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RoryFaller chapter 11 . 12/22/2012
I couldn't wait to get to this chapter. This meadow is almost a co-star in the story. They are very sweet together and their brush with passion is realistic. Just glad Gale is such a 'good boy' with Madge.

I laugh at that and say, "My dad forbade me the same. So I guess the rest of the district is fine; just not the meadow?"

"That's exactly what I was thinking," Gale says.

Very good dialogue. Now we are mother's of girls... I do enjoy this for Madge/Gale, but I would kill 'Gale' if he did it with my daughter! ;-D

Oh, still angry, brooding Gale underneath.

RoryFaller chapter 10 . 12/22/2012
Believe me you're not that good an actor. You couldn't fake that kind of passion... I love this ;-) I agree that Gale is a bit of an open book.

Nice that Madge is so studious of the Game and those she knows in it.

Yes, trying to get back reviewing these old chapters before we reach the end. I can't believe it!

NurseKelly chapter 54 . 12/19/2012
I loved this entire story and I hope you plan to continue!
Karawen chapter 54 . 12/18/2012
Yay bike scene :D I think that the marriage scene was very well written and it really fit them. I wonder a little, but it kind of seemed as though katniss might just take off somewhere. She was sort of left in the dark by peeta as well as gale and Madge, even if it was with good reason. I liked the ceremony too; their vows in's probably how it should be done :) So what's next? After this story I mean. I really hope you keep writing. Your stuff is really great.
DamnDonnerGirls chapter 54 . 12/18/2012
The more I read about them, the more I can't decide which Hawthorne I love most. Posy is a princess, Rory is like a mini-Gale, and Vick is just the absolute sweetest... Hazelle and Rick's genes and upbringing pure awesome. The idea of all of them sleeping in one room together gives me warm fuzzies, though I'm sure Gale was slightly less than thrilled.

Gale and Madge becoming the first couple to get married in new Panem is absolutely perfect. This story has come full circle. They have finished the work their fathers set out to do, and are now free to be together and live without fear.

I only wish Haymitch had a bigger role to play in the wedding.

I hate that they have to spend even an hour apart, but thanks for the visual of Gadge riding off into the sunset on a motorbike!

Oh, and I forgot to mention this in a previous review... It's cool that you addressed the fact that Gale is ignoring the throat-clearing on purpose. He's a hunter, he knows you're there, he just doesn't care that you can see them kissing. _

One more chapter to go! I have mixed feelings about that... On one hand, it's an amazing achievement and I'll be glad to read about how it all ends (or begins?). On the other hand, this is a wonderful story and a part of me doesn't want to finish it.

Great job!
kattomas chapter 54 . 12/17/2012
Awww I love the ending. I am so happy that they are finally together, with the life they deserve. And YES, I do think they end up with perfect occupations.

I loved the bit at the very end with Lissa and Marie. As soon as one of the girls said, "He's hot!" I couldn't help but think "BAHAHA yes, he's very hot, but I don't think you should waste your time on him..."

Besides Gale and Madge, I like the idea of the nation rebuilding. Just like the Hawthornes, all of them have gone through so much, and I caught the symbolism of Gale's and Madge's marriage being the first after the war - new beginnings, new lives.

Sorry, I'm a bit hyper. Too much studying and coffee and hot chocolate lol. I really enjoyed this story and I cannot wait for the epilogue. :)
Linda chapter 54 . 12/17/2012
You cannot imagine the smile this chapter put on my face. I'll beg your forgiveness now because I think this will be a long review since I have a lot to tell you.

First of all, that reunion with Gale's family is simply beautiful. What girl wouldn't like to be loved that much by her man's family? Vick - how sweet. It's always the quiet ones that love most fiercely. And Posy! I loved the line about telling Gale in front of Madge of what she would tell Madge. So sweet to be a 6-year old.

"Marry me!" when I was reading that line I could picture him and let's just say I'm ready to meet a guy like Gale.

The wedding is wonderful. I like it that it's a little haphazard and not perfect. Perfect that that are the first to get married. They deserve it. Letting her mom the Mayor do it so good.

A sweet first night. Fathers Day dedication was a nice touch too.

