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Nicster chapter 40 . 9/5/2012
Wow Ginny, just back from my hols an read the last 11 chapters in one hit, brilliant! This story has been an absolute treat. I know I found the assault chapter hard to read and the distance that developed between A&J but overall I loved the story and blown away by the quality of your writing and the emotions
you evoke. This story did have a little less A
& J than summer and winter but then it had
more of the other characters and I have really enjoyed reading about them. I liked Dora and
think that the boys did need an outsider to talk
to and help to get them through what
happened. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that we get more from you in the future but in the meantime a massive thank you for this one.
Asa1612 chapter 40 . 9/3/2012
A really good ending to another cracking story. I would have liked abit of Jackson in this chapter but I like that way Aaron is so close with Flynn. I hope there is another story in the pipeline. Asa x
Valere001 chapter 40 . 9/3/2012
What an appropriate ending, a door finally closed on a difficult chapter in their life. The baddies won't ever be back to get him, won't ever be lost in the crowd, stressing him. Aaron is a teenager, he's been through a lot for his young age, and I think your characters showed that close friends can, as in real life, help you make it through really tough times. Dora was a new face in the picture and she was intriguing, but it was good that the boys went with it.

Nice of Pengelly to contact Aaron to let him know about the baddies. He seemed a nice guy when he dealt with Aaron.

Thank you for a great story, I enjoyed it very much, the same way I enjoyed Summer and Winter.

We won't hold you to your final message, but one can only hope!
Shawnyola chapter 40 . 9/2/2012
So it was the police that had called Aaron to tell him that the rest of the gang members had been shot dead. No wonder he reacted the way he did, the shock taking hold of him, the thought of those men and what had happened to him during his kidnapping making him throw up. I liked his gesture of going to the abbey to light a candle for Archie, thinking of the man who had endured so much more than him.

I liked that Finn knew where to find him, giving Aaron a few moments before he approached him. Nice that Aaron knew it was Finn who was there and told him about the call, with Finn then phoning back the sergeant to confirm that what Aaron had started to doubt was infact true. I can imagine the relief he must've felt and the tears as everything that had weighed him down just evapourated.

It's a shame that Jackson didn't appear in this chapter as I would've liked to have seen his reaction to the news but a nice ending with the nightmare finally over for Aaron, not having to look out for those faces in the crowd anymore. Nicely written, Ginny. I've really enjoyed this story and this version of the boys and hope you'll be back one day. In the meantime, I hope you take a well earned break, 40 chapters over the last 40 nights is some achievement so well done on that! Thanks for writing x.
clerky chapter 40 . 9/2/2012
Im going to miss your daily updates. Please don't leave it too long until you spoil us again.
Faggy chapter 40 . 9/2/2012
Very satisfying ending - closure for Aaron and the groundwork ha sbeen set up for him and Jackson to rebuild their relationship.

If I have one quibble I wish that Jackson had been with Aaron at the end rather than Finn as that would have demonstarted them supporting each other but that's the only bit I'd change.

I've been quite vocal about bits I've not liked but I've enjoyed the story as a whole and your writing is always compelling. I do hope you continue as I think A&J have quite a way to go.
Chicky Babes chapter 40 . 9/2/2012
Wonderful story with impressive descriptions and emotions and so much more, the smut was good too

Archie didn't deserve what he went through but like Aaron I'm glad the gang are dead, not cause for celebration but at least now they can't hurt anyone else

Thank God for Jackson and his unfailing love for his boyfriend, for Finn and Greg supporting and caring for our two and for Robbie and Simon for making us laugh

I didn't want it to end so I like the A/N that it may be continued

Loved every word even the not so nice chapters

Thanks Ginny
Valere001 chapter 39 . 9/2/2012
What a relief to see the six of them in this fun, light chapter. Lots of great images conveyed by your words; the scene in the bedroom is well presented, how each of the visitors is introduced - Simon, then Aaron, then Jackson. They are so comfortable with each other. What a great friendship. The banter makes us smile.

Aaron's phone has been ringing... who's calling? Who is so insistant?

