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TheForceIsStrongWithThisOne chapter 53 . 2/22/2013
No! Nooooo! Not Nightwing and Raven! They're utterly wrong for each other.

Also, liked the comic book reference to Blackie not being able to fly.
Arashikage1988 chapter 53 . 2/22/2013
First off I like this story, I used to love it but it seems like you have lost control of your own plot...these chapters feel like useless short filler after the break up because your need to grow characters and make Raven more human.
I know life isn't always happy endings but you went from normal life to major screw up to everyone leaves to Raven no longer caring about Changling and not even giving him a chance to explain his side. Now it looks like when Raven gets to bludhaven she is going to hook up some random dude or even nightwing.
I'm going to continue reading to see how you plan to fix this and hope its soon because the filler sense or character growth is getting in way of plot progression. Nightwing spot on for his reaction, Starfire too because of her pride, Changling was more or less out of character because his animal instincts wouldn't be to run from his " mate" or cheat for that manner, it was one favorite things when you let the animal out when dealing with aqualad in a sense but you made him more cartoon networky then a hybrid your story is claimed to be. Raven had the most human reaction with the crying so how much more human can she get?

I know this review is becoming more flame then I wanted it to be, I just want to get back to enjoying your story instead of reading fillers, I want to see the end game and how much Raven can change but its begging to regress back to the beginning with Auqalad, I mean you haven't even brought up why Changling left in the first place the first time you dropped that plot line I thought you would have developed that before throwing them together but you didn't so I will how your fourth plot line goes.
Please make it enjoyable again!
Thowell3 chapter 53 . 2/22/2013
If you put Raven and Nightwing together you may lose me as a reader. I have read stories that go that direction after Star and BB have a one time thing...Didn't like how it progressed. Never really different.
Gyhy chapter 53 . 2/22/2013
Good chapter, however I have one complaint, your Spanish is terrible, if you're planning on using Spanish again I would be happy to translate it for you. Other than that I really enjoyed your new chapter. I wonder what is going to happen to Raven in Bl├╝dhaven. I thought it was hilarious that Changeling was intercepted by the mayor and was recognized as an actor rather than a hero. I wonder what's going to happen to him at Con. I can't wait for the next chapter.
irishfan62 chapter 53 . 2/22/2013
Cyborg saying the three of them can hold down the fort while Raven's away? That's how you know shit's gonna go down. It's bad juju to tempt fate like that.

Wonder what's gonna happen with Raven and that red silk dress...
Guest chapter 52 . 2/22/2013
Awesome!saying in a sing-song voice I love how Cyborg and Raven are trying to make it work as the only two Titans left. What happened to Jinx and Kid Flash? It was sort of disturbing that Blackfire literally poked her eye out, how did that happen? Well I love the awesome and tremendous detail you're putting into these chapters, and that these chapters are lengthy. Well I'm out. Good luck with the next chapter.
Katwizzle chapter 52 . 2/22/2013
I loved it! I cant wait for the next chapter! I hope everyone kiss and make up soon...
V is for the 5th chapter 52 . 2/22/2013
yes in the Titan's Tower "a fly's foot-fall would be distinctly heard!" also, how can Starfire breath in space? But aside from that, keep up your little roller-coaster ya got going here!
JOHNXgambit chapter 52 . 2/22/2013
nice to see the sisters bury the hatchet even if only temporary. cyborg continues to big bro his way thru even putting raven on spot to help her realize her grass is still green
IanZakk chapter 52 . 2/22/2013
Love it. You're a hell of a writer.
Victorthe3rd chapter 52 . 2/21/2013
Ok, Kori. Time to deal with some much neglected home issues. Blackfires' on your side for now, so make the best of it and lead your people. Your born royalty and although the task will be hard, you can lead and protect your people.

Alright! Come on Rae. Get up, put on your big girl panties, get out and try and salvage your relationship! it won't be easy, it wont be simple. It'll take time. It'll take patience. There will probably be a little arguing and chest poking, but in the end, you know Garfield LOVES you and would never do anything intentional to hurt you. Men aren't perfect. We have regular mistakes and the more major mistakes a.k.a Fuck-Ups.

To Lamont...
Awesome story as usual. I love how you give each Titan their time in the light. I also like how the aura around each character changes due to there situation. I could feel Koris' anticipation, disbelief, shock, and realization of purpose. I could feel Victor's nurturing, big brotherliness. I could feel Rae's longing, hurt, disappointment, and fleeting beats of love, struggling to hold on and re-surge. and funnily enough, all of that was conveyed in a simple double action. Her looking at the nameplate and sighing. I could just imagine the thoughts in her head..." I know he fucked up ROYALLY, but Gods, I still love him, and I miss him." I'm glad to see Rae out of her grieving phase and attempting some bit of emotional self repair. And always the Big Brother, Cyborg was there to "push" her.
tatsumarusmith chapter 52 . 2/21/2013
Ha ha ha ha, when i was talking about in character stuff last chapter i meant rita, i know raven pretty well to know that you were pushing her through a metamorphosis of character. If i saw anything that seemed pretty extreme or that just plain didnt make sense in her changes or evolution i would have more then happily nagged your ear about it. But so far, the changes you are making to raven have been over 50 chapters over a period of years(in story) and thats why i gotta say its pretty believable and so far i approve your direction and speed when it comes to her development.

As for bludhaven, i wasnt expecting too much, I was just happy that you got the details right. I knew that you wouldnt focus too hard on it considering that the main focus of your story would focus on bb or raven(who are marked out OBVIOUSLY in the story details at the top of the screen. :P)

Now, for the story, gotta say alot of interesting changes abound and quite interesting to see how starfire,raven, and (to a certain extent) cyborg are adjusting to the changes wrought up with the Titans breakup. How you plan to bring them all together again(assuming this is the end game goal) or at least beast boy and raven is truly beyond me and I certainly look forward to what your mad genius can cook up to do so.
Ccfshjkvfed chapter 52 . 2/21/2013
Sweet chapter! I really love the cyborg and raven part! Can't wait for the next update :D
Chowbo chapter 52 . 2/21/2013
Hmm...very nice. I like the new look of Starfire's sister (Blackfire or something like that right?) and I really like how messed up everything is on Tamarania or is it Tamaran? Anyways good idea having Raven talk infront of those kids, on top of being kinda cute it seemed to really show her humility and humanity.
Halfwrong chapter 52 . 2/21/2013
How long is it going to take for them to make up? Or at least attempt to? I like the whole tamaranian war curveball you threw but i hope that doesn't derail the plot and i really want you to focus on changeling more. He is supposed to be the main character! Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter!
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