Reviews for Wizard Hidden In The Leaf
Guest chapter 21 . 5/29
Please please please!, continue this amazing story. I'm eager to see how Haku's and Kenjis training us going. Also hopefully Kenji, and Sano can sign one if the other summon scrolls and have everyons summons plus Hakus special rabbits battle each other and together so during the upcoming invasion they would have the upper hand. Also maybe have Sano and Hari fight together to improve heir teamwork so during the fight they would be very effective and deadly. (:
NatNatWriter chapter 13 . 5/28
Lol, I really love Harry's character in this. I hope you have Naruto and his team interact more with the rookie seven, though. It would be more interesting to read about their reactions.
Kyubi9 chapter 21 . 5/27
HI YA! KYUBI9 here saying I love this story
and can't wait until you update, so I hope you update soon.

Animeangellover2 chapter 21 . 5/26
Great story! I love the relationship of the Harry's family. Can't wait to see how Harry's traps go off during the invasion.
Venipa chapter 3 . 5/13
Fucking awesome. I love it
gandalf da black chapter 21 . 5/8
This is good. Keep it up.
bloodyredfox chapter 21 . 5/6
A very interesting and well written read...please update though...and are you going to pair Hari? Slash hopefully~~
AnimeFreak71777 chapter 21 . 4/24
Please update! :D
tamahome8 chapter 21 . 4/20
! super! thanks for this amazing story! :) 3 3 3
a ghost named yukimenoko chapter 1 . 4/19
hey! did you notice that ''mahora'' sounds like "majora", like majora's mask? i love it! nwn
Miranda Gryffindor chapter 21 . 4/8
Please update this story.
CynthiaRosenDale chapter 21 . 4/6
This is so good, please update soon!
CynthiaRosenDale chapter 15 . 4/6
Please do not make a pairing with Hari, please do not make it so people from Hari's world comes to this world, if they start coming the Hari's special abilities wouldn't be unique and his clan won't be either.
jupimako chapter 21 . 3/30
Oh. Wow. That was brilliant! What a great story. That plot and characters were fantastic! I cracked up every time Harry went lightning happy. And the rabbits! Lol. The swords were awesome too :D. Like in your other story where Naruto becomes a smith. Awesome. Yes. I so want to read more. Thanks for what there is!
Tsamoka chapter 21 . 3/23
I think Ayame could be a good match for Hari. Poor lonely ramen girl needs more love! If not her, then Anko makes a good second choice. And I hope Karin is found to be an Uzumaki and adopted into the Mahora clan. Maybe Tayuya as well.
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