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SpanishLily chapter 14 . 12/6/2013
I loved this story...wish there was more. You're amazing! Thanks for this...naomily deserves so much more air time.
Naomi chapter 14 . 10/7/2013
Is it wrong to say I like these snippets of Naomily's teenage life as much as ROYL?I'm going to watch s3 again with this fic in mind. It will make even ep7 better
TheAeacusProject chapter 6 . 9/16/2013
So I'm blazing through your non-ROYL pieces, which is no good since one really should pace such marvelous work. But here we are. Every one of these little insets is spot-on, and really the possibilities are endless seeing as the whole of Series 3 covers, oh, 30 days of the entire school year (if one's being extremely generous). Furthermore, thank you for addressing the apparent inability demonstrated by Naomi and Emily in 3x06 to count higher than one. The other example is obviously the whole 'first time you've asked me something' bit. Anyways, onwards to the lost summer. Take care!
prettychicken chapter 14 . 7/24/2013
Hi Script. So, I've been lurking on this site and reading these fics for the past couple of years and have rarely left any reviews and when i have they've only been as a 'Guest reviewer'. And I'd say 80% of the reviews i have left have been for yours. IBTS for example is fantastic and I definitely consider it canon, as do i Heather Hogan's fanfic 'This Is Just To Say: A Naomily Valentine's Day Ficlet' (unlike the Skins Novel which i quickly discarded after i'd finished, being able to forget it as a poorly written piece of fanfic written by someone who barely knew the characters at all. Which is what it was in my opinion) I have to say I'm somewhat surprised IBTS didn't receive more reviews as you capture the essence of Naomi and Emily (and all the other characters included as well) so amazingly it's hard to imagine these things didn't happen.
But as easy as it was to forget the goings on in the Skins Novel, I'm finding it harder to forget Fire no matter how hard i try. And i only watched it once. That's enough. It's harder to forget something when you've seen it. 'Seeing is believing' and all that. I think it has affected me the same as it has hundreds of other Naomily fans. I couldn't eat, i couldn't sleep and i felt i could burst into tears at any given moment. Last weekend i went to Paris with my girlfriend and even found it hard to forget about then. (Try holding it together on a travelator in an airport after that scene. Seriously. Not easy!) Jess Brittain had such a great opportunity to do something so positive, so good and so right but she ballsed it up big time. I can't believe they did something so pointless and unnecessary to one of the most popular lesbian couples ever and to one of the most beautifully flawed female characters I've ever seen on TV. I'm sure the Skins people would disagree and say of course there was a point to it, but what? To teach Effy a lesson? To show how epic Naomi and Emily's love was? To show that only death could part them? Brilliant. That's great. We already knew that. Why did it have to be when they were 22? Why not when they're 72, having had a happy and fulfilling life together? My only guess is that they wanted to claim these characters back from a fandom that had grown bigger than the show itself. And as for Effy, i've always loved her but Fire made me dislike her so much. The way she neglected Naomi time after time was infuriating (especially the scene when she ran off during one of Naomi's most desperate moments, one of the only scenes where she showed how scared for herself she really was) If Effy was any kind of friend/support to Naomi, the kind of friend you showed she could be in IBTS she would've done the right thing by Naomi and Emily and told Emily months earlier. Instead they cruelly made us watch (in a secondary plot!)the agonising, painful, miserable and lonely demise of a person that's grown to mean so much us.
Anyway, my point to this ramble is that as they were too chicken shit to show Naomi's death on-screen then I am one of the many fans who are going to refuse to believe it actually happened. I refuse I refuse I refuse. With Emily at her side now, she can fight it. She can do anything. And while wrote a beautiful piece on how Naomi's last days of life should have been written, had it happened, I am yet to read a convincing story about how she fights the cancer, beats all the odds and recovers. This, to me, should have been how Fire ended. Not in the 'wow! It's a miracle!' kind of way a couple of fics have attempted, but in a rare but realistic remission. With a whole other plethora of possibilites for our girls. The potential for so many other stories to be told about where they go and what they do from now. How they would deal with her survival having had to steel themselves for Naomi's death. Gina finding out she had hidden the cancer from her and her suggestions of alternative treatment. Katie's support for Emily. Emily's care and protectiveness of Naomi. Emily's anger at Naomi for withholding the truth for so long, happiness at her recovery and their fear the cancer could return. Perhaps a mention as to which type of cancer Naomi actually had! Naomi and Effy's friendship. Emily's forgiveness of Effy, if at all. Katie's wrath at Effy! Having gained perspective what would Naomi want to do with her life, career-wise? Naomi's hair regrowth. Naomi and Emily learning to be physical and intimate again. What would Emily do about her internship? Whilst in hospital, would Naomi have had flashbacks to Goa and wherever else she and Emily may have travelled? Flashbacks about her father? Where would they now live? Effy's possible release from prison. So many things could be touched upon. And an amazing story made of it. So what i am saying Script, is that although in your IBTS authors notes you expressed some trepidation at tackling series 4 (which would be a walk in the park compared with Fire!) if there's anyone on this site that i trust, no, scrap that, anyone i trust at all to continue Skins Fire, do our girls justice, and right the multiple wrongs done in that shambles of a story, it's you. Even if it's weeks, months or even years from now that you may feel brave enough to try it, i and probably hundreds of other fans have got your back. 100%. Because you are undoubtedly the best Naomily fanfic writer out there.
PitaPumpkinEater chapter 14 . 5/7/2013
I am pleased. Great story. Excellent writing. Thanks (cheers? whatever)

