Reviews for All the Sinner Saints
Samuel the Anorexic chapter 1 . 10/6/2013
Crude, and I like that. But, the thought of Mmy and Nny being a couple seems very unsettling to me.
Leechitous chapter 1 . 3/6/2013
I finally got around to making an account to follow you, though I have been reading since Eternity In A Picklejar.
I absolutely love your style or writing, it is clear and easy to follow, yet it still very interesting, a quality that is often nonexistent in fan-fiction.

As for the story, I find it very intriguing and the title reference did not slip by me, I would have never thought that song could be referenced into a good story, but I was wrong.

I really hope you continue this, and I love your work!
ISpeltEclipseWrong chapter 2 . 2/15/2013
Oh my god. Please, PLEASE write more. I love murderer!Edgar, excellent AU. Excellent, I say!
leaky.oven chapter 2 . 1/30/2013
O.O Nostalgia trippin' with JtHM comic fanfic here, but hey. This is goooood.
Flameear chapter 2 . 12/30/2012
O.o whoot intresting twist
blackcherrynuke chapter 2 . 12/28/2012
Dear hell in a hand basket I LOVE this fanfic gotta say its real hard to find this pairing let alone this pairing done in such good taste.
I applaud you.
FattySkeleton chapter 2 . 12/28/2012
Hi, I'm going to leave you a long review that will basically be me trying to use the 1,000 that will be the picture that i can't draw's equivalent.
Alright, so while i was reading this i was trying to figure out, just who was insane in this fic. But the truth is that in a huge twist, in the cast at the moment, the sane one, the only sane one, is Jimmy.
Which is fucking weird. So then i was trying to compare the sanity verse actual killing that they do, only to find out that by my calculations (what little i know about the story and their personalities and "targets') That Edgar does the less killing. I think that's because Edgar is an actual Serial killer, the track and chose kind of killer, while Johnny and Jimmy are just opportunistic. So Johnny's the conductor of the crazy train, Edgar's a regular passenger and Jimmy's hoboing it hanging onto the side.
Which then brings me to this picture, i ended up thinking of their insanity as rope.
Johnny's utterly hogtied, cocooned, there ain't no way he's getting out. But then Edgar's got a noose and his hands tied. His legs are tied half heartedly. So he could get up with enough struggling but he could get choked.
But then there's jimmy who has the rope in his hands with a single loop around his waist. He could stop, he could quit. But he doesn't Want to.
wow, that metaphor fell to pieces, but in the process of writing that i got a new weird idea.
So we know how Johnny has those weird beings? Bunny, the dough boys, then meaty? well, do Jimmy and Edgar "acquire" one? Cause i think it would be really funny if like, Jimmy stole some weird key-chain thing that becomes his mind's last ditch effort at having a conscious. Like, it would be his inner female or something weird.
And then Edgar has . . . what would that man carry? a cross? or since he's more crazy it's just a hallucination. But yeah, either to egg them on or try to stop them, but still.
Yeah, i'm watching reruns of lie to me and i'm really distracted.
this review just fell apart.
but . . . i really love the foreshadowing you're doing.
and i am so happy that i introduced you to homestuck.
cause i'm pretty sure that was me right?
i have a memory of this. so i'm pretty sure it happened.
yeah, i'll stop typing now.
Stomiidae chapter 2 . 12/27/2012
Oh my God ohmygodohmygod!

I saw this in my email and just about had a fit.

I love the tension between them when they meet, I have no words. Only Gifs and won't let me use them . . .

The language you use for Edgar is especially chilling. I wish I was the type to have something constructive or meaningful to explain the spazzing I am going through. I hope this is enough to show that I am so happy this was updated!
FAmedileen chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
jynx chapter 1 . 7/25/2012
Arrrrgh! If I weren't so bogged with work. But thank you

Your writing always inspires me. And the romance of monsters can be scary/crazy/awesome to watch. Especially the way you've written it here.

Love the fic, so worth those lemons.
FattySkeleton chapter 1 . 7/25/2012
. . . why did this turn me on?
I don't even like gore, i don't find violence sexy- wait no i take that back i guess, but i don't find SNUFF sexy, and that is defiantly how any close encounter between them will end. Or how they were planning to end it before something went wrong.
And i really like how apparently Jimmy has no issue with hookers. It's funny because people usually set him up as a "Kill all the females" kind of guy but he actually puts some thought into his marks. Unlike Johnny who is "Kill everyone" because while Jimmy has a vendetta against the girls who i suppose treated him wrong Johnny has a problem with life that he takes out on everyone.
But i really want to know Edgar's thing, what does he look for in a mark, and what do they look like, act like and so on, cause apparently if jimmy can track one then there as to be a set thing.
But yeah, murderous Edgar, that seems wrong on so many levels. But watch him end up being one of those people that kill the bad people or something, a little unhinged but still doing "good"
But yeah, i sorta love this. It is beautiful and fascinating, you're writing a well known character in a whole new way and you are making him work his new identity and motives. It's glorious.
Can you make a short series out of this? Just a few more chapters? Bluh, i mean stories?
And i've always wondered, even though you probably won't do it, can i request something from you? Just some ideas i want to see but cant write for myself?
Well, since this is a review you can't exactly answer me so im going to go ahead.
What if Johnny, Jimmy, and Edgar were something like gods? Not gods in the way that "God" or Satan are gods, but in more of a Shinto sorta way. Something like a combined consiouse sorta thing. So many people had thoughts of killing that asshole that was chewing gum or wising they were dead or having strange impulses that it "created" Johnny. He just appeared, with a house and then he made a purpose for himself.
And i suppose that Jimmy would be something like a lesser Johnny, he's made out of lust for that girl that someone will never get, that moment of self harm, that needy thought for some idol. And so he gets created also.
Then there's Edgar, and i suppose he would be made from thoughts of restraint, of compromise of letting someone walk over him and the like. But of course there's got to be discipline in there too.
And they look the way they do because they got most of their "material" from people who looked like that, it's why Nny is in his twenties, edgar appears to be thirty to forty and Jimmy's a teen.
And of course they have small powers, like how johnny never gets caught, always has the weapons he needs, and can't hurt himself. And there isn't enough about the other two to decide right now, but wouldn't it be interesting? But then again if they are unaware of their god hood how can there be a story about it.
I feel as thought i have just wasted your time, but the next paragraph will not be near as long. I hope.
So, in your HiNaBN fic about the end of society as we know it, what would happen if they came across Johnny's city, and it's utterly covered in ghosts that are still going about their business? If non of them know that they're dead, and then there's Johnny who is . . . something? Not a ghost, but maybe a wraith or a ghoul. Perhaps a banshee? I like the last one but either way, he'll go out and "kill" the ghosts. Releasing them from what would be a curse or maybe just something like ley lines crossing and a bad way to build a city causing souls to get trapped or something.
It's something that Hanna can't fix, and Johnny doesn't know what's going on anyway, but i see him attacking them and trying to paint the wall or something and so they have to get away. And i suppose that for some reason Johnny can't leave city limits? so once they get away they're gone.
But i think it would be interesting, to read. And just the conversation between them all would be wonderful.
but yeah, i'm done.
THank you for reading, i just had to let the bunnies out to play for a bit.
Have a wonderful life.