Reviews for The Wayward Children
force200 chapter 23 . 11/16
Ths fic contains some really awsome satire!
Nemoskull chapter 137 . 9/27
yay, another great chapter!
thank you.
MizoreShirayukiFan chapter 135 . 9/22
Took me a few days to finish reading this story but given how your Capu series is doing, figured it wouldn't hurt checking out your Elfen Lied stories.
crankshaft7 chapter 135 . 9/12
Another great chapter in an epic story. I can't wait for the next chapter but I guess I'll have to bide my time somehow huh?
crankshaft7 chapter 134 . 9/7
Great chapter but I busted out laughing when the sports commentator said "this is Ichi back". There were several errors but no big deal.
crankshaft7 chapter 133 . 9/3
I am finding that I really like it when different stories get blended in together. I'd never heard of a x-over until I discovered fan-fiction in January and it was with this very same story. I haven't seen Farscape in years and broadcast tv screwed up the order of the eppisodes so bad that I quit watching. Not to mention it came on at 4 in the friggin morning Ughhhhh. I really liked the Battlestar Galactica x-over part so I'm excited about this part. I'll be looking forward to the next chapters!
Liam G chapter 132 . 9/2
Sorry, hit enter too quick there. Anyways, story still going strong which I like. It also has me thinking of my own crossover story thanks to your quick updates. So I look forward to more and I hope you continue the surprises with the multiple crossovers you have. I have a few you might want to try before you finish this out. Defiance and Falling Skies are two recent ones, and I know you might laugh but how about Lost in Space? Someone to bring the Robinson family home.
Liam G chapter 133 . 9/2
You just had to add Farscape didn't ya?
crankshaft7 chapter 130 . 8/21
I tried to wait until a few more updates came through but failed miserably. This series has been so enjoyable and I highly recommend that anyone reading this go back all the way to " The Favor Series" and read it all through "Maple Inn's Second Generation" as well.
How do you keep coming up with all of the scenarios for the tank battles? Not to mention that you are working on at least three other awesome fics as well as whatever OS you may be doing as well. Yer ma hero!
Vector426 chapter 129 . 8/10
Another amazing chapter. Looks like something might soon be brewing between Jerry and Suki"wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more ! _- " Under normal circumstances, I'd say trying to repair a bent gun barrel and reusing it would be impossible ,and a disaster in the making, but... We ARE talking about "The Terror Twins" here ! They have a track record of making the impossible possible. For long-term, I would recommend the Stug barrel be replaced in the near future. Nice manuaver Eddie, Monster Jam just called "heheh." Interesting stratagey wetting the field down and possibly getting a tank or 2 stuck. sounds like the plan the sheriff in the James Garner film "TANK" used to try and stop Garner and his Sherman tank, Highly reccomend checking that film out. Classy move by St. Gloriana and Orange. I'm all for sluggin it out to the bitter end but,sometimes, you know when you're beat and all you can do is accept it with class. Next time, you come back and give em HELL ! Again, Great Work ! Really looking foward to the next installment. Never mind the "nit-pickers", those that can't, nit-pick those creative enoough that can. Til next time, Take care, Keep your powder dry, and Keep it between the ditches.
Dreachon chapter 129 . 8/10
A shame that you still cannot do your best to gain a better understanding of either the GuP background or an understanding of the dangers of what damage to a gunbarrel will do to it. You need to do actual research into subjects you write about.

On the first point, Kay is a 3rd year student, that means she will have graduated before Miho does so having her in this story as being in her senior year is wrong, you have kept her already 2 years longer in school than she actually has to. Highschools in Japan last for only 3 years.
The same also applies to Orange Pekoe who is a 2nd year student and will have graduated in the same year as Miho has along with Erwin, Caesar which you still seem to ignore.

A bent barrel; no single tank crew will ever run the risk of firing a shell through a bent barrel, only a few milimeters is already enough to cause the projectile to become stuck in the barrel and detonate with devastating consequences, your scene with them lowering a slug down the barrel into the breach and then later taking it for test firing has no semblance to reality.
Shooting with a bent gunbarrel for a tankgun is virtually impossible.
crankshaft7 chapter 128 . 7/31
"You gotta hit it point blank and you gotta hit it from behind!" I just got done reading this series all over again and I've enjoyed it just about as much as the first time. It still amazes me how you an age to create such detailed and realistic scenarios for all of these tank battles. I'm sure if I were more familiar with the ins and outs of that sort of battle I would notice some flaws but it is simply amazing. I mean just the reaserch that goes into it must be dang near a full time job.
As for the new chapters I thought they were totally on par with the previous gobbs of chapters. I like that Edie is in Sensha-do. I'm glad that he's not just a total horndawg and really is there to play Sensha-do and that he has enough respect for his girlfriend's to not go to far in things. And oh that wicked Kuromorimine girl. (you can't see but I'm vehemently and a bit cartoonishly shaking my raised fist in the air). She's just one of those characters you love to hate.
I have also noticed in better detail how much better you have gotten since "the favor series". Your imagery and storylines were always great but your dialoug and the believability of your characters has to improved substancially. Great job and I will eagerly awaiting future chapters.
Vector 426 chapter 128 . 7/21
Excellent work ! looks like the addition of Eddie and Jerry has proven to be a good idea, Luki flirting with Ed might be a problem, but Suz and Di might also welcome her too. hey, you never know. "hehe"
Kurt's got a massive chip on her shoulder that I see getting knocked off with a vengence. Can't wait to see what happens next. Keep it up, myself, and LOTS of other folks are really diggin this. So you misspell a word, or some info is slightly off, to quote Garfield" BIG HAIRY DEAL !" If the story's good,"Trust Me... IT ITS !" a minor mistake or 2 can be overlooked. Can't wait for the next one, til Then, Take care, Lock and load, and keep it between the ditches.
Dreachon chapter 127 . 6/21
Some tips for you as it seems that getting actual historical information isn't one of your better points.

Firstly it is not Stewart but Stuart, it army designation was either M3 or M5 but the British coined up the name Stuart which comes from the American Civil War Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart.

Secondly I have no idea what source you used to get that number but it sure as hell is wrong Wittmann's claims is 138 tanks nor was there only one other Tank ace that more kills, there were 3 others that stood above Wittmann; Johannes Bölter, Otto Carius and Kurt Knispel.
Also do spell the man's name right Wittmann, note Whitman.

This is not information that is incredibly rare to find which raises the question as to why you make such mistakes in the first place and continue to keep making them.

Also why does Anzio suddenly uses tanks from different countries, they use Italian tanks only. You really need to do more reading on the background of GuP, the same problems comes with you still Erwin and Hippo team while Miho is gone. Apart from Rabbit team all of the other teams in GuP are either 2nd or 3rd years, this means that in your story Erwin and Hippo would have left Ooarai when Miho did.
Word Addict 620 chapter 125 . 6/8
I am thoroughly embarrassed to admit it has taken me this long to find the manga you've crossed over in this title.
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