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jenlubsren chapter 1 . 7/28/2012
Crap. I was trying to be funny but it didn't paste it all, including the part I actually wrote vs. just everything I copied and pasted. Here's what I had to say for realz.

Seriously. I can't pick a favorite part. I just love it. Like crazy, can't-read-it-lying-down-cause-I-laugh-too-much-and-can't-breath-kind-of-love. I wish I could be more specific. Other than telling you I love it, I sorta want to hate you. For having such amazing talent. I shouldn't be allowed to write greeting cards, while your talent exists. Also, it gives me hope for the world that this art exists in our modern times. I've reread this three times already, and I'm going back in.
jenlovesbones chapter 1 . 7/28/2012
Honest to Booth, my favorite part?

-Bringing their daughter into the world is an ordeal that goes beyond the expected. Beyond anything that can be even remotely classified as normal – much like everything else between Booth and Brennan has transpired for the last eight years. But Brennan and the baby are checked over thoroughly at the hospital and while exhausted, they're found to be in perfect health.

And that's the Important Thing.

She's tired but it's a different sort of tired; her body aches and she's utterly drained and her thoughts are all tangled in thick fog, but the irritation she would ordinarily experience at this loss of control - the anxiety she generally chooses to forcefully ignore - is nowhere to be found. Her brain has ceased to function, and she is strangely unperturbed.

When she tries to explain this turn of events to Booth, his response is light. (like the rest of him. And her. And their beautiful little girl)

Welcome to motherhood, Bones.

The forces of entropy will always be pulling things apart at subatomic levels and it's possible (however improbable) she and Booth will not have the feelings for one another in ten years that they are learning to openly share now. But she allows herself to drift through the hazy clarity she's found in this moment and she's as unbothered by this uncertainty as she is by the way her brain seems determined to process everything on a delay.

They've taken so many steps together in the last few months; whirlwinds of progress clashing uncomfortably with the slow crawl that had provided relative safety up until the night a shared grief pushed them over the edge. And it's never been so overwhelming as in this moment. Booth is still (for once) and focused on the tiny being between them, and she is equally transfixed, and this is the moment they stop sharing-a-life-for-the-time-being in the safe realm of reason created by her mind and simply begin sharing a life.

Her mind will eventually resume normal function and she will occasionally question this new reality, but with the passing of days and weeks and months and then years, similar moments will come and go. She will learn to accept that there will be days when she doubts herself (doubts him, doubts the lasting quality of this thing between them), but there will also be days when things simply fall into place and grant her the feeling of utter clarity.

It begins with a dropped earring.

Brennan makes a grab for it, misses, and can only watch as the piece of jewellery falls down the drain of the bathroom sink. And she knows that taking the pipes apart can't be all that difficult; after all, hasn't she watched Booth do it half a dozen times before? Except, as the bathroom begins to flood, Brennan realises that maybe it is that difficult.

Christine watches these events transpire from the corner near the tub and once it's clear that Brennan is not so much in control of the situation, she immediately breaks into a run to tell daddy.

(This is the moment in which Brennan also realises that her daughter's new habit of ratting her parents out to one another has definitely stopped being amusing.)

When Booth shows up, he laughs.

And she hates that.

Christine gets soaked and Brennan's annoyed enough to leave him to deal with it; one of them should get to be on time this morning and she's not about to let it be Booth. But while she manages to make a punctual arrival, she's in the lab for less than two hours before she's once again soaked to the skin, thanks to yet another ill-planned experiment that Hodgins releases on the lab.

But she can handle this. She can handle changing her clothes and she can handle her hair being stiff and crunchy to the touch. She can handle the argument with her publicist over book tours, she can handle the argument with Cam over benefit dinners... she can even handle her new intern damaging a set of remains.

By the time Brennan leaves the Jeffersonian to pick her daughter up from preschool, however, she's grateful for the twenty minutes the drive allows her to go without handling things. She can't deny that it has been a long, long time since she's been this eager to be free of the lab.

Christine's face lights up when she spots her mother in the doorway, and Brennan's day brightens instantly.

"Hi, Mommy."

"Hello." Brennan laughs softly as she catches Christine in midair. She's learned to expect this enthusiastic variety of hug. She can't quite remember her life without it. "Did you have a good day?"


They walk back to the car hand in hand as Christine gives her a detailed account of her activities, and the little girl stops to take a breath only as Brennan begins to help her into the back seat.

"I can do it," she insists.

She climbs clumsily into her booster seat and the chatter resumes. Brennan patiently waits for another break in the conversation to shut the door, but what she interprets as the end of a story is, in actual fact, just a pause.

She reaches this conclusion at about the same time Christine puts her hand in the path of the closing door.

"Mommy wait; I'm not done."

Brennan instinctively rushes to stop the door, and while Christine's tiny hand is able to slip out unscathed, the larger fingers of her own hand are not so lucky.

