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Guest chapter 27 . 5/27
Why Genma? I dont like it...i would like tp see that Kakashi and Sakura get together... why they really do it i dont see how kakashi would nimor step down and feel hurt.
Verowak chapter 27 . 5/14
I'm not one for AU usually, but for some reason your story throws that out the window! Your writing really describes the characters so well and I'm so excited for the next update. Thank you SO much for taking the time and writing this story !
GemNika chapter 1 . 5/11
Omg I've finally started reading this. It seems like it's gonna be one hell of a ride! I can't wait to see what happens
momoko09 chapter 27 . 5/11
Ahhh that was too cute! But I wonder if kakashi will find out! What will he do? What will be the home dynamics be like now? Will Yamato be all papa bear on them? I'm excited to see Sakura dad! What will he do? What about the cam keep it up!
Guest chapter 26 . 4/11
Great job! Hope that you're feeling better.
NicoleTsukiyomi chapter 26 . 4/12
It's been so long! I hope you've been well. I truly enjoyed rereading what has happened so far. Nice refresher. Cannot wait for the next chapter to come!
barbara chapter 26 . 4/10
Thank you! You uploaded this on my birthday and it was the best present I received :)
yaoi4adollar chapter 26 . 4/11
Can't wait for chapter 27!
Nellyqt chapter 26 . 4/11
Why is 25th chapter same as 26th?
fineillsignup chapter 26 . 4/10
This AU is so intriguing! I love Sakura in this and can't wait to see her interact with Kakashi again.
KunoichiAbi chapter 26 . 4/10
That answered sooooooo many questions!
Thank you!
Guest chapter 25 . 1/7
No, please no. Tell me more T.T
c.kennedy23901 chapter 25 . 1/1
Oh please please update. I love it. I wanna know what the big secret about sakura is.
glojoandbaris1 chapter 19 . 12/5/2016
Oooooooo it's getting GUUUUUD!
ReedHardWriter chapter 25 . 12/4/2016
I have given up precious sleep to get to this chapter, and I cannot believe its held on a massive cliffhanger. please update soon. I cant wait.
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