So glad it's ended (maybe?) here. I am so exhausted of the someone cheated storyline. Of course it's cannon so its bound to be a reoccurring plot line.

If you continue, you could totally skip that part and rewrite your own season 4 (no pressure) without that รก la ROYL. Sometimes people don't cheat, don't lie and don't take others for granted and somehow things still fall apart.
BlueEyedFrog chapter 4 . 5/7/2013
This chapter, oh god, this chapter!
I had to copy your whole chapter including author's note into the review section and progressively write up my comments on each paragraph as I went through deleting; that's how much I didn't want to miss a single bit of how wonderful it was.

First off:
I giggled audibly at "vomited Naomily all over the page" and then when you likened it to Effy vomiting her love for Freddie all over her sneakers and my giggle turned into a pathetic whimper.
Now, I read this chapter on a day with unseasonably European weather for an Australian May day and it made your establishing descriptions of the weather just so relatable and made me nostalgic about my childhood in Europe.

Naomi's exchanges with Gina are fecking hilarious and only made more adorable by the fact that Gina is hopelessly besotted with Emily. And who can blame her? It's just magical how Gina is as enamoured with the young Fitch as her daughter is with only two major differences: A/ She's not embarrassed to show her affection for the cutest creature that ever lived. B/ Gina's first instinct is not "to rush Emily upstairs, strip her naked and throw her into bed." ... thankfully...
The understated but oh so insightful comment about Naomi enjoying taking up as much room as she can in the aftermath of the drifters moving out is a great addition and such a keen psychological observation.

Then we get more of Naomi's staple sardonic wit. Bonus .
And more of Emily's adorably brave unfazed persistence. Bonus bonus bonus.

Then perhaps my favourite paragraph you've ever written: the simile between their momentous shift at the lake and the movement of tectonic plates over time. Obviously paraphrasing it voids it of its magic but I'll tell you: it was truly beautiful.

You also strike the delicate balance of this in-between phase in their relationship very accurately. I mean, we are at a stage in the series where Naomi and Emily clearly had themselves a bit of tent fun at the end of Effy's episode. Naomi even seems rather unfazed at that in the episode, so it's tricky to judge exactly how she and Emily will interact in their private moments. But you've done them justice. And it's also great to see that Emily feels exactly like I just mentioned: unable to figure out how to act because the dreaded 'labels' of what she and Naomi had have shifted but they've not yet settled properly on a new label.
God I wish those damn label things were not so ubiquitous!

I laughed out loud again at "Yeah, well, I also like Led Zeppelin. Doesn't mean I'm going to follow that lot into the woods and trust to come out alive, does it?" because the tangent between the reliability of Effy Stonem and that of exuberant reckless rockers (not to mention the ones who wrote the fitting Black Dog) was too good.
I can only imagine what was going on inside Gina's head at being a fly on the wall of this exchange.

