Reviews for Legacy of Kain: Heritage
Archannos chapter 1 . 6/5
Bloody Brilliant, the characters & story, the plot twists and the big reveal! :D 10/10
Love and arc all about Vorador,
Kennykiller chapter 1 . 4/25
I forgot to make any kinda actual REVIEW didn't I..Ludicrous, there we go. I don't mind V missin Umah, but the very idea of him runnin off to do all manner of shit to get back someone who chose to betray Kain, steal from him and at the end of the day KILL HERSELF is ridiculous. The stuff Vorador did was cool in general but 'oooh Umah this oooh Umah that ooooh only for Umah' got so repetitive as a motive, which is made all the worse by how you treated Kain in relation to Umah in the last one.
You changed him from being a guy rightfully lettin some thieving, mocking, condescending coward die as a consequence of her own choices and not giving a flying f00k beyond the speech in BO2 and a line of epilogue; to someone apparently undone by woe over millenia who would insert crybaby emo mode do juuuust about aaaaanyyythinnnng to bring p-p-p-pooor s-s-sweet Umah back after he cruelly murdered herend, not to mention someone who wouldn't kill/destroy that worthless scumbag a second time when you contrive her way into the story.
Very feminazi of you, I would say. And now your entire so called series is judged on that and has lost any interest.
KK chapter 35 . 4/25
Also the Seer. 4 words would have prevented the release of Thanatos, but ohhhh nooo, she decides not to bother telling Vorador...If I were he, I woulda beheaded her for that, AFTER impaling her and calling her out for being another Elder lackey.
Kennykiller chapter 34 . 4/25
I was having a think about this, and I really really wanted Mr V to call out Thanatos as being an agent(read: lackey) of the Elder God, considering T directly CHOSE the extinction of his own race, the three others, and probably all other life over time too.
Sadly, that's not the story I'm reading and is just in my head ;p
amythestblade chapter 32 . 4/15/2017
Mr E chapter 16 . 4/25/2015
I am embarrassed to admit that it was only this chapter where I realised that William is William the Just. And to think, he's one of the labelled main characters on the top of this page, yet nope, somehow I failed to make that connection.

I am slow as heck. Go figure :-P

Otherwise, because I hate leaving a review just to comment on my own failings:

This entire series of yours thus far has been superb. I will carry on reading post haste.

A few typos here and there, and the odd word which is out of place, making me think you typo'd ia wholly different word from your intention. But I can still understand and I'm still enjoying, despite the issue.
Night's Beloved chapter 36 . 12/13/2013
Okay, so I finally got around to reading the rest of this tale after a bit of a hiatus to a, work on establishing myself at the new job and b, realizing my own writing projects on . And I have to say I'm absolutely stunned by the way this tale has concluded.

I will say that Asmodeus is certainly reminding me of a bygone era's snarker that Vorador spent awhile with.

I cannot wait until the next story comes to light, and find out exactly what's going on with current Nosgothian era humans and Janos.
G0REL0RD chapter 36 . 11/19/2013
Damn, at last I managed to get my hands on writing a review for this magnificent story of yours! It's been a hell of a literary adventure, indeed. I've already shared some of my thoughts on it with you via PM, but I still have plenty of them left, and I can't think of a better way to express those than in the form of some good old reader's feedback.

First of all, congratulations on another masterpiece and another massive step towards absolute perfection! Each fic of yours always keeps raising the bar of quality and enjoyability ever higher, and at some point it gets really hard to believe that you can come up with something even better than what you have already created. And yet, against all odds you just won't stop beating your own record over and over again. I have no idea how you do it man, but you seem to possess some God given talent. You should become an official LoK novelist, or, at the very least, the game developers should commission you to write some decent scripts for them (in contrast to those they base their games on now, if you catch my drift).

I won't go in for praising the as always brilliant lore, the language, the style, the plot-twists, the drama and so on because this is something your works are simply unthinkable without. I will only point out that the improvement of your writing skills had been most notable in this fic and the way you keep making progress from story to story really makes thrill with the prospect of how you'll be able to improve even further with the next piece of your awesome saga (which I still have no doubt you most certainly will).

