare stuff!
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