Damn it.

She grits her teeth and clutches her injured hand against her chest. "Are you hurt?"

The question is a reflex; logically, she knows the tears following such an injury would be nearly instantaneous. Still, she doesn't relax until Christine shakes her head slowly.

Her daughter has inherited Booth's impulsive nature, but the remorse Christine feels when things go wrong is swift and genuine.

"I'm sorry," she says contritely.

The scolding comes anyway.

"Do not ever try to stop the door once I've begun to close it, Christine. You know better."

"I'm really sorry."

Not as sorry as you would be had your fingers been slammed in the door.

The retort is on Brennan's tongue before she can think about it, but it sounds so much like something Angela would say that she bites it back and closes the door without further incident.

As she walks around to the driver's side she notes that the rear left tire looks deflated in comparison to the other three. She sighs. In all likelihood it's been leaking slowly for some time, but she hasn't had any difficulty controlling the vehicle today and the temptation to just shrug it off (temporarily) is very much present. But Christine is with her and she does the responsible thing despite it being the less desirable thing.

She opens the door to pop the trunk and then shuts it behind her harder than is necessary, though she's careful to make sure she's in possession of the keys before she does. Given the way the day has progressed up to this point, it seems unwise to leave them anywhere her daughter can reach them.

Of course, she drops the keys as soon as the door's shut and they bounce twice before landing far beneath the vehicle.

She can't even find the energy to be upset about it.

The gravel beneath her is damp from last night's rain, and the cold sinks into her palms as she peeks beneath the car. She reaches for the keys... and then she feels a hand sliding into the back pocket of her jeans.

Brennan jerks and promptly bangs her head on the undercarriage.

"Oh God; sorry." The apology is immediate. Before Brennan has time to process this voice she knows so well, Booth pulls her to her feet and cradles her quickly bruising skull in one large hand. "It was a better idea in theory."

She's still adjusting to his appearance – not to mention the pain in her head – so her response is slightly delayed. "What- how? How is sneaking up on me and then groping me even theoretically a good idea?"

"Well it seemed more romantic in my head, Bones; girl's car breaks down-

"It's a flat tire, Booth."

"Guy swoops in and rescues girl-

"Guy initiates inappropriate contact with girl..."

"Exaggerate much? You're making it sound like I molested you."

"I'm merely suggesting that the intended romance of the gesture was somewhat cheapened by the head injury."

"Hi, daddy!"

Their disagreements rarely continue on indefinitely these days, the way they once had. It has less to do with evolution than it does the fact that they have a child now. A child who has inherited their mutual impatience and tends to interrupt when she senses they've forgotten her. When Christine begins tapping on the window and waving frantically at her father, his attention shifts and he waves back with enthusiasm.

Brennan's head is pounding and her hand aches and she's a little afraid that whatever-it-is Hodgins got in her hair earlier will have eaten through it by the time she gets to shower, but she isn't immune to this exchange. A smile plays on her lips as she presses her fingers against the window in silent acknowledgement of her daughter's affections.

"What are you doing here?" she asks, softer now.

Booth looks guilty. "I thought I was picking up Christine today."

"But you just got here," Brennan furrows her brow. "If you had planned to pick her up, you should have been here at least fifteen minutes ago."

"Yeah," he winces. "I just... I got caught up at work and I left later than I should have."

"You forgot?" Brennan stresses incredulously. "You forgot to pick up our child."

"What? No! No, Bones, I didn't forget. Because I wasn't supposed to get her anyway, right?"

"Yes, but you didn't know that at the time."

"And it all worked out just fine."

"Booth, that's not the point-

"Give me your keys, will you? I'll change your tire."

He smiles charmingly and Brennan rolls her eyes. "I can change my own tire, Booth."

He winks at her, and before she knows it Booth has retrieved the spare and freed their daughter from the backseat, much to the little girl's utter delight. Brennan sits on the curb and watches Booth give Christine her first lesson in mechanics.

This is the type of manual labour Booth can manage almost effortlessl
Some1tookmyname chapter 1 . 7/28/2012
So, you originally posted this on a day I had to finish writing something. Initially I tweeted that I was going to wait until I could savor it.

That was a lie.

I was really waiting until after I was finished writing my story because I knew that after I read this, I would have to swear off writing forever and ever because there is no point in trying to compete with a writer like you.

Thank goodness I waited.

Now granted, I know writing is not a competition. We write for us, because we have something to say, something to get out, something to share.

It's just that most of us are unable to express it as well as you.

There is an ethereal quality to your writing .time. This time is no different. From "Important Thing" to the call backs to things we've seen on screen you have a way into the characters heads and hearts that allows the reader to FEEL it all. And every time you do I am awed by your immense talent.

