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unannalome7 chapter 24 . 6/17/2016
I liked this story a lot! but I think that you should rate it K or T (more T). it's really well written and you haven't made them ooc, I really liked it! thankyou for writing it! :)
RP05 chapter 24 . 12/4/2012
Great story! Very well done.
LolaRedMuse chapter 24 . 10/13/2012
"Epilogue" SOOO U! :)

"he wanted it all." awww! so loverly n intense!

"All of that doesn't feel like it should matter." wow! this is gold!

"I want to feel you." mmmm... shes killing him with sex... jajaa! what a great way to go! ;)

("Don't interrupt," Kate huffed.
"Sorry," he murmured.) ok, now shes just aggressively bossy. cool.

loved the ending! very IC for them both i mean, i can see this actually happening on the show. awesome!

so... its been quite a journey to read u again on this new arena. i loved every second of it. the whole story was really compelling n it had it all, humor, sex, blood n ur unique take on the characters that really makes them justice, sometimes, even more than what the tv writers make.

pj: i never really went anywhere, only now we seem to b on the same page again n i know, we hadnt been for a while, yeah... i give u that. im soooo glad! i'll check the other fics later (except the army wives one, cos i never really watched that show, never a whole ep anyway... so, nope) but i'll check the other out.

read u soon, as usual :)
LolaRedMuse chapter 23 . 10/13/2012
"Kate woke to the sound of pattering. She figured the rain they were scheduled for was finally falling in the night but as she became more aware there was a different cadence to it, not steady, but with a rhythm of its own and the harder press of keys... Typing." what a beautiful image/sound-ry (yeah, it's a new word i invented, totally useful when it comes to reviewing ur writing, im sure u get its meaning) cos these lines r audiovisual. know what i mean? i loved them.

"Then I'll wake you up in a couple of hours to have sex with me." jajaa! sounds like a killer plan! ;)

nice witty n rude lil dialogue there. very amuzing n naughty...

"He also really liked that she was there with him, supporting him writing, even it was nearly five in the morning, instead of telling him hurry up and put the light out." yeah, this is really sweet indeed.

"breathed her in" i love this. i really do. but at this point im wondering if u use that line over n over on purpose? or not. is it like a trade mark kinda thingy? just curious.

"There was even a picture of Darth Vader." jaaaaa!

"Who would he ever actually shut up and listen to?" lmao!

"Tomorrow right? When we get back to the city." jajaaa! shes so passive-aggressively bossy!

"Just whatever." very explanatory. lol!

pasta coffee?!

"When Kate woke again, it really was raining. In fact, it was really coming down, blurring out the windows, making the world grey and the bed warmer, her body sleepier; a tattoo on the roof." sounds soothing n cozzy n wintery. i dont why love this lil part so much, but i do.

from here: "What were you writing last night?" to here: "She giggled." makes me wonder if thasts how its always gonna b for them from now on... so loverly! she, his muse/partner n he, her hero/writer. both, inseparable n meant to b. WOW! #gold!

"Who were you trying to erase?" Her hazel eyes came up to meet his, careful, unassuming, inviting him to explain, to talk, but giving him a way out if he didn't want to. Somehow it seemed if he didn't answer, it wouldn't be right. She had turned his phone off. She had insisted they don't go back to the city yet. She wanted this here and now. And he was so down with that. " nice! what a question! n yet, shes tiptoying around him to respect his privacy, his timing, him... very very cool.

"Gina," he admitted. " so, she was right. he was indeed trying to erase some1. no wonder shes a great detective!

"Kate gave a cursory glance. "It's just white," she said nonchalantly. No judgement, all observation. She had probably figured it all out before he even told her. Did she know how much it had hurt having his second marriage fall apart? Because that made him a failure? And how it scared him to think about Kate, about what if he couldn't make it work this time either?" omg! what an insightful lil paragraph! shes got him all figured out n hes terrified but hopeful. what a nice couple they make.! when 1 is falling apart, the other is their rock n vice versa. awesome! RL doesnt always work like this, sadly...

"Kate hooked a leg around his, pushed up with her elbows and had him pinned flat, skull pressing painfully into the headboard in what seemed like an effortless move." bravo! thats soooo IC for her.