Gale makes love to me sweetly, lovingly and reassuringly...sigh! So beautiful. I love the way he supports her and cares for her. He dropped everything and came back for her when she needed him.

The ending is my favorite. Sweet letter with cute gifts. The jealous girls, sexy Gale. The motorcycle was a great touch. I can totally see gale on one and driving it fast.

I bet Madge was thinking...yea they passion for me. He wants me no one else.

The I love yous at the end are too sweet. I'm sad this story is ending but I can't wait to read your ending. Make it long please. I want to see kids.

It's been a wonderful journey. Yes their careers are perfect. So your characters talk to you? ROFL
ilikeyogurt chapter 54 . 12/16/2012
I definitely think the job descriptions fit them...i like the Madge being a lawyer and Gale in the military. Hmm...when I was reading one of the girls going like is that General Hawthorne the only thing going on in my mind is that has such a nice ring to it...and how freaking proud is Madge that she can introduce him as her husband? I absolutely have loved this story like crazy! Update soon although I'll be sad to see it end :)
girlonfire5360 chapter 54 . 12/17/2012
Really great chapter im glad thoese two are happy!
andinify chapter 54 . 12/17/2012

I like how you picked both Madge's and Gale's new places after the war: yes they suit well for both of them!

Okay. That was really something: when Madge's girlfriends swooning over Gale and they didnt know he's Madge's husband xD gosh that was so sweet of him to treat her. She'll clearly be the luckiest and most spoiled wife in the entire Panem new nation! :D That is my favorite part from the entire chapter ;)

Anyway, does Madge lives alone with Gale or along with the rest of the Hawthornes? Since you said that they also moved out to Two.

Wait, only an epilogue rest? Oh my God! You should write more! Ahhh I dont want this story to end... *sob*

By the way, sorry I havent been here again. I was out of town with my friends for the whole weekend and they gave me nearly no time to write or use my laptop so... yeah. :

Right. My rambling is going to be longer than your chapter itself. Last but not least: update soon! :D
S. Lily Potter chapter 54 . 12/17/2012
Perfect! just like that!

I would have to quote the entire chapter to tell you what were my favorite parts.
yepthishappened chapter 54 . 12/16/2012
This was a beautiful chapter
S. Lily Potter chapter 53 . 12/14/2012

You have had me hooked to this story for all the week! I stared to read it and I cann't stop until now that I finishied it. I have not even slept properly! Fortunatly for me I am in school break, so it is not a problem. :)

What a story! I love Gale and Madge are so in love of each other.

I loved how you fill of the holes in the cannon!

and I trutly undastand you about Katniss after this chapter. I love Katniss but she definitly dissapoint me a lot in Mockingjay...still I hope she has a happy ending here (and she befriends with Madge and Gale again)

I can not wait for next chapter! You have made me addicted to this story...
ilikeyogurt chapter 53 . 12/13/2012
I just am absolutely amazed at the new turns you've taken Gale and Madge too. I think Katniss's reaction is expected. I remember in Catching Fire Haymitch remarked to Katniss about Peeta "Even if you live a thousand lifetimes you'll never deserve him." or something along those lines. Katniss is brave and strong and the girl on fire but Gale and Peeta was right when they said she'll choose the one she can't survive without. Katniss's depiction and potrayal was pretty accurate. I LOVE GALE AND MADGE so freaking much! I also absolutely adore Corn and Johanna and love the plot twist with Haymitch and Maysilee. Thanks for keeping Finnick alive because besides Peeta and Gale he was my ultimate favorite male lead! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
kattomas chapter 53 . 12/11/2012
Well, I don't like Katniss THAT much, so I don't plan on killing you any time soon. :D

I actually think it was very realistic - all throughout her two Games, she was vacillating between Gale and Peeta, as was evident in the fact that she never really let Peeta get close to her and her indecision about Gale and the locket. True, in canon she might have been a BIT more understanding, but it's difficult for her, and at this point she's exhausted and stressed AND she feels like she lost her best friend on top of that.

Throughout it all, I marvel at Madge's goodness - it's one of the few constants in this story and something I've come to admire about her.

Great chapter. :)
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