The idea of wedding bands without being married is brilliant. Oh yes, they are most assuredly Zebras. And your Daddy Booth is perfection, your Mama Brennan loving and patient, even when it takes some extra effort. But they are still THEM, even with those extra layers and I love that they are who they are and they love that about each other.

It's brilliant. As are you. I quit. Forever and ever...or at least until tomorrow when I can pretend to "compete."
MiseryMaker chapter 1 . 7/28/2012
Absolutely enjoyed reading every single word of this story!
freelancer73 chapter 1 . 7/27/2012
I just loved it. I love that they didn't get married, but chose to wear wedding bands as a symbol. Great work!
ciaomichaella chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
Such a cute story! Love the Christine cuteness, she seemed very Brennanlike :) Angela freaking out about the non-married wedding band was funny. Normally I'd probably be irritated with the kind of ending that you had but I found it very cute & funny in your story :)
Aly447 chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! Please, can we have a sequel!
etakkate chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
I tried to log in but couldn't so this is an unsigned revew! LOVED your new story... you never rush through them and I really appreciate that.
As far as your soapbox speech goes - I vehemantly agree. I have always thought that, as much as Brennan appears to be unaware, she has a deep seated wisdom about her. She just doesn't trust her social ability to express it.
I just got over the whole "Brennan must be taught a lesson" theme of season six (methinks a little Hart leached into the scripts, lol) I haven't watched any season seven. But, at the end of the day - I must keep telling myself - it's just a show LOL.
Kiekieoko1007 chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
Holy crap! That was so extremely well written. I am a fan of your fics, and this one rates almost near the top of my favorites. The way you display each character is pitch-perfect(Except for Christine, since we don't know how she acts, but this is definitely one of the most plausible possiblities).
CJsMom chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
I loved this. All of it. But my favorite parts:

That he snuck the ring onto her finger; that they let people-including Angela- make assumptions but they answer honestly with no explanation when asked (No, we're not married. Yes, it's a wedding band.); that when you hear hoofbeats you think horses but B&B are zebras.

This was wonderful. And I couldn't agree with you more. After the disservice that was done to Brennan in S7 I don't want them to get married for a while. Possibly forever.
yoshimi0701 chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
Awww LOVE IT! Well done, great writer!
Fourth Rose chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
You're making me blush, hon ;)

I don't think it comes as a big surprise to you that I loved this, but let me tell you anyway :) No other author has your ability to pull me out of whatever fandom funk I'm in by reminding me why I love these characters, and how much they can shine in the hands of someone who isn't afraid of staying true to both of them. What you gave us here is a perfect kind of compromise that makes both of them happy, and allows both of them to remain who they are. I love that the way you write them, B/B can be together in a believable way without warping either of their characters beyond recognition, and that you let the reader feel the connection they share during every second.

I also loved the almost lyrical style that really got under my skin and made me *feel* Brennan's emotion instead of just describing them, and the perfect mix between serious, sweet, and funny moments. Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into the kind of future I would want for these two :)

(And for the record, I hope Max's remark earns him a good ass-kicking from his daughter ;)
the dud pistachio chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
Such a beautiful story! I was sad to see the story end but a joy of reading is that we may always come back to it! And this will definitely be a re-read :)))
Tadpole24 chapter 1 . 7/26/2012

I just don't even know where to begin with this! I loved it, of course. But I want to say more! For it to mean more. Seriously...THIS is the Bones I want to see conveyed to me on the screen, not the characters that I felt like I got in season 7, but this. This solid, holding centre, always-together-but-in-their-own-special-way thing. This is true to them, it's true to Booth and Brennan.

From the beginning you had me drawn in. I didn't want this glimpse into their life to end, it was just sheer perfection. In all their flaws as human beings (because we are, all of us, flawed), and through all the bad days they have to endure, they've managed to find this balance that speaks volumes of the 7 years that we've seen them on screen for.

I adore the idea of the rings. I simply cannot get enough of that way of thinking. Brennan doesn't need to be taught this lesson, she doesn't need to babied and shown the ways of the world. She knows her world and she knows that she doesn't need marriage for her relationship to mean something. And the way that you got that message across was just so beautiful!

I also really loved your incorporation of the "do you love me?" line. Although it is probably the most infamous scene of the series in terms of dividing the fans, I LOVED it and can't get enough of it in fics. I love seeing how people rework it and make it their own. I really enjoyed seeing you do that too :)

And last, but no where near least, I also really enjoyed reading a fic written in real English ;) Hehe. The word colour NEEDS the 'u' :) You know it, I know it, and all those Americans know it too...they're just stubborn sumbitches ;) Hehe.

Thanks for writing this and posting it and making my Thursday a little brighter :)

harper83 chapter 1 . 7/25/2012
Well I just adored this! So wonderful! And I totally agree with you on how annoying it is when Brennan is constantly taught a lesson!
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