Reviews for Love in Shades of Green and Gray
Bbraefan867 chapter 77 . 7/14
A-freakin-mazing... I have been non-stop binge reading this story for the last 3 days I love your work!
Jenndifurry chapter 31 . 7/13
mixing DC with marvel I see. Tony Stark in a DC universe is just wrong. STAR labs is the Stark industries of the DC universe.
Jenndifurry chapter 20 . 7/13
Gars parents were genetics looking for the link between animals and humans.
TooManyShipsI'llSink chapter 20 . 7/7
The first kiss, YAY!
TooManyShipsI'llSink chapter 19 . 7/7
Starfire's the best in this chapter.
TooManyShipsI'llSink chapter 17 . 7/6
Finally things are spicing up, Garfield's taking control.
Foamsatmouth chapter 83 . 7/5

In the name of Grandfather Nurgle, I thought I'd never finish this lmao. This was freaking amazing on so many levels that I can't describe them all. I laughed. I cried. I flipped the hell out. I grieved. I laughed even more. I rage quit. I came back.

I hope I can reach this level of writing power one day.
Guest chapter 31 . 6/5
So now it's a Marvel crossover? Stark Industries...really?!
Astrallum chapter 74 . 5/26
Hahaha! I liked that scene!
Astrallum chapter 54 . 5/26
I actually like RobRae (or NightRae? Because, well, Robin's Nightwing now) and I support it slightly more than BBRae, at least when it comes to the show. But I just wanted to make a couple of comments on the little "experiment" that Nightwing and Raven had in Blüdhaven:

1) If this was a RobRae story, I would have been completely okay with the little kiss they had and all that. But Shades is a BBRae story. So it felt...wrong and out of place.
2) I don't think the kiss was necessary at all. Raven touching Nightwing more than she ever touched him in their friendship over the past few years and SLEEPING with him was enough for me. I mean, yeah, he's trying to be a friend, but...
3) That scene made me briefly consider dropping this story after all that's happened between Nightwing, Starfire, Changeling, and Raven. But I wanted to finish the chapter, and I'm glad I did.
Astrallum chapter 73 . 5/25
This was heartbreaking and sad, yet it was very happy and I actually laughed a little at Garfield's last joke. "By dying before you finish your joke, of course." That was smart, and very perfectly-timed. It was bittersweet to have seen him go. But alas, that is life, and it must go on.

Not very many people like to take their ships past marriage and children, let alone DEATH. Nor do very many people like to have older characters in their stories. I think it's because 1) we don't want to think about it. I mean, once you get older...things change a little bit. Life is more stationary when you're past the prime of your life, and that kind of starts to happen when you enter your fifties. 2) We just don't want to attempt writing them as older because well...writing a story about older people wouldn't attract many readers. 3) We love our characters, and we don't want to think about them dying. At least of old age. So I greatly applaud you for that. I read somewhere that the majority of fictional characters are aged between late childhood and their late forties, and I think we mainly put them in that bracket so our stories are more interesting to our readers.

You did an amazing job portraying Beast Boy/Changeling and Raven over the course of their very long lives. It was hard for me to get off this story when I first started reading it and it's wasted a good amount of my life that could have been spent doing much, much better things. (Like, you know, sleeping.) But I don't regret it at all, because your writing is amazing (despite the occasional trip-ups in spelling/grammar, but they weren't that bad, so I didn't mind so much) and your portrayal of adult Garfield and Raven was excellent. They were still them at their core but much more matured. Just as they should be.

I'm really looking forward to reading more from you and I can't wait to read the bonus material sometime (not now, because I have other stuff to do). I loved reading Shades and I'm definitely going to take a look at your other stories.
Scarease chapter 74 . 5/23
fear not sex scenes so it i Have found a lot of fan fictions with sex scenes.
Scarease chapter 50 . 5/22
Avangers Are Marvals Same Universe as X-men , ,Spiderman,Hulk and S.H.E.I.L.D .Well Justice Leage ,Teen Titens ,Batman ,Superman and Death Stroke are in the DC Universe.
Scarease chapter 43 . 5/22
Fantastic 4 and is Titens and justice leage are DC.
Astrallum chapter 40 . 5/19
I don't really review at all, but I just felt a need to comment on this particular chapter.

I didn't like this chapter at all...I LOVED this chapter. I loved the songfic ("Every Time We Touch" is one of my favorite songs EVER, especially for BBRae, and I liked how it progressed as Raven got closer to the airport and to Changeling) and it fit perfectly well with this chapter. I also liked the way you pulled off the classic catch-them-before-they-leave cliché. So many people do a terrible job at it, but you pulled it off perfectly with Raven. It makes me think of how you mentioned about how you ro someone said in one of the reviews (I don't remember which) that it's your take on the scene (or something similar) that makes your writing good. It's become my new writing motto - I always try to make my scenes, even if they're really cliché, stand out. And Raven riding the R-cycle soaking wet in the rain was just epic by itself. I'm actually kind of glad you took away her powers for this scene.

Overall, this chapter was simply amazing - with just the right amount of drama, suspense, romance, and even a little bit of humor (especially at the end). This is the best chapter of your story that I've read so far and your writing is simply amazing. And what a perfect moment to start a relationship, too.
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