Also, a couple of specific moments I would like to emphasize the most:
1. The prologue really set the pace for the entire story. I absolutely love when the events that were left off-screen in the game are explained by you in your fics, and I always wondered what kind of debt the Seer could owe to Vorador. Perfectly logical and fitting fill of this gap, splendid!
2. The idea of Vorador gaining his new abilities from those obelisks with the essences of animals entrapped in them also sounded very fresh. I'm glad it was something different from the cliched method of devouring the blood/soul of the victims like with Kain or Raziel. On top of that, it really impressed me how crucial each new earned ability was for the progress of Vorador's quest. Everything was so thoroughly thought over, it even felt as if you were devising this not for a novel, but for a game. Superb, totally superb!
3. Your take on the character of young William the Just was nothing short intriguing. Throughout most of the story I had been believing him to be that one-dimensional arrogant rich-boy he appeared to to be, and when it turned out that he actually wasn't that plain I found myself surprised. Although it was hard for me to believe that Vorador didn't recognize him from the start. That looked more like one of epic fails Raziel usually makes ;)
4. The rivalry beteen the two tribes of werewolves and all the gory combat scenes accompanying it was also very tasty. However, I was a bit disappointed that the conflict between Remus and Romulus ended in no-contest because of Thanatos. I was expecting some epic face-off with one of them scoring an ultimate victory over the other, even though it wad clear from the storyline that none of them was destined to make it to the end of this war. Otherwise, it was awesome!
5. Much has already been said about your unprecendented implementation of dragons into the world of Nosgoth, so I won't be repeating myself and everyone else. I'll only reiterate that this was a total idea of genius! The way you presented this whole concept and the way you connected it to the plot and the atmosphere of LoK was flawless in all aspects! Moreover, it perfectly explained such mysteries as the origins of the blood curse and the genesis of the three main races of Nosgoth. And not to forget that dragons can make excellent participants of battle scenes which you always depict so picturesquely ;) All in all, a truly brilliant game-plan and an unbelievably fascinating theme. Can't wait for you to develop it further.

In conclusion I can only say that you have once again proven to be the undisputed No.1 in writing LoK fics. I remember you giving positive response to my writing, but I'm man enough to admit in all honesty that I can never make something even close to being as great as "Legacy of Kain: Heritage". I'm proud to have a writer as talented as you as my mentor and I'm deeply honored that you allowed me to contribute to the next novel you're now working on. I really hope we're going to achieve some very delighting results together.

Once again, congratulations on another masterpiece and wish you very success in your writing!
HaleyJo chapter 36 . 11/14/2013
Ok, here's your review. I caved. BETAing your stories has been all kinds of awesome, and I claim the spot for the next stories. Heritage was a blast because we never really learned much about Vorador in the games beyond the bare bones, and you put poor Vorry through hell. Good job. Now hurry up on Janos' story. I am eager to see him put in all those awkward situations you've hinted at.
Lusitana chapter 36 . 10/30/2013
My good friend, this story was epic, just like all your other stories. You have a really good talent to write LOK stories, which is not easy trust me. Legacy of Kain is a very complex universe and many authors fail in trying to replicate it.
I also love the fact that you use real world references in the in your stories, it really helps to expande the LOK universe.
It will be very interesting to see a story written from Janos' point of view, although I admit that I kind of miss Kain and Raziel by now. Nevertheless I know it's going to be great and I can't wait for your next instalments.
See you soon then. :)
AccountDelete1 chapter 36 . 10/29/2013
I do enjoy your stories, but I back in part 3, you made it seem like part 4 would be the end. I honestly think you're dragging this out too much. I mean a whole 30 something chapter story of Janos?

Well, you do what you think it's best.

As for the "Nosgoth" game, yeah, it looks shitty. I put that on my ignore list.
Tonnerre chapter 36 . 10/29/2013
Holy crap that was good stuff! Alright, what do I wanna say?
Janos can't seem to get a break can he? He escapes the humiliation of the Hylden only to be captured by humans for experimentation. I'm glad he's gonna get his own story, i'm gonna love seeing him progress.
Ah Vorador, he was hot in this. But he seldom isn't. It seems at the end of the day, he declined to bring Umah back. it because he understands the world better and is more at peace, or feels she can come back on her own as evidenced when she was a walking suit of armor? Not like he knows that though. _;
I get the feeling that Ambriel is going to be instrumental in bringing down Asmodeus, assuming he doesn't die first. Being loyal to 'God' and not to the King tends to lead to those scenarios.
I still ship the Seer and Vorador. I think our green prince will have a good effect on her as a person.
Now I have to go find out where 'I was frozen today!' came from. Thank you for everything and looking forward to what's next-Tonnerre.
Adventfather chapter 36 . 10/29/2013
Ah this is the end of Vorador's story I see, for now I suppose. I must say I enjoyed it, and it'll be interesting to see how Janos picks up from here. I'm certainly excited for it! Especially if he ever discovers Thanatos, it makes me wonder what his reaction would be, could vampires have heart attacks? I can just imagine a conversation between Thanatos, Janos, and Tiamatu about who deserves the sky much more than the other.

