Reviews for Love in Shades of Green and Gray
The-Best-Librarian chapter 72 . 2/11
SO MANY FEELS. It also feels good to get a shout out, anyway, does Rachel Jr. have a middle name because it can't be like Marks because Raven doesn't have a middle name. Another thing what are their superhero names, if you have them. Have you read Dance of the Skeleton- CalliopeMused. They are in high school- no powers, I think you might like it
JOHNXgambit chapter 72 . 2/11
apparently they got over the baby makin issue now didn't they
Jerel chapter 72 . 2/11
Wow! Bringing in Terra! Sould be good! (Drools with anticipation...)
BlueLion chapter 72 . 2/11
This one closes with an emotional punch for sure. Now, we're waiting for the second epilogue, right?
Iskandar06 chapter 72 . 2/11
that it? i read almost 300.000 words for be left a cliffhanger?!

very good you should be proud for a very amazing fic
Shadico chapter 72 . 2/11
It's been an amazing ride Lamont. I've love this story dearly the entire time. You have a supreme way with words and storytelling. I'm really sad that theres only one epilogue chapter left though. I hope it's a longer one. Kinda surreal that the ride is over, ya know? Bittersweet for sure. Though for all I am sad that this is ending, I am equally excited at the prospect of new BBRae stuff coming from you. Cheers, Lamont, for the epic ride this story has been. An all-time favorite in literature for me, hands down.
Atomicity chapter 71 . 2/10
It's been a long ride. This was the first "top tier" story I came across on this site and it's what was initially what kept me coming back; you've even inspired me to consider writing something of my own, which is something I'd never expect would happen ever. This story probably ranks #1 out of everything I've read on this site; the writing was fantastic and the emotional journey in the plot was great. Even this chapter was a mini emotional rollercoaster on its own. And I'm glad you're considering writing as a career. You've definitely got the chops for it. Thanks for writing such a great story.
TheForceIsStrongWithThisOne chapter 72 . 2/10
Looks like BB convinced Raven to have another "cub". And from the looks of things, she is settling into being a mom. It did unnerve me when she referred to unborn Mark as "his cub" and not "their cub". Also, nice touch bringing up Terra as a teaching moment on the importance of being able to control his powers.

You still owe us some followup regarding Raven's therapy.

Also, something else crossed my mind in the previous chapter. Raven was somehow convinced that he would "know" if she aborted Mark. Yet she not only successfully pulled the wool over his eyes with her fling with Nightwing, she never worried about it, nor ever felt any remorse. How odd.
necro-wulf chapter 72 . 2/10
You know, it occurs to me that if these kids ever make it to Comic-con, it is going to take a concentrated effort to get them back. The nerds of all stripes will not want to give them back.
addictedtochocolates chapter 72 . 2/10

The reader from Singapore here, oops! Um... Took half an hour this time to be able to read this chapter, that's a bonus, right? Hahaha!

Apologies for not reviewing all this whole, been really busy with school and usually when I find time to read it's during breaks in school or on the way home... Heh.

Love your story (and stories btw), they're written really intricately and with a really unique style of writing that seems to almost jump off the page and capture the reader, and I really like that! Also, my brother's dyslexic, so I know it's rough to have to check on language and stuff.

Anyway, I hope to see another chapter soon! (And also I'm really sad about it ending... But endings are the best part, I guess! :))

Also, Mark, low blow. Do you /want/ to built trip your poor mother?
JasonVUK chapter 72 . 2/10
Gar, you've become so wise and yet you're still funny :-)

I wonder how he and Raven are now? o,,o

I love lil Rachel 8D and Mark :c I know you be mad. But don't be evil Q_Q
YumeTakato chapter 71 . 2/10
i enjoyed this story a great deal. X3 Goof luck on your other endeavors!
Chakor Reulle chapter 71 . 2/10
This is one dramatic chapter I love it
MyNomdeplume chapter 71 . 2/10
After nearly dropping this story after the whole 'Starfire' indecent, (I must congratulate you on that particular twist, as much as I hated it. Here I was, waiting for Terra to screw with things when...'that' happened. Well played, you magnificent bastard), I find myself quietly applauding the end of what of can only be properly described as an 'Epic.' While I wish to write a lengthy dialogue espousing my sincerest admiration of a work that has made me cheer, sigh, *nearly* weep (I reserve my tears for Shakespeare and funerals), and shout obscenities at my browser (again, well played), I find my words inadequate and unnecessary. I think it will suffice for me to simply say, thank you.
JOHNXgambit chapter 71 . 2/10
its hard to grasp the seriousness of the chapter when I'm laughing through the whole damn thing congratulation on a job well done. I'm sure I have to read the outtakes in a different room or people will think I'm losing it
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