Reviews for Stranded with My Class
Justnaomi chapter 21 . 10/29
Omg this is so awesome! I think it’s really original and not at cliché as you said. I really like Twist and his background story. I also love that you didn’t make it Danny-centered. (I love those stories tho but sometimes you need multiple viewpoints and opinions of other characters) I hope you haven’t abandoned this story cause I would love to see the ending that you have in mind! Keep up the good work. Lots of love, JoanneGrayson
KillgarraghForever chapter 14 . 10/18
Of course it's the Lunch Lady.
KillgarraghForever chapter 2 . 10/18
This Twist bloke sounds brilliant! Finally, a ghost with some colour!
sarahdelein157 chapter 21 . 10/2
I always wonder what if Danny use his ice power to finally drink/eat something? Bc he can create ice out of thin air
sarahdelein157 chapter 2 . 10/1
Me: *Sees the word Chile*
Also me: *Makes happy noises*
Nour chapter 21 . 9/4
Phantom of the Darkness chapter 21 . 8/26
Teacuplevi chapter 21 . 7/25
Still awesome.
Zela Night chapter 8 . 7/11
I really like the "Danny escapes Twist's view/cameras " plot point.
It makes the story more interesting and justifies the focus other character have been getting leading up to this.
I read the version of the chapters from before you went back and edited them in 2017, and it is a very satifying improvement.
(I'm reviewing this chapter because I already left a review on chapter 21.)
Guest chapter 21 . 7/8
It's a beautifully well written story and I want to know how it ends. I know it's been years since it was last updated but it has no right being this good and incomplete.
Bunearybunny chapter 21 . 6/28
aHHH THIS was amazing
RoseSama chapter 21 . 6/24
I love this story, even if it is as cliche as you say. This story and you as a writer are actually what got me into the DP phandom. I had never seen Danny Phantom and I happened across your fics and I've read them and love them even after all these years. I still come back and re-read them. Even if u dislike this one, I still love it and look forward to /any/ updates you post for any stories. So, Thank You!
mae343 chapter 21 . 6/20
I understand from some of your other works that after your hiatus all your unpublished/unposted WIPs got deleted...
I really hope you plan on publishing/posting more chapters for this! I really love it and want to read it through the conclusion!
Please please please write more!
phearebirth chapter 21 . 5/25
Please continue with this story it is amazing
YukiTheFiredragon chapter 21 . 5/2
I know you haven't updated since 2016, but I hope you will update again! This is an amazing story and I really love this.
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