Reviews for Second Chances
BleachedSamurai chapter 47 . 3/16
O_o Yikes, that certainly was a spanking but certainly not unwarranted.

I'm just glad Harry finally came clean when he should have done that days ago. Yet, I'm happy Severus admits his faultiness and apologizes. The discussion afterward was a nice, sweet, warming touch.

Great job! :D
BleachedSamurai chapter 46 . 3/16
I love Hermonie, in the beginning, being the more concerned friend to discourage Harry's idiotic plan to steal from Severus and talk to his guardian. I hate that Ron is the one to encourage Harry with his comment in using the invisibility cloak and scolding Hermonie. Real nice there, bud.

Uh oh, caught by his favorite teacher. I had a feeling it would be him catching Harry red-handed since Remus was near the entrance to the Gryffindor common room. Remus's reaction was perfect. At least now he has a huge clue that Wormtail is alive.

I feel somewhat sympathetic for Harry, but he brought this upon himself. If he had just been honest and spoken to Severus, he and his butt wouldn't be facing a death sentence right now.

I love this story.
BleachedSamurai chapter 45 . 3/16
(groans with a facepalm) Yelp, the first option of having a nightmare and coming clean is out. It will be crap hitting the fan, and it will not be pretty either, especially since Harry has the bright idea of stealing from Severus. He seriously needs an attitude check and freaking talk to the man.
BleachedSamurai chapter 44 . 3/16
(sighs heavily) Oh, Harry, you stubborn rebel of an ox. Either A, he will have a nightmare, and things will come to light then, or B, shit will hit the fan and muck up everything, or C, both. Hopefully, whatever the outcome might be, they'll sort things through and start communicating better.
BleachedSamurai chapter 43 . 3/15
I like that Hermonie encourages Harry to talk to his guardian, even though it might cost him in the rear and lose some trust in him if Harry did. She's coming from a good place, and he's being a little butt about it.

Well played, Harry. Irritate the ministry fellow.

I feel Severus is searching The Forbidden Forest for Black since Harry has had nightmares of him in that place.
BleachedSamurai chapter 42 . 3/15
Well, that's certainly one way to drop an attitude: have a nightmare, seek out your guardian for help, and be comforted. I read that scene several times because I thought it was sweet.

o_o And I was right about Harry finding out the hard way. Poor kid. It will definitely put a rift between them. So, hopefully, Severus will be able to explain and fix things.
BleachedSamurai chapter 41 . 3/15
Hmm, so he did follow through with it and no blow-up from Severus like I assumed he would. Hopefully, he will tell Harry about Sirius being his son's godfather real soon. Although, I do not doubt that Harry will find out the hard way.

I loved the last bit of Severus kissing Harry's forehead. Lovely touch.
BleachedSamurai chapter 40 . 3/15
Oh, good lord, Ron is becoming a bad influence and giving him awful advice that will not go well if Harry follows through with it.

Despite some cringe-worthy moments, I'm still thoroughly enjoying the story.
BleachedSamurai chapter 20 . 3/11
"It wasn't my fault," Harry quickly explained. "You said that I should respect Hagrid as a teacher, and he told me to do it, so I did!" - Honestly, a better explanation would have been Harry explaining he barely had a chance to protest when Hagrid set him on Buckbeak and sent him off flying. While I like Hagrid, he had little regard for Harry's safety. I don't doubt Severus would give the groundskeeper a what for if you wrote Harry's answer better. I did like the last bit of the scene, though.

I'm enjoying the story nonetheless.
rosemary62442 chapter 51 . 6/1/2021
I take this as severe gaslighting. Many abused child think just like this, that they should be punished and they deserved it. Really, nothing but punishment partiarlim? and A carrot and stick to 'tame' the boy...Oh it's so easy isn't it? A stick is quicker and effective than words to him?
Never mind listening him before the punishment.
Well I take this ABSOLUTELY disgusting but still I have to admit...This is quite funny as I can recall himself ALSO sneaking Petunia's letter and made fun of it and whether it was Sirius's prank or not, it was HIS decision to chase Remus to Shrinking Shack wasn't it?
Oh, and did I even mentioned that the MAIN REASON Harry has no parents is that he EAVESDROPPED Trelawney? Pity no one spanked him for that,

And that behavior nonsense is PURE rubbish since I cannot find a single one chapter which HE remains calm and reasonable. Also never mind behaving at ADULT, which he didn't to Dumbledore and Fudge, his own behavior at STUDENT'S' is beyond acceptable, no, TERRIBLE.
Of all people, HE SHOULD KNOW about teenager's temper, since I personally think the main reason that Harry born was because he lost his temper and said the M word to Lily.

Such a poor excuse for a teacher not to mention father, and a poor excuse justfying child abuse-yes, this is beyond proper punishment.

가스라이팅 단어 남용하는거 안좋아하는데 이거 다 개같은 가스라이팅이라 생각하고 평생 무관심에 허덕이던 13살짜리한테 저게 관심주는거라고 세뇌시키는거 같음. 아동학대 동물학대 다 비슷한식으로 일어난다는걸 생각했음 좋겠음.
그리고 엿듣는거로 개지랄하는게 젤 웃김ㅋㅋ지가 엿듣지만 않았음 애초에 쟤가 고아가 됐겠냐 지가 페튜니아 편지 훔쳐읽고 속았다지만 애초에 마루더즈 엿먹일려고 비명을 지르는 오두막에 들어간거 아닌가? 그때가 몇시라고는 안나왔지만 통금시간 훨씬 지났을텐데?
솔직히 학대 운운하는것도 웃긴게 네빌이나 다른 학생들한테 지난 십몇년간 한 짓거리가 해리가 당한 것들보다 몇십배는 더 학대일듯
진짜 개역겨움 읽으면서 토할뻔함
내로남불 가스라이팅 아동학대 3콤보 달성인듯
rosemary62442 chapter 12 . 6/1/2021
and why is he keep not calling him professor?
rosemary62442 chapter 11 . 6/1/2021
It's already Sirius? He should call him Black
Guest chapter 6 . 5/6/2021
Ouch...poor Harry
lala1221994 chapter 7 . 1/6/2021
Snape just had a Yoda moment with that owl thing. Do or do not, there is no try.
N. A. Wennerholm chapter 2 . 1/5/2021
Kids can take things a lot better than a lot of adults thing. I know I know U hated it when people tried keep thing things from me. I know when u found out when I was older when I found out that 8nfirmationbwas kept from me when I was a kid I was totally pissed I had I right to know. it dealt with my mother we had almost lost her. My mother was in the hospital to have damage fix when it came to her internal organs. It was initially for a hernia and tubal ligation but the doctors found a lot more than they where ment to deal with. so while working 5o fix the damage and the fact they knew my mother was born with a heart defect. But yet they hadn't found a means of repairing it yet 5hiufh where looking for methods to do so. And the older you get 5he more dangerous it gets. They have the means now but they didn't when my mother was born and they hadn't found a safe method for adults when I was a kid. But they developing a nether for babies and young children. My mother was born at the end of 1948 and I was born in 1973. So some of your who have done their homework about medical advancements starting with when my mom was born to now you might understand. I know both of my parents list their tonsils when they were kids. Plus I know my cousin and a few of my other relative had lost their appendix as adults or as children. I'm trying to remember if one of my parents list their appendix. But I do know that my dad and I both lost our gullbladders and we where both around the same age at the time. with maybe a few years difference give or take.
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