Nice couple of paragraphs where the boys say they have passed the hurdle that was in front of them, things are now better. They can move. Thanks Dora.

Always enjoy seeing Aaron share Finn's love of the "old girl". And to see him go for a ride, on his own because Finn has adjusted the insurance. Nice touch.

Again, who called?
Shawnyola chapter 39 . 9/1/2012
Blimey, Finn and Greg don't care, do they? Letting the other boys find them naked in bed!I just love how umembarrassed they all are; Simon sitting on the bed quite happily, Aaron grabbing Finn's leg under the covers, Jackson have a hug with Finn. Loved the banter too! Greg: 'Only thing hot about you is the sweat pouring off you when I make a curry!' haha ;-)

It's good to see that both Aaron and Jackson think that 'things are better' between them and I like that Jackson described it as 'it's like a seal of approval, we've reached a certain standard...have passed...through...beyond.' They both seem to be recovering well.

I just love Simon and Finn's relationship here, Simon offering to get 'bare naked' with him! Loved his 'get your arse out of that bed' remark too! Simon just seems to bring out the best in people and a cute scene between him and Aaron too.

Who's calling Aaron? A number only showing on the display must mean the police as he had to give them his new number when he bought his new phone. Have they got news on the gang? Let's hope it's good news! Lovely update Ginny, thank you! x
Faggy chapter 39 . 9/1/2012
Who's calling? Could it be the police with news of Tiny?

Jackson and Aaron both seem more comfortable now although Jackson still slightly less so. They're both better than they were though so they are on the road to recovery.
Chicky Babes chapter 39 . 9/1/2012
A number not a name is there something about the kidnap, the gang, is it the police or one of the gang members - sinister I think

Greg and Finn in bed and not caring that their friends saw them naked once again I love this couple and how they are together and with the others

Just knew that Aaron would want to have a look at Finns car it means alot to him aswell

Still loads of things need clearing up Ginny this is great thanks
Shawnyola chapter 38 . 8/31/2012
Hi Ginny, nice chapter! It's a shame Aaron's attitude hasn't changed towards his mum, his 'Yes. Waiting. No.' sharp answers to her questions still indicated that he'd rather her leave him alone. Dora needs to help there too! I liked how his attitude changed as soon as she sat down, much to Chas's amazement. Loved Hazel bursting into the pub like that, I can just image her, a little whirlwind! It's great that Jackson's finally free of the casts, though I bet he's he's still feeling the after effects from them.

I agree with Faggy over Dora. The boys do seem to have become dependant on her, both with their worried/panicked looks when she told them she was leaving. Her remark 'I've wiped tears and snot from both your faces these last few weeks, held you when you couldn't stop crying...' just shows how reliant they've become on her, which doesn't sound that healthy. Though it was good that they've realised that they've made progress with her help and are not feeling like they did those few weeks ago.

I liked how Jackson acknowledged that things had changed and were better and that he knew he couldn't have carried on as he was, thinking like he was. Really liked how you described the scene where Aaron noticed Jackson's face in the streetlight, remembering a vision: 'a ghost walking over his grave'. It's good that they're going away for the weekend, it'll be nice to see the six of them together again and hopefully the others will notice the change in Aaron and Jackson. Thanks for the update x.
Faggy chapter 38 . 8/31/2012
I doubt it will surprise you to learn that I'm pleased that Dora is going. I know I'm in the minority among your reviewers but I don't like the character. I accept that she's helped them both but I think she's done it in a way that has been intrusive and has left them quite dependant on her which is not a good thing.

At least by leaving the village now they have the chance to start recovering on their own which is the true test.
Wayne Smithering chapter 38 . 8/31/2012
Aaron's still treating his mother with zero respect I see. Great chapter.
Chicky Babes chapter 38 . 8/31/2012
So the boys have had another kind of acceptance and that is their friend and guide leaving their daily lives but they are so much stronger now, they will cope I know they will Loved that Dora said she would always be there if they needed her

The six of them back together since the holiday what will happen I wonder

Great update Thanks Ginny
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