Then up in the bedroom, Emily's flashback made my hands about as clammy as hers. Her playful banter with Naomi over the packing was delightful. Specifically: "Shirt. Bag." the visual of that first shirt hitting Emily in the head and then her dutifully folding everything into the duffel while Emily carelessly flung items out onto the bed faster than Emily could fold...
And throughout their whole banter, the fact that every third word that comes out of Naomi's mouth is a thinly veiled insult which in Naomi-Campbell-speak is a high term of endearment indeed. It reminded me of the way she talks with Cook when they strike up an entente. Except here "piss off" doesn't just mean "you're alright, you" it means "why aren't you kissing me yet?!"

The passage that follows, from the moment "Emily breathed in the cotton and nicotine on [Naomi's] tee shirt."
to their interruption by the Campbell matriarch was beyond words of praise to qualify it.

I'll be honest, I kind of dread the chapters that start down the line of M rated fun and you just know will comprise an interruption by a parent character. Having said that, you sidestepped that one brilliantly by doing something unorthodox and listing 1) and 2). I'm not sure why that worked so well but I think it kind of dispels the cheesy contrived feeling of the pseudo-comic pre-coitus-interruptus.
I loved that Gina's interruption is actually just further proof that she's a good mother, in spite of the obvious pre-conceptions one might have at the sight of her hippy appearance and despite Naomi's moans about her overbearing cliche-ness. She swears her way through a thesaurus but then immediately retreats and gives the girls some space to come to terms with things.
It only comes back to Emily as an after-thought that they were even interrupted when she's leaving and she remembers she has to navigate her way back to the front door without crossing Gina.
That's where the "'I-did-not-just-try-to-shag-your-daughter' face" made me snort at my computer.

Effy and Naomi's exchange was brilliant. I also love the dialogue they share in JJ's episode and this was right on point. The theater-sports-worthy questions only first half and the bits that you get by reading between the lines of what is actually said, when you realise that Effy's brain is five steps ahead of Naomi's when it comes to social awareness. Even though Naomi is not blind to what is going on between Effy's angst and Freddy's lips.
One thing though, I couldn't quite picture Effy laughing... I'm now going to have to go back and watch a few choice episodes of season 3 to find a bit where she does just to remind myself of the sound and of the fact that it is anatomically possible for her.
But her "You could do nothing." is Stirling Silver Stonem!
I loved the image of the car "crammed full of bags and arms and legs." and even more so the "glint of approval" in Effy's eyes through the rear view mirror.

Your description of different states of Emily-Fitchdom (I'm suddenly realising that this review is riddled with hyphenated made up words... oh well, my apologies, but moving on...) when she's under the influence of different substances is great. It's telling of your method writing that you're able to distiguish that we are not affected in the same way by different stimulants. Too often have I read a chapter which describes the characters hopped up on pills and then another chapter where they're drinking the night away and they behave the exact same way... it's fine, but it's a shame because the interesting part is in the subtleties of what each substance brings to their state of mind and their interactions. So here: mushrooms. And it's not just canon, it's perfect.
Their moment of intimacy outside of the circle of tents was - I'm running out of synonyms for beautiful, delightful and all things almost perfect...
Only made more brilliant by rounding it off with Emily's quote from the episode which, you're right just highlights the parallels between Effy (whose episode it is and who is the focus of the shot that plays through Emily's voice-over) and Naomi (whom Emily might as well be talking about in that very same quote).

