Reviews for Love in Shades of Green and Gray
JOHNXgambit chapter 54 . 2/26/2013
Epic chapter my friend, I love the cosmic running joke u have with BB and blondes seeing with all the trouble they cause in the past one points him in the right direction. SF's Patton speech was riveting but it was hard to stay in a serious frame of mind when I hear KILL DA WABBIT in the back of my head throughout the whole chapter. Stevie Wonder could see the rob/rae thing happen but that was bound to happen they're young adults all there ducks aren't in a row yet and yes this will cause another rift in the future, hopefully this will be the last reality check raven needs to understand she's stuck with the green one.
TheForceIsStrongWithThisOne chapter 54 . 2/25/2013
Ugh! You did it, you reduced Raven to a horny slut who enjoys casual sex. How disappointing. That this step is somehow supposed to be necessary to further her reconciliation with BB is absurd. If anything, it's damaging, not healing.
Victorthe3rd chapter 54 . 2/25/2013
You, sir, are a FUCKING GENIUS! I loved every single bit of this story! From Kori's empassioned speech, to Garfields try at some semblance of normalcy. I enjoyed his sort of tell all confession to a potential bed mate, and her exceptance of the situation and offering both potential future possibilities and not sounding slutty about it. (kudos on the final dialouge of that convo) The "casual" date, the not-so-casual aftermath, to Kori's battle strategy and subsequent choice to focus on the continuity of her species wrather than a last ditch, balls-to-the wall assault, as well as her final try at letting her friends know what was going on. All I could hear in my head was the theme to the Wonder Years. (If I could have a little help from my friends!) I love the way you allowed Raven and Nightwing to engage in intercourse without the campy, cliche next morning freak out. I liked how you were able to convey both characters sense of friendship, even when introducing more-than-friendship situations. I like how you kept it platonic even though both characters knew that there could be more. You played the "all cards on the table" card and didnt make it gushy. They kept the situation in context, but giving it a life of its own. BRA-FUCKIN-VO! Words cannot express how much I enjoyed reading your story. Are you still writing lemons with the accompanying scenes? As an avid fan, I hope so! And if possible could u msg me the links to the past lemons? I am definitely old enough to view such material. 11/30/85! Thanks for the awesome read.
tatsumarusmith chapter 54 . 2/25/2013
War has always been an ugly thing, its nice to see that our usually jovial star fire is taking it as...stoicly... as possible knowing full well her responsibilities in the coming battle. Its interesting to think about how the titans will react and fight in the coming war(for unless i missed my guess they are gonna participate in).

Didnt review last chapter cause dates and times escape me at the best of times and you update alot more regularly then most other authors I read. The fact that I read this once a week AND is well written is pretty phenomenal and if you ever decided to pursue a career in writing id at the very least like to ask what your pen name would be(unless you used your real name) and happily peruse whatever you have managed to have written. :)

I also enjoyed garfields and his "dates" conversation very much, i found it oddly insightful and very thoughtful and enjoyed it immensely, if nothing else, because of how easily the female just kind of "rolled" with it and took it in her stride as she listened to our garfield spill his guts about what was bothering him. Very good stuff as always and cant wait for the next chapter. :)
theluckyshot chapter 54 . 2/25/2013
Blighter, fairly soon my language is gonna become ever more foul... seriously though, I can see where your going from a story standpoint but it just seems so muddled at the moment.

Again personal experience here. The truth about the whole Rae/Rob thing would have to come out as soon as possible if the relationships between Rae/BB and Rob/Star would have any chance at being saved... even then it is seriously an absoulute long shot. Then again maybe others have seen a happier outcome than I.

Plus keeping a secret like that would cause huge amounts of guilt, even with the whole 'we're both single' thing. At least if the people involved have any moral compuctions that is (And if they do indeed have strong feelings for the one's they've lost) , and judging from your characterizations so far they do. So there really shouldn't be any tip-toeing around the issue here.

All things stated above are my opinion and I do not speak for you. Please do not take offense or feel the need to pander, for I am merely expressing my own experiences. This is indeed your story and for the most part I enjoy it, so you keep on doing your own thing. In the end I see it more as you writing this for yourself (which is a good thing as I write for myself as well, rather than fans in the end) and if a few things must be done then they must be done.

Chowbo chapter 54 . 2/25/2013
Your post time was just right to be wrong for me, I was able to read the through the speach Starfire gave and then had to leave for class. The speach itself was cool. I wonder, did you make the speech up or did a general really give it to his men. If you didn't make it up I wonder who gave it. But really "Ride of the Valkyries"...bad ass choice!

The experiment with Nightwing was kinda unexpected, but I still like it. I have to admit that Star's plan on the New Genesis prodject was really cool.
Bob chapter 54 . 2/25/2013
First of all, like the speech inspired by the opening speech in 'Patton'. Very comically adapted.

Second of all, I do agree with some of the others in how Raven and Nightwing have fallen. Yes, experimental/revenge sex is possible, but like others say, this was a planned/noticed encounter compared to a fling brought about by stress and alien anatomy. Adding in the fact that Raven sought Nightwing, and not some random pretty face, twists more salt into their actions. I do realize that Nightwing left before hearing anything other than the statement of fact from Starfire, and Beast Boy left before Raven was calm enough to listen to a larger explanation, but neither of the 'victims' asked the big question of 'Why?' before moving onto each other. I'm interested in how things go from here.