("That turned you on a little didn't it?"
"Yeah," Kate breathed as if she were surprised to discover.
"Me too," Rick admitted.
Kate crashed her mouth into his.) lol! (n hot)

"what if they were changing in different directions?" he does have a point, yeah, but well... what u gonna do... i mean, thats the risk of every single relationship on the face of the earth! isnt it? there's no way around it. u either take it or u dont. although, after 2 divorces i can see how hes so sensitive about this subject. cant blame him.

("Will you marry me?"
Rick just about choked.) ok, so did i. a lil.

"Ok, fair enough. I didn't exactly... do that very well." jajaaaa! u think?! it was more like a bullet, not a question. But then, maybe thats what made it so funnyly unexpected...

"Yes, Kate, if you wanted to," Rick answered. " omg! he said yes! lol! love that she was the 1 that proposed as opposed to the him, which would b more classic n unoriginal! cool!

LolaRedMuse chapter 22 . 10/12/2012
"Why are you watching me sleep?" ok, that is so creepy!

"(fruit and toast and coffee)" mmmmm

"back yard was more like pool plus sand garden, then the entire Atlantic Ocean." beutiful! btw: hate my life! mine is just plants n more plants... :(

"Rick stared at her, wondering what she was thinking, wishing sometimes that he could climb within her skin, see the world the way she did, knowing her thoughts; Nikki scenes writing themselves over and over in his mind." wow! thats kinda profund, not just romantic. loverly!

"Kate realised wearing this was going to be a bit like foreplay. No pressure then." jajaa!

"Holy wow." never heard that 1 before, cool.

from her: "Rick popped up out of the water." ... to here: "pushing her in against him." RED HOT!

"desperation built in her throat so tightly it had nowhere else to go but out her mouth." great way to put it, accurate. loved it.

"That's cool." thats what i thought.

"He pulled the front of his shorts away from his pelvis, letting the water get in" LMAO!

"You'll know in your heart when you reach the point where you're not coping anymore. And you get help." best piece of advice ever!

awesome chapt, it had it all.

read u tomorrow n finish this baby up.
LolaRedMuse chapter 21 . 10/12/2012
#squishy: love that lil word!

"Doesn't that just make it more fun?" right! ;)

"Zero." why? that would b fun...

"strawberry cone." mmmmm (now im craving it, great!)

"Then I started to really see you and I..." He raised his eyebrows a little. "Liked what I saw. And eventually I couldn't walk away." OMG! such a loverly love declaration! also slightly unhealthy... but sooo romantic i dont even care :)

"Everything changed." yep.

"But it's how you handle the change that counts." gold!

onto the 22nd...
LolaRedMuse chapter 20 . 10/11/2012
"I was wondering if I could take a few more days?" hmmm... im wondering if shes doing this for Castle more than for helself... i think she actually wants him to take a few days off , she wants to take care of him, after all hes gone through for her (for them) lately. i bet she wants to pamper him n keep him away from trouble for a while n of course she wants to stay right by his side all the while...

so, when i read this: "He was sitting on her couch, subdued, probably in shock." i thought... poor thing! he never killed any1 before! but then i second guessed myself thinking that maybe he had n i had just missed that ep, maybe he was like that cause of something else i hadnt figured out i read on to find out. n then i did. cool. so, thats settled then. Rick is fucked up cos he never killed any1 before. moving on now...

"Lanie's assistant was zipping Maddox into a black body bag" YAY!

("Move in with me," Rick murmured against her lips.
"What?" Kate pulled back surprised.) ok. she stole my word! :O

"All right fine, for you it was more like, what? The last two years, roughly?" His eyes got cockier, more like the Castle she knew." jajaajaa! n awww...

"About him, she was sure." loverly!

so, that whole tugging him scene: soooo sweet! gosh!

the whole therapy session in the shower among strawberry body washes n pink loofas... very sexy n healthy n original. i bet a lot more ppl would go to therapy if shrinks would work like that.

"he must be doing ok right? If he was feeling her up and joking like he usually did?" we r like 1 mind.

"We should get away for a few days." awesome idea!

