Reviews for Ancient Relics
safranbrod chapter 28 . 5/18
I thought they spoke in medieval english? I'm surprised they understood that. xD
DalekQueen7 chapter 21 . 5/8
Hehehe... Yeah, I would be evil laughing at this point, too. :)
DalekQueen7 chapter 2 . 5/8
Yay! You saved Colin Creevey!
Guest chapter 39 . 4/13
this is my favourite hp/merlin fic i absolutely love it thank you for posting :)
CrimsonPearlAlice chapter 1 . 4/6
This has truly been a great story and I enjoyed reading it immensely. I adored the somewhat cheesy ending and you wrote the characters so well! Wonderful job! I ran through this story in two days it was so great! You restoted my faith in cross overs and i cannot wait to read the prequel and sequal. Keep up the amazing work you're such a great writer!
novelreader chapter 1 . 4/4
I like how you say that the sorting hat coun't even presume what house Merlin would go in so he had to choose himself, but personally I like the idea of him being in Slytherin. Why? Partially because I was shocked when I read that according to J.K Rowling Merlin would be a Slytherin, which I guess would be kind of make sense because well Merlin founded modern wizarding society, and bringing magic back to the land, starting an empire, out of the two, Merlin and Arthur, it seems it's Merlin who was the most ambitious of them, and he was always urging Arthur to go far. Also I like the idea of a Slytherin version of Dumbledore, and a good guy in a House that ussually houses bad guys. It's like Merlin defying Fate! Unfortunately that Merlin doesn't show up much, if at all, in the show.
WhiteElfElder chapter 7 . 3/20
I have to wonder if Riddle found out about the Old Religion from stuff in Salazar's chamber and more stuff of the same exists in chambers of the other founders?
DarkkingMB chapter 38 . 3/19
This has been a wonderful story. I also thought merlin would be gone after this chapter. I thought after he killed morgana he would start to quickly age and would journey to the lake of Avalon for his final goodbyes. However the happier ending was nice.
Riddle-Snape chapter 40 . 3/19
this was AWESOME story :D I loved it (tho I HATE harry/ginny, I just didn't read these little parts) it's ... I could just write awesome whole day :D
lemon-rind chapter 39 . 3/19
Alright, this story consumed my attention and I couldn't stop reading. Now, I've got to go study for a midterm, but I thought it wouldn't be right of me to leave without giving you a big thank you for writing this story, and for sharing it with us fanfiction readers. I'm looking forward to reading the prequel.
The Huntress24 chapter 39 . 3/18
I loved this fanfiction for beginning to end and I have also started reading the sequel you are writing and I have to say yours is one of the best I have read in this section. I love the spin you put on it and I love the development of this story. I probably have read this individual fanfiction about 10 times and I still love it. Can't wait till you write the prequel and finish the sequel! ;-)
J.R.S chapter 27 . 2/26
are you selling downloads of this? or something? how is the best way for me to buy a copy from you?
That-Flying-Breadstick-Wizard chapter 28 . 2/20
...I'm going to cry myself to sleep tonight.

(Damn you, BBC.)
Ambiguous Cake chapter 39 . 2/17
I don't know if you read your reviews, but I just wanted to say thank you for this story. It was an emotional journey centering around a very important topic to me right now, trusting someone and telling them the truth, and it helped in finally giving me the strength I needed to tell a long withheld truth from my friends. it was a very different sort of truth than having magic, i wish i had magic, but ti was still something i've held in for a long time. not 1300 years long, but you know. so seeing merlin cope with confronting his past and breaking out of the comfort that holding a secret like that brings helped me move forward. so, thank you, and in due time i'll read the other stories you have, i promise!
Drunken Prince chapter 28 . 2/2
This may be the best chapter I've ever read in fanfiction. Very well done. This is an outstanding story.
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