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Mr.Snarker chapter 22 . 9/23
That Lancer, it's Musashibou Benkei isn't he? Rainy Battle in the bridge, Ushiwakamaru, collection of hundreds of blades, yep, definitely Musashibou Benkei.
Renji chapter 22 . 9/16
Awesome battle in this one can't wait for the rematch in the next one. I also like how you introduce possible new opponents early so when they appear latter we'll have some idea who they are. I also liked Saber interaction with Mihara in the beginning and her talk with Lancer. Though I wonder if his word about Caster will linger in Sabers mind and someday be brought back causing mistrust between the two? Speaking of that wily fox Caster her battle with Archer very exciting and well described. Now I can't wait to see how Mihara get the spherical object object and deal with Zhang special bullets, side note before they were explained I feared the were origin bullet like Kiritsugu Emiya. Sad about the hiatus but best of luck in real life. Thank-you for this great story and I look forward to when it continues.
GreyMan19 chapter 22 . 9/11
Managed to finally read this after being busy with Destiny and with its upcoming expansion. Mihara got more luck with him than anything I've seen so far. At this point Zhang and Dan's viewpoints will create an unexpected scenario in the Coliseum with one of them killing the other.
Two Shiki with their respective version of MEoDP in one place? That is a scary combination without the inclusion of Arc to top it off. It'll be hella impressive if you somehow twist FGO into this already intricate story.
tred chapter 22 . 9/10
the battle is gonna be awesome
SinForged chapter 22 . 9/10
Wow... That was a pretty intense fight scene, had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Seriously, I was literately sitting on the edge of my seat while reading it, almost fell off my chair once or twice when I leaned forward a bit too much. That bit at the end there, though... I had chills going down my spine. Another great chapter. Looking forward to the next one.
Mr. Haziq chapter 22 . 9/8
Wow... The identity of the Decoy Protagonist? That's interesting.
FateLover chapter 22 . 9/8
A new chapter! Hooray!

So the countdown to the final day where the battle will happen is one day away, Can't wait.

When I saw the two shiki's I couldn't believe it, there was no doubt that Mihara would end up having to fight the female shiki but the MALE shiki there as well?! well things are going to go overdrive! But if shiki didn't get his glasses back would it been possible that he would meet his end before he face mihara? And is that certain someone a vampire that happens to be a princess?

Loved how caster was giving a verbal smack down to archer though hopefully the next time they fight she's the one who gives the physical smack down. Also loved how saber got lancer to lose his shit.

And the interactions between the Dan Blackmore and Zhang is interesting I can only wonder how the elevator ride will be. Those were always my favorite to be honest. The interactions during the ride as well as elimation part after the battle showed a lot about a person.

Great to hear that our two fate extra vampires will show up!

But you never did answer my question if you were thinking of using any fate grand order for any of the other servants for O.C masters because I think that might things easier for you to use.

As for that conversation between the news paper president...I honestly did not see that coming, to know the identity of club ace would be nice to know more about him. nice twist you got there.

P.S. off topic question but if Club Ace #1 managed to get a servant who would it be?

Look forward to future chapters!
GraveBreaker chapter 22 . 9/7
Well now, that was an unexpected, but interesting, twist there at the end. Can't wait to see how it plays out.

All in all, another great chapter. Looking forward to the next one! I can tell that this Arena battle is gonna be good.

Best of luck to ya!
That Mysterious Reader chapter 22 . 9/7
Really 1-2 month hiatus? But I thought that you updated every 1-2 months? Who's this Club Ace#1? is it Shirou?
godofmadness43 chapter 22 . 9/7
well least it'll be awesome, can't wait for the next fight
Sulphur99 chapter 22 . 9/7
Great chapter! Elimination Match is approaching, and the opponents are the inconceivable duo of the Cheating Chinese guy and the Noble British dude! Will our heroes be able to come out on top? Find out, in the next episode of Dragon Ba-Er,I mean, The Midnight Sea!

Joking aside though, I think the thing about your viewership has less to do with lack of interest and more on the recent problems FF dot net had been having lately. Reports show that people's fanfictions no longer tracked views during that duration. The problem seems to have been rectified, but you won't get back those lost view counts. So I don't think it's your fault.
Looking forward to more!
Law77 chapter 22 . 9/7
This is a very great chapter. Waiting for the next chapter :)
fatelover chapter 21 . 8/24
Love what you got! Also I think the chapter is alright myself, though I have a question well several to be honest is it possible that our dear protagonist will have to face beserker and Lancer from fate extra? By that I mean our dear vampire theme servants! And let's not forget their memorable master like little Ronny and gadou! Cause that would be awesome, not to mention that guy that gadou was talking would gotten his face slammed him against his "god"

Also are you considering using any servants from fate grand order as potential opponents? Cause that would awesome if it did happen.

More interactions with sakura! And caster!

Please keep up the good work!
Renji chapter 21 . 8/13
Great just great as always I like that Mihara, like fate/staynight Shirou Emiya (I think this is who Emirates is suppose to be), is training with Caster to improve his skills. I also thought is was a good use of the Librarian to inform the read of how the power works. Also this friend he spoke of could this be more foreshadowing or am I reading to much into it? If I may ask is your Servant Profile Pages down because every time I click it I end up back at you journal? Thank-you for answering my GrandOrder question and please don't stop writing I can't say how happy I am when I find that an new chapter is up. I look forward to the next one.
GraveBreaker chapter 21 . 8/5
Ah, so now he's got buffs he can use now. Nice. Should even the odds in the future. Maybe. I hope.
I don't particularly think it seemed abrupt as an addition, as it doesn't quite seem OP enough for that. Honestly, I think the timing was kind of right for it.
As for the writing, nothing really confusing there. I think you did alright, actually.
I'm really starting to look forward to the battle now. Can't wait.
Anyways, great work once again on the chapter. Looking forward to the next one!
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