"It went: Maddox was there, he kept Rick hostage to wait for Kate to get home. They had a standoff. Kate attacked Maddox. Maddox was shot. He's dead. It was over. They had nothing to worry about now. They were safe. There was nothing else to worry about now. Couldn't stress that bit enough." jajaaaa! so cleaver of him. So Castle! :)

"How do you walk around all day in those? Let alone run?" thats what she asked?! i was waiting for more of a punch-question. i guess this is unexpectedly nice n uncomplicated. cool.

great chapt! :)

read u tomorrow.
LolaRedMuse chapter 19 . 10/11/2012
i was sooo right!
damn u rocked the boat n killed the bad guy! yay!

well, Castle did, to protect her n save her life. HOW ROMANTIC! not that Beckett had nothing to do with killing Maddox, of course...but still.
loved that whole scene, the tension, the blood n this particular line: "Red was creeping across the floor towards her." loved the cinematographic imagery so much! killer moment all around till the very end of the chapt: "Kate wrapped her arms around him." awww...
the fact that Beckett wasnt gonna go down without a fight n was absolutely willing to risk her life to protect Castle as much as Castle was totally willing to do the same for her is poetic n shipper n is in a sense what he wanted but in a different way, meaning: "He wanted her to want him as much as he wanted her."
n i particulary loooved that u deliverately made an entire paragraph outta that 1 killer line. u left it all alone in there in the middle of 2 other paragraphs for the reader to soak it up n enjoy it. so intense... so loverly.

n this: "Geeze you're slow in the morning." jajaaaa!

1 of the bestest chaps i've read so far.

moving onto the next 1 now...
LolaRedMuse chapter 18 . 10/10/2012
i treat myself with a double feature cos i wanna finish this baby asap! :) im totally hooked!


"Too cute to wake you." awww...

""It's the first love note you've written me. I'm going to carry it around in my wallet,"" lol! what?!

"Aw," Rick beamed. "You totally need me." damn right!

"how could he?" well, he already had... for years...

awww, this chapt is like a domestic bliss themed kinda chapt, only at work. more like a professional bliss? or whatever... u know what i mean.

nice. u r gonna rock this boat soon, right?

k then, i'll read u tomorrow n find out.
LolaRedMuse chapter 17 . 10/10/2012
("Kate gave a nod, turned to head for the door before the Captain could change her mind or suddenly instigate different rules... or just... Tried to cage Kate again.
"Oh and Detective?"
Darn it. So close.") lol!
"Kate had justice and she had closure" great!

"The car finally came to a halt ..." on this paragraph i was hoping it was Castle n thought it could either b him or the shooter... Maddox? or whatever his name was...So glad it was Castle!

"I think she's liked you not being around." bitch! so, she didnt get the memo that the shows name is: CASTLE?! not Gates!

omg! i gotta go right now! :(
i did finished reading this chapt but i cant review anylonger. sorry!

loved the ending... its like an emotional, kinda romantic n slightly complicated cliffhanger that leaves the door open to so many things... :)

read u soon.
LolaRedMuse chapter 16 . 10/9/2012
i did read ch15, hence: loved the key move! :)
if u dont mind though, i prefer to review ch16 cos i find it a lot more golden, so here i go.

"she had managed partial demolition but now she wanted to tear it down completely, sweep up the debris, erase its existence altogether." not just this line but that whole paragraph,#GOLD! Beckett is soooo selfaware of her own struggles n soooo determined to overcome whatever keeps Castle abay... thats so hard to do n yet soooo necessary, it is so brave of her! loooved it. it reminded me of a chapt that belonged to ur LTM saga (dont recall exactly which part, sorry), where Cal was pretty much in the same position as Beckett is now. The resemblance is uncanny n im not sure if i said this before but i think is a grand act of love to want to tear down that or those walls that undermine n can even end up destroying the relationship/s. i find it loverly n great n im glad that Kate as reached this point in her journey. Im sure that Castle will meet her half the way.

"He doesn't give up on me." aw!

"She was complicated; she had issues. Big ones." insightful, honest... im all for it.

"He had fought to get on the other side of that wall. He really wanted it. And she really wanted him there." the verb: #fought is what makes this killer so golden. it describes the efforts n the hard times that came along a meaninful worthwile relationship. is never easy, n sometimes it does feel like a fight, really... like i said: #GOLDEN!