I'm also curious about these dropped concepts you had wanted to go through. Oh well. Keep up the good work on this story.
SinfulReader45 chapter 54 . 2/25/2013
So all along Raven is planning on continuing to use Garfield as a crutch to stop her bouts of insanity? Who knows, I guess demons can't view sex as treasured as animals do. And keeping secrets about revenge sex? (I don't buy that "experiment" bullshit). Good grief, no wonder the team fell apart. They can't even trust their own with themselves.

Kinda makes me wish both Starfire and Beast Boy die in the upcoming battle. Would save them both a lot of grief and heartache. Maybe then Raven can continue her "experiments" for casuals' sake. (I agree with her earlier statement, she is a bit of a slut. I mean, I doubt Rita "entertained" that many men in such a short time.)

If Starfire and Beast Boy are smart, they will make their "partners" work to get back in their good graces, rather than fall all over them over cheap words and even cheaper sex.

All in all, a emotional chapter. Nice work.
St Rhon chapter 54 . 2/25/2013
Well. That was a riveting speech from Starfire. Another enjoyable chapter. Though the whole "Raven trying to move onto Nightwing" thing was a little much. She's acting almost like Garfield romanced Starfire behind her back when it really was much different from that. Dinner date and coitus is not equal to random roll in the hay in a hole in the ground because your Tamaranean friend is freaking out and bombarding you with pheremones. Hopefully that comes out at some point. Or Garfield atleast finds out about the dreams and asks the question "Well if Nightwing had prevented your nightmares what would've happened?" I would say Raven could just hide the fling but...Garfield's nose. Also glad that someone finally called Garfield out on his cowardice. Especially regarding Starfire. I don't see how Nightwing can be so non-chalant about Starfire walking into an interstellar war either though. Psh. Humans. Maybe the ship full of Tamaranean refugees might shed a bit more light on how there might not be a Starfire left to reconcile with. Just gotta say almost all the Titans have been acting almost half their ages about a lot of this. I don't see how they can expect a problem to work out if they don't even communicate about why it occurred in the first place. While Raven seems to have grown a bit it still doesn't seem like Dick really understands that maybe his relationship with Starfire should be a bit more two way. Its like he barely knows anything about her.

Anyways keep up the good work! :D
Randamwriter chapter 54 . 2/25/2013
damn kori that is one hell of a hail mary pass you threw there i almost cried read her story
Arashikage1988 chapter 54 . 2/25/2013
I am not unhappy with the just have gone from them being totally involve to not speaking to now she has banged Nightwing put a giant elephant in the room to where even if they keep the secret secrets always come out...I know your practicing your writing but really have you ever been in a situation like this? My guess you haven't because there is a lot more screaming and fighting.

I'm glad you finally wrote a decent chapter for a change instead of your short fillers...Raven/Nightwing thing just lost you more fans then you had left and no good can come from this Garfield will find out and permanently end things with Raven if they get back together because even though the were broken up you don't screw a mutual friend because things happen and it always comes out and the difference in situation also affect the out come Changling was manipulated by Starfire, Raven did it willing so Garfield won't be happy not to Mention Starfire anger as well.

You have basically made reconciliation impossible now ...right because your hinting that its going to happen but now your going to rush it because you have the elephant your girlfriend screwed me so you screwed mine thing going on because that's how the situation will be if reconciliation happens because their will be a spat and either Garfield/Raven or Nightwing/Starfire or raven/Starfire and they break up for good without any forgiveness ever shown or given. By making Garfield loyal still to Raven you have made my assumption sound.

I liked your story because up until the last few chapter you had great skill and made it real and relatable to real life situations but you have rushed the upcoming events by not keeping to the characters you set up chapters ago. You end the meet the parents chapters by Raven wanting nothing more then make Garfield happy and him being the one she wanted to completely and utterly erasing that in a span of 5 chapters and now you going try and put them back together after 5 or so chapters of them not talking for months, not missing him for months, screwing robin, to now saying she misses him but still just got it on with one of his best friends, to still not knowing if she wants him back, to Nightwing missing Star and telling Raven he might move on from her and she'd lose him for good. I think you need to go back to when all this started edit all these chapters to where all the points you put in chapter make sense, like a better build up or a proper timeline.

I loving reading no matter what it is. I only review a story when I see problem in the writing, plot, I am amazed, or the story left me speechless. I mainly review at the end of stories because to judge on the entire content of the story. You have managed to get me to review early and point out your errors. The thing that got me to start reviewing you was your lost of flow and your jumping around from jump city to bludhaven to tamaren to LA. Instead of doing the events as spectate chapters as focus one area you rushed chapter with jumps to fill things in. I had a story on here FF took it down during there whole big brother deleting of stories but because you have my respect for your previous chapter before the break up I am offering my services as a beta if you don't have one or as some to bounce idea off of. Reading and writing have always been a passion of mine that's why I don't review until the end because I like to see where an author goes but when things like flow and order of events, and god damn fillers appear I review.

Keep writing I will keep reading. Last thought practicing skills is good but at the lost of fanbase is it worth because without readers those skills don't matter
Halfwrong chapter 54 . 2/25/2013
OMG! This is epic! Ok, i dont like the fact that raven and robin slept together but i can live with that. But the whole lost war and lost hope found inside a dead communicater, just awesome. I love your writing seriously, you are my favorite author. Cant wait to see what you come up with!
TW chapter 53 . 2/25/2013
The reason why I said is just because it reminded me of star wars. By the way just like to say that i don't really like the way the police are potrayed sometimes in the superhero comics, they know what there doing.
Satanic Fudge chapter 53 . 2/24/2013
Are you wacist...? Just saying... But yeah I don't like raven, she got too damn weird. But nice story dawg! :3
egg1 chapter 53 . 2/24/2013
I hope that Robin and Raven don't get together.
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