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GeminiZKnight chapter 92 . 4/5
I now have the image of Lady Sayuri in a bar, drowning her sorrows stuck in my head. Haha, anyways, nice work. I like where the stories going.
Liam G chapter 92 . 4/5
Great. Nice seeing old faces again. Thanks for the quick updates as well.
OO chapter 91 . 4/4
Liam G chapter 89 . 3/31
Glad to see this still going. I admit I wasn't to sure how you were going to pull it off, but you have done a great job so far. The use of another manga was imaginative to help carry this story for as long as you have done so. However my only real gripe is I do miss the other children. Kanae is especially, she was great in her arguments with her husband back then, Brother Junso. I hope that when this series does end, you tie everyone back into the ending storyline. Other than that, I await each update.
crane476 chapter 78 . 2/20
Wow... What a nostalgic chapter. Such good memories and lots of funny and sad moments. It was nice to look back at how things used to be. I miss Mariko, Kanae, Hisoka and everyone else from Second Generation and the Favor series so this was a very enjoyable read. I'm glad the girls finally got to learn more about their family and what they went through. Maybe now it will be easier for them to be a little more understanding of them.

Also, great job on Suzanne and Diane getting caught with Eddie. I literally busted out laughing when I read that. At least we know where they get it from! xD
Novaprime12 chapter 77 . 2/18
Just realized there was another chapter posted on the 17th, that's like three in a day isn't it?
But oh my god fanservice, under aged fanservice, just amazing. And eddies sister better get a spanking for what she did.
Liam G chapter 72 . 2/12
Finally got caught up with this story, I really like the direction you have gone with the kids. I have to say, you have done a great job with this genre, I mean it's great to see someone take the time to expand on the original the way you have. The only thing I would like to see if maybe more from the rest of the family. Looking forward to more chapters.
Novaprime12 chapter 72 . 2/12
Aw... No bloody mess... Oh well at least they have drive sprockets to play catch with.
I wonder If they could play catch with the type 89
Novaprime12 chapter 71 . 2/11
Oh boy, I have a feeling Ooari will need yet another teacher, cause this one's going to be wrecked! Oh I hope Lady sayuri gets hit with the wreck, that would be funny and ironic.
crane476 chapter 71 . 2/7

Fight with Saunders -
Okay, so the last few chapters have been amazing! The fight with Saunders was absolutely awesome and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. The action was very well paced imo and the way team porcupine and the rest Oorai communicate and coordinate their attacks makes for a very entertaining read. Not only that, but what a way to finish the fight. I knew sooner or later the girls wouldn't be able to resist using their mind hands. Its too bad they got caught. At first, I was disappointed that Miho forbid them from using mind hands, but the more I thought about it the more I agreed with the decision. Team Porcupine would be way to OP if they could just use their mind hands to deflect incoming rounds so I'm glad things turned out the way they did.

Chapter 70/71 -
After following the exploits of Queen Lucy and the rest of the White robes, its easy to forget there are still those who are ignorant or just plain prejudice against diclonius. Suzanne and Diane have been dealing with it their whole lives I could imagine, buts its been awhile since they've experienced it firsthand since before now they've been living in an area where Sect Members were common. As energetic and prone to outburst as Diane is, I expected her to snap so I was surprised when both her and Suzanne left. After what she did to that scrap metal though, I'm glad that she did leave and decided to take out her anger on an inanimate object. At this point I was wondering how this sort of tension would affect their relationship with the other girls at Oorai, but after Suzanne and Diane saved everyone from a falling tank turret (which was epic btw) those thoughts were quickly dismissed. I should have known better, however, that things wouldn't be that easy. As soon as their new teacher made a remark about their horns, I knew something was about to go down. After their spat in the hallway, I was glad Miss Kuroda got called away. (She was a b! tch)

Onto Chapter 71, of course right in the beginning I hit the first bombshell. I was genuinely surprised when the new teacher was revealed to be a White Robe of all things. Things only got more interesting after class. I was also surprised at just how different Lady Sayuri is from her sister. I always remember Lady Himari as a gentle sort of woman who was firm when she needed to be, all while having this regal/proper sort of air about her. My first impressions of Lady Sayuri, however, is someone who is very rigid, uncompromising, and quick to uphold the ways and reputation of the White Robes. This also brings me to the second bombshell of this chapter. I had no idea Lady Himari had a sister! My mind was blown. However, Her misguided/ignorant views of America, and the way she talked down to both Diane and Suzanne caused me to instantly take a disliking to her. The thing that really got to me though, was how she was spouting of things like "our family". As far as I can remember, Lady Sayuri has had no presence in either Lady Himari's or anyone else's life before now. To suddenly appear and have the nerve to act as if she cares about her sister's and her family's reputation, all the while going against the decision that Lady Himari and Lady Lucy made was infuriating. Diane's reaction I expected, but Suzanne totally caught me off guard, which brings me to the third and final bombshell that this chapter contains. To think she would go so far as to quit! I was shocked, flabbergasted, and in disbelief. It just doesn't seem like something she would do, and judging from her reaction to Lady Sayuri, I'd be willing to bet theres something more going on under the surface. As to what that thing is, I'm looking forward to finding out.

Your stories, to me, are always great and entertaining reads, but these last few chapters have been especially amazing. You've really turned up both the drama and the action and I'll be eagerly waiting to see what happens next!
Novaprime12 chapter 70 . 2/4
Gots love Bando, he is such a soft hearted man.
And boy oh boy that teacher better fear for her life, cause she might just be target practice for Nova.
Novaprime12 chapter 69 . 2/1
I think try took that firefly to the great garage in the sky, that was very good.
Only problem I see is Duck team is a Type 89 I-go, not a Type 98 which is the Chi-Ha
Novaprime12 chapter 67 . 1/31
Oh Miho, don't you know you can't control the terror twins?
Anzu has the right idea, I say it isn't cheating. Miho needs to grow a pair and learn to do what is necessary to win and I'm hoping she will appreciate Porcupine team's abilities.

Great job on portraying Kay and Noami.
Crane476 chapter 66 . 1/29
The cat's out of the bag! So the girl's secret is no longer secret. I just wonder how long it takes for someone to open their mouth! lol Another enjoyable chapter as usual, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Oorai performs in it's first practice match!

P.S. That bit about Diane and Suzanne sharing Eddie was hilarious. I can only imagine what would happen if something were to develop between them. lol
crane476 chapter 65 . 1/24
Great Chapter! I've been looking forward to finally getting to see Oorai, and the girl's first tank battle made for an exciting read. I also really like the use of different tactics and how Dianne, Suzanne and their new friends interact as a team. It really makes things more interesting and exciting. I'm really looking forward to more tank battles!
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