"When it came to her own life she seemed to have a really big problem with being able to piece two and two together. If it was a murder board she saw connections all over the place." so, thats why her job or work life took over, so to speak n she had so much trouble with her personal relations? hmmm... i see. interesting, really interesting. although, im not sure if thats what u meant to imply, but thats definitely where that line took me. awesome :)

"Show him that my mother's case didn't define me." OMG! remember my prev rev on ch...2 or 3 when i mentioned THE CORE! sooooo connected! reading this, it totally took me back to that prev rev. let me go get it so i show u.

here (there were other lines too that i felt, fell in the same category on that killer rev, but i pick just this 1 now): "It's time to move on. It's not about letting them win, but refusing to play their game their way anymore." (ch3) see? back then i said something along the lines: 'shows exactly where her heart is.' n now shes dealing with that in therapy even though in that prev chapt she was already coming to that realization! awesome! i see the pregression, the evolution n how the story flew to this scene, naturally. the pieces came together in this way for her n everybody else it affected, including Castle, of course, cos he was n still is with her every step of the way . wow! awesomesauce!

"she looked like she had run half a city block but in an incredibly sexy way." jajajaaa! what? hows that? how can u run sexy-ly? jajaaaa!

"She had just sucker punched him with that information." thats what i thought. loved it though...

"Sometimes, actions spoke louder than words." yep. couldnt agree more.

"it was intimate, like he was in the room with her, whispering across the pillow, not the Atlantic." aaaawww...

'Forever's going to start tonight.' yay! *applauds*

"She was not going to screw this one up." best of luck Beckett, u r in for a hell of a ride girl...

wow! sooo loved this chapt! really shipper n intense n honest n trascendental!

read u tomorrow (*i was out for the weekend,came back earlier today, thats why i didnt rev before)
Lydian Stone chapter 8 . 10/6/2012
'He was too kind to be broken. Too lovely.' Such a perfect little line.
LolaRedMuse chapter 14 . 10/6/2012
"Would he still come to work with her when he got back? Or was this a very surreal indication of exactly how her life was going to be from now on?" ok, 1st i was all like: 'why is her so insecure about him?! i mean, hasnt he done enough to prove her where his heart is? cmon! what else does she want from him! even if they dont work together anymore, which i find unlikely, but still... whats so wrong about that? that wouldnt change how he feels for her, it shouldnt undermine their new relationship at all. maybe change it, granted, but whats the big deal bout that? not team beckett.' but then i understood, she would just miss him madly, shes not insecure bout him, shes just... u know... in looooove. n then i was all like: aaawww... (way too co-dependent, but: awwww!)

"Waassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! You guys miss me?" jaaaaaa!

"Oh well," Rick started. "She puts out." jaaaaaaaaaaaa!

"When she got home, she was going to kill him." thats what i thought. nudge.

"Uh well, we're going to start for real in a minute." jajaja! he kills me! :)))

She popped the lid from the cup and tossed it in the trash (if Rick had drawn it, she would have taken it home). again, aaawwww...

"I know," Rick's voice remained conspiratorial. Ugh god she missed him. Missed him. Already. Twelve days. Was he kidding her? Why now? Damn it. " bingo!

("You need help."
Kate gave a groan and hung her head. "I know.") right. thast when u come in miss pj.

read u soon, off to the stadium now :)
LolaRedMuse chapter 13 . 10/5/2012
"she was by no means disentangled by the time it was open" jajaaa!

"Well go on. Richard's sure not going to tell me the story." lol!

"Kate let the smile bloom" nice way to put it.

""You know kiddo, he's a good man." Her eyes held Kate's firmly again. There seemed to be a thinly veiled 'so don't hurt him' in there too." love this part! i always do this for my friends but its awful when some1 else does it for u or to u! its sooo awkward! totally IC for Martha though...

"Have you stopped talking about me yet? It's been ten minutes," lollll!
"It's like they had no idea it was meant to be summer out there." jajaaaaaª shes so funny!

"She brushed against him in a million ways that all sent slivers of delight to his core." mmm

i never liked Gates... i totally prefered Montgomerry. Totally. I think Gates character is just a necessary character for the plot. Meaning, Mongommerys death was a pivotal point for Kates storyline, a dramatic element from which losts of other stuff were gonna come, including shipper stuff. A replacement captain was 1 of them. But Gates was never supposed to b likeable. Just needed to b there cos there cant b a police department without a captain. Unlike Mongomerrys character, who was totally necessary for the main plot of the show to develop, not just for it to make sense. am i being clear? or did this just get messy. well, anyhow...i hope u get my point.

"Could she?" hmmm... great question... i say, make Beckett a captain n fire Gates ass! dammit!

read u soon.
Lydian Stone chapter 6 . 10/5/2012
Cole Maddox is diabolical! Poor Kate . . . and poor Castle.
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