Reviews for Little Seer
Guest chapter 38 . 5/2
This. Was. Brilliant!
Guest chapter 38 . 4/22
I like this fiction very much. It's wonderful and I hope you write a sequel!
laura.biggs.982 chapter 14 . 4/14
okay so bit confused. Earlier in the story near voldie's birthday it was said that only puebloods attended the hogwarts as was seen as prestigious school with the exception of influential half bloods. So why! is hermione in this story attending hogwarts even if she were recognised as smartpotential would of not been allowed in due to status. It would of been more plausible to write her in living in the rebel camp for harry to meet her and maybe weasleys, and for them to have attend a mage shift school there.
Gwenfahendel chapter 38 . 3/30
I loved this story, thank you!
Shalheira chapter 38 . 3/24
This has to be one of my all time favorite stories. The character and relationship development were absolutely amazing and perfectly paced. Thanks so much for writing this brilliant story!
emthereble chapter 38 . 3/22
Loved this fanfic, could not put it down!
lil chapter 38 . 3/15
Absolutely amazing! Fantastically brilliant! The only regret I have after reading this is that there are not any more chapters... I want more! But anyway thank you for writing this and sharing it with us!
DarkShadowsAbove chapter 12 . 3/8
I'm really loving your story! That said, you do have quite a few grammatical issues. Most of them are just using the wrong word ("access" instead of "assess" or "indispensable" instead of "indisposed", for example), but the big error that sticks out to me is "now where" instead of the correct "now that". Whenever you are describing a change of situation, you should use "now that", not "now where". Ex: Harry has just gotten up from laying on the floor. The proper sentence would be "Now that Harry was on his feet..."

Other than that problem and your word mix-ups, this story is marvelous. I adore it and can't wait to keep reading.
Trance20666 chapter 1 . 3/6
Harry has the worst luck.
I'm guessing the Rebels are the Offer of the Phoenix
R. A Cross chapter 38 . 2/15
Kind of an abrupt end, if I say so myself.
Penguinvamp4245 chapter 38 . 2/1
Really awesome story. I enjoyed it though I would have loved a better conclusion especially on Severus and Draco and Harry and voldemort
CarobleachVKblackB chapter 37 . 1/31
Ta fic est super...mais il lui arrive trop de chose à harry
2manyfandomstho chapter 38 . 1/2
I have so much praise for this story and there's so much I wish to say but sadly I have little time so I will just congratulate you on an amazing work of just plain awe inspiring literature and settle for saying I love it, you are an amazing author. Thanks for writing.
X-WelshAngel-X chapter 38 . 12/30/2014
Wait... what... the end? Does Snape wake up? What about the little girl on the beach? Ahhhhhh... you can't just leave it there!

Love the story, original and have been glued to it the last three days. Looking forward to seeing more of your work! Xxx
DazzlingD chapter 38 . 12/26/2014
Will there be a sequel? Loved the story but the ending is abrupt. Again great story. I have enjoyed reading it.
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