Reviews for Cycles
Guest chapter 1 . 7/7
no matter the time is pass, i still love this fanfic
lo lamento mi idioma natal no es español -3-
Az The Dragon chapter 1 . 9/17/2015
Oh, I just so love this one! It might not be an epically lengthy novel, but the pace was perfect and Solo's development was spot on. I did nothing but laugh at the kids' antics. They are probably the most powerful beings on the planet, able to cause natural disasters, but as soon as that's over, they are just kids annoying the poor guy in charge of picking them up after one of their fights. Reminds me of a parent picking up a kid after a day at the playground, only way much wilder!

Would have loved to see Solo's reaction to tasting that delightful chocolate squid cake though. I bet it would have been priceless.

Old fic, but still very good.
ParadoxicOrder8 chapter 1 . 7/26/2015
This was fantastic, I really wish you would write a full length Star Force fic, it would be phenomenal. -
This is one of the best Star Force fics I have ever read, just everything about it is amazing.
Firehedgehog chapter 1 . 2/16/2015
totally amusing
VinylDisc308 chapter 1 . 1/30/2015
Haha! Nice fic!
I really laugh whit this one! Why these two can t be friends!?
Geo and Solo have much in common!
Eon chapter 1 . 7/11/2014
So I took a little stroll through your Tumblr today out of boredom and I found this, and I gotta say, it was really fun to read! I snorted a lot at Solo's reactions to Sugar's cooking, and the part where they fell asleep/unconscious next to each other was rather cute. I'd always been wanting to write a little something about Solo and Subaru's fighting leading to them getting more open with each other, and this was a wonderful read.

10/10 would so read again.
Guest1 chapter 1 . 10/2/2013
Wow I think you did amazing! I like how you slowly made Solo more open and their fights were awesome!:)
Laryna6 chapter 1 . 8/16/2013
Great use of outside (although canon character) POV in creating the sense that there's a world of real people this takes place in.
Grey Muji chapter 1 . 2/19/2013
This is very good-I've always loved the dynamics between Subaru/Geo and Solo! The skips help empathize it as a gradual change.
BuraiRazor chapter 1 . 9/9/2012
You know, it's stories like this that show there needs to be a Star Force 3 anime. I mean just imagine all the crazy situations these kids will get into. And the random problems Geo/Subaru could solve with his noise forms. It would be perfect. Loved the story, and the characters seemed fine to me. Loving your works, keep with the amazing stories.
Kiwi555 chapter 1 . 7/23/2012
First, I cannot go into specifics about why I love this fic, since talking about how much I love every single thing in this from my iPad will take forever (Evil two-dimensional keyboard).
Second, /! It's just so /KYUUT/! And I know that I'm saying that about a story in which two preteens duel to the point of physical exhaustion repeatedly, but it's SUBARU AND SOLO, or, more accurately, the way you write these two: it's PHENOMENALLY complex and well written, not unlike the SF3 post game story itself, when their relationship changed from just one ideal versus another one to two ideas that have further developed from interaction with the other and have the potential for more change.
If you understand anything that I just wrote, great, because I can't exactly find what I was trying to say after rereading it.
I really really love how you showed them changing over time, going from an especially brutal fight but with Rockman wanting the Satella forces to not harm him AND the forces' dislike and aversion to Burai (as you call him; I always end up calling him Rogue out of habit), to Subaru outwardly trying to get Solo to open up (and Rob taking Solo with them, I LOVED that part) and Satella becoming accustomed to the Cycle fights, to Subaru and Solo sitting down after a fight to play a videogame and Rob willing bringing Solo with them (you're /trying/ to make me love Rob as a character, I know it. And it's working P:), and ending the story with Solo (subconsciously or accidentally?) ... I don't know. I'm not exactly sure what to call it, but at the very close to the end, it's like he sort of created an opening for Rob to call it "volunteering". He doesn't think "What did I just say?", he thinks "/Why/ did I say that?". Maybe he deep down wanted to go with them, but couldn't bring himself to ask or say anything regarding that.
Blah. My fingertips taste of rambles and tangent.
I actually had to look up who Shidou was when I started reading this. Due to a lack of SF3 anime adaptation and my inability to read Japanese, the only way I have to access the story is the localized version of the game. And the Megaman Knowledge Base, of course. But I'm just so used to calling him A. C. Eos (the 1% of the time when I don't just think of him as "Ace") that, like Rogue, I can't train my mind into calling him by his Japanese name. Strangely enough, the only other time this has happened to me in the Star Force series is with Damian Wolfe. The only in-universe justification I have for this is a headcanon that Dami, Ace, and Solo were all born in Ameroupe. Or whatever it's being called in 22XX.
ANYWAY, this is practically flawless. It's awesome. I love it. When I first read it, I had to get down to my bedroom floor and roll around and shriek in happiness in an effort to keep my feelings from giving me a heart attack. (No, I don't know how that was supposed to help. But it was kinda fun.) Ten outta five.
P.S. You may want to check Solo's blog's ask inbox. You know, just check up, see if there's anything in there maybe having to do with kitty-cats? Maybe?
Ai Star chapter 1 . 7/23/2012
Lol Solo’s drooling on Subaru’s hair! And their taking pictures of it!
You mean Solo will butcher Rob if he found out!
O.O *face goes green while jaw drops* OOOH! Noise poisoning? That’s wrong on so many levels!
LORL! Solo told Laplace off! But Laplace does have a solid point!
*shivers while going green* eeeew... Chocolate Squid cake...
*puts hand to mouth while eyes go wide and smiling* oooooh! Solo got told!
*rotflmaosmihtb* he says he’s not hungry but his stomach so totally disagrees! I bet that he’s completely embarrassed about it!
Lol reverse what Subaru says and Solo’s at them without battering an eyelash!
Lol Solo’s a health geek!
Lol Solo’s scowling at Rob, I think the message is “pick me up like you did Subaru and you die!”
*bursts out laughing* looks like Solo was hoisted onto Rob’s under arm after all! W
*laughs like crazy* Solo’s been called a coward! Solo’s been called a coward! Solo’s been called a coward! *continues to say it*
LOL! Rob and Subaru really enjoy teasing Solo don’t they?
*sniggers* Solo got Subaru when he was distracted!
Lol and yet Solo said he wouldn’t want Subaru to name it, it’s a good name but LORL they activated a volcano!
Lol the woman glared at Rob and YAY Solo is grinning! *cheers*
*chuckles* Solo’s been startled by Rob’s words history in the making but I do wonder what Solo and Subaru would say when they find out about the pictures of them when they were asleep?
And he’s actually going along with them YAY! :)
There maybe an error:
but he could never forget the eating he himself had received at the boy's hands when he attempted to recruit him on Shidou's behalf so long ago
"Come on, Solo. One cookie won't kill you. At the very least, it'll just whet your appetite for a 'real' meal," Subaru chided gently
is there going to be another chapter to continue this? I would like to read what happens next! W