I digress, in any case it's been a great ride and I know the next installment will be just as enjoyable. Take care now, and thanks for the read!
turel1234 chapter 36 . 10/29/2013
Once more, you have exceeded expectations.
You ask for critique, but let's be honest here - it's hard to offer critique towards something written so exquisitely.
Yes, your grammar was pretty bad back in Absolution and to lesser extent SR3, with frequent verb confusion that really detracted from the experience(you could consider sicking the story upon a friend or just some fan to correct those, and then reupload it - it really hurts the story.) - but it had LONG since improved exponentially.
And besides the respect and devotion you have for the lore shows.

Now, moving on to the story itself.
The way you implemented the dragons into the mythos is fine - don't sweat about it.
You took the progenitor trope and made them actually seem alien, your dragons are very Cthulhu'esque - and that flies VERY fine by me.

And if i may make a suggestion i believe that you should stop with the time travelling and focus on the dilapidated present from now on.
I'm very curious about the Janos centered story - it will be interesting to see him break out of his prejudiced bigotry.

And the mysterious Equinox - considering what this word means, I have to say it sounds really "Dead Sun'esque".
You emphasize it as something completely different with a surprise protag.
I'll a have a shot in the dark and guess that the protagonist will be Thanatos - for one he is one of the enemies(which alone offers a completely different perspective on the events )and secondly, unlike all other protagonists till now he isn't even humanoid - i guess that would make the story kind of "different".
To be completely honest i'm fine with anyone being the protag.
Anyone BUT Umah - i don't like her - sue me :D

Anyway, things i'm eagerly waiting for:

-Kain and Ariel having a little heart to heart after all those centuries of animosity.
-Kain and Raziel - full stop.
-The political and social earthquake that Kothar will undeniably cause.
-Seeing how you manage to bring everyone together under a single banner despite all the bad blood.
-And last but not least how will you restore Nosgoth (I have a feeling that it has to do with the "spaceship" that Cthu... i mean Elder had built - it seems to have a positive plethora of all possible life forms from all over Nosgoth. )

And while i'm at it I have a single question - are the effects of Pillars collapse worldwide or limited to the continent of Nosgoth?

About "Fate promising more twists...", i'll guess three, maybe four stories more until it ends - one or two stories focused on setting the stage and character development, one story for an all out war and then one more story for the end-game and epilogue.
Just make sure you won't die before you finish your great work.

And please do NOT make us wait another year :D
Greg chapter 36 . 10/29/2013
I gotta say that as usual, you knocked it out of the park. I mean it's hard to really criticize something this well written. The dialogue, the description of the environments, the way the characters are portrayed, the faithful attention to the lore and how stunningly well your stories tie into it. Like the reason there are werewolves in the Lost City? Damn, I don't think anyone else could have done it any better. But if I had to come up with something to criticize, it would be that the time in which the majority of the story took place. If it was eighty years before Blood Omen 1, then how is William alive? He was supposed to be like a teenager when Kain killed him, which would mean there was no way he could've been on his adventure with Vorador, as he wouldn't have been born yet or just way too young. Maybe if it had been sixty years before BO1, then it would've been better. It's really just a nitpick though. Everything else is perfectly believable within the lore.

As far as the dialogue structure, I've noticed that at the ends of your quotes where there's a she said/he said or the name of the character in front of it, you don't put commas at the ends of your sentences. In all the writing I've seen in books I've read or in other mediums, you always put a comma at the end of a sentence of dialogue when your indicating the speaker. An exclamation mark, question mark, or an ellipsis are the exceptions to that. But that's the only thing I've noticed. Your writing is flawless otherwise. I can't wait for you to continue this fantastic series. And man do I wish that these stories would be turned into games, because my GOD I would play the hell out of them. : D
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