Reviews for Fifty Shades Of Forgiveness
nan78rdz chapter 108 . 2/27
If there is ever anymore hospital scenes watch grey's anatomy they have some intense ones on that show and by the way love your story
Dseiladmnd chapter 122 . 2/17
Great to have you back. Thank you.
Guest chapter 122 . 2/17
Ana needs to get over herself. She's the one that's gonna break them apart with her distance. She's letting Leila win. Next time the b*tch tries to contact Christian again, Ana should confront and threaten her.
Guest Akkess chapter 45 . 2/17
Jesus, talk about drama overkill. It's a fucking miracle CG and ana haven't slit their throats for bit of relief.
Ehundl chapter 122 . 2/18
I was so happy to see a new chapter! This was a great one picking up where it stopped. Hope to red more soon and where are we able to keep up with your writing? Is it a website?
nedbella chapter 122 . 2/18
Great to see you back. I'm intrigued as to how Leila got his new phone number. I feel there is alot going on in the background they don't know about and I can't wait to find out what it is.
smills chapter 122 . 2/17
Welcome back, good chapter. Loved the movie.
Mitzi1958 chapter 122 . 2/17
To be honest I forgot about this story but when I first read this, it was one of my fave's so I am glad that you are rioting again. Believe me I understand a bad year, we all have them and there is no other way but just to live through it.

So you were inspired! Don't doubt it, I saw the movie Friday at the first showing 1:15p.m. And I was the first in line to buy a ticket, was so afraid it would be sold out so I went to our mall at 11:00a.m. And got in line for when they started selling tickets at 12:30p.m. First time that it being Friday the 13th didn't bother me. I loved the movie, thought Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson was a great Ana and Christian. Was always sure of Jamie but was not to sure about Dakota and I was glad to be proven wrong. I loved the changes the screen writer made, to me it made it better and loved Dakota's changes she made to Ana. Giving her a little extra spirit was a great move. Favorite scene I have two, helicopter trip and Christian going all CAVEMAN and throwing her over her shoulder and her asking are you mad, why are you mad and him yes I am mad, palm twitching mad and he slaps her butt. Also of course the toast scene (don't know why it is on everyone's fave list but to me it is hot!) and the scene Nice knowing you was great. So I guess I really have 4 fave scenes. My favorite all over is not a scene it is Christian's eyes! Jamie had him down, stiff, aloof don't touch me but his eyes showed every emotion know to man. The only thing I did not like was the modal glider was not in the movie but I joined the darker spoiler group so we had been talking all day every day and they (I think) came up with something that is probably true. The trailers that was shown before the movie came out have Jamie and Dakota in the rain, him running and her with the same blouse standing still and we think this is probably the opening to Fifty Shades Darker. He is looking at a small piece of paper and someone said it was the note she left him with the glider! We will see when Darker comes out. So I will see you when you update, I feel I can not really review this chapter since I need o catch up since I have missed many chapters, but I will say I don't like Leila coming back. Can not wait to see who they cast for Elena and Leila for the next movie.
macera chapter 122 . 2/17
great chapter keeping writing
R-J briggs chapter 122 . 2/17
Good chapter and I loved the film
shan36 chapter 122 . 2/17
Well well well, I finally get an, yayyy! Great chapter. Plz don't make me wait long for another one!
CJFAA chapter 49 . 2/17
Almost 50 chapters in and they haven't had a moments peace. A little balance is needed here.
ptminor chapter 122 . 2/17
to be honest, i do not remember this story so when i get time, i am going to have to reread the whole story line. i know how life gets you down, and finding inspiration but PLEASE try to update more often if you can. your loyal readers really do love your writing and this story line, so that is why we stick with you. Great writing!
Trish Minor
sarabo chapter 122 . 2/17
I hope watching the fantastic movie got you back on track. I do have to say that it has been a long time and I needed to familiarize myself with the story. Right now it is very sad, but I hope that they can resolve their differences and fall in love all over again.
T.O.J chapter 1 . 11/16/2014
Oh boy
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