To summarise, I read this chapter, and then I re-read it to review and I couldn't breathe because I was that happy. ;-)
BlueEyedFrog chapter 3 . 5/7/2013
Much as you yourself appreciate considered and thought-though reviews, I love it when writers like you respond to reviews, whether they raise a point that requires clarification or not. So you get my heartfelt thanks for your your recent comments. But before this descends into a sickening mutual thankfest... onto something of a review.
I take your points regarding the dialect in previous chapter and rest assured that it didn't deter from the coherence of the canon.
As for the choice of various narratives, you're right: it's a shame the second person POV is so polarising. I can only offer my own theory based on my perception but, as far as I'm concerned, second person narrative to me has a mild whiff of 'chose your own adventure' books which in turn makes the narrative feel a little indulgent. But thankfully, if done right, it has as much merit as the alternatives. I'll just admit it's a more risky choice.
Now onto this chapter finally:
I can't say enough how much the Emily flashback here hit the spot.
Once I got my head around the jumps in the timeline and figured out that by reading on I could work out whether we were in 'Season3 Land' or in 'Since I was 12 World' I was fully immersed.
It helps that, as you said in your Author's note, most of us should be expected to be able to fill in the blanks where the canon plot is concerned. As a result, the insertions you provide tread lightly between the lines of the series and provide wonderful background info. I like to this that this fic, although admittedly some of your earlier work and therefore less of a representation of your current talent, can be looked at as if it were a series of extremely well scripted notes for actors looking to interpret the characters and needing to fill in the picture. You give flawless motivation and history to the characters and I like to think that if Kathryn Prescott and Lily Loveless (among others) were to have been given these chapters by the directors of season three, they would not have played their alter-egos any differently.
BlueEyedFrog chapter 2 . 5/7/2013
A lovely exchange between Emily and Gina. I was startled when Gina started her tirade with lilted inserts like 'shite' and 'wee' and talked about living in Scotland. Because, even though I'll fully believe that in their many moves around the country, Gina and Naomi may well have spent some time living up there in Scotland, I couldn't see Gina talking in a Scottish or Irish accent and it just made me think of Kieran. Other than that though, this was another delightful chapter.
I especially appreciated the until-now-missing insight into why Emily left the sticky note with "Emily slept here" scribbled on it on Naomi's bed.
BlueEyedFrog chapter 1 . 5/7/2013
Wonderful! I was never much for second person narrative, preferring third and first person in that order so I was impressed when you converted me with Resting On Your Laurels. But this is much more my comfort zone and - unsurprisingly - I love it.
Naomi's knee-jerk sarcasm response is spot on and it surfs seamlessly between funny and poetic and heartbreaking... I loov forward to reading each of the further one-shots.
nonsequitur1416 chapter 14 . 5/6/2013
I can't understand how completely pathetic it is of me to come across this update *just* now. I mean, fuck all, Guppy - I'm pretty sure I haven't been under a rock! That said, amazing stuff yet again SM. You're a lady after my own heart, you are. Anyway, laughed my head off at Naomi's musings on the subject of Emily's decidedly less quiet modes of release. But, please, Naoms. I think we *all* know just how vocal you can be (*cough* Lake *cough* scene *cough*)

Cheers, darling.

Guppy x
Crevette chapter 14 . 5/6/2013
Hey you. am on the road and totally buried with work, but wanted to at least drop a note to tell you how glad I am that I found this fic. Not sure how I missed it when you first started to post it. It is a lovely piece of work, and one that I am quite likely to re-read just for the way you write.

Cheers mate. Nice job.
foreverchanges chapter 14 . 5/5/2013
You know what it is? It's the atmosphere. Every. Single. Fucking. Time. It's the longing; the right kind of hopelessness; the utter, unspoken, fucking devotion. And it's the words not said, and the situations not described that trace the inevitability. But the magnetism; the gruffness of one, the lightness of the other, forever meshing and entwining, is so on the page it makes one really fucking feel it. And it's always, without fail, wanting to marry your Naomi.

Thanks for sharing,
Tofu9162 chapter 14 . 5/3/2013
That chapter was beautifully written! I know I always say that but I just love how you state things so simply and make it all flow so these deeper thoughts and feelings they have sneak up until you think "wow, that's so true to the characters AND life in general!" I love that you also introduced us to how Emily got her moped, not many people bring that up so it was nice to read something new :]
naomilyfan chapter 14 . 5/3/2013
another gem from SM, what a surprise... ;)
lovely lovely lovely, that's all I can say really.
ok, it's not all I can say. I can also say that YOU'RE LOVELY! :-D
Lnc82 chapter 14 . 5/2/2013
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