Reviews for Love in Shades of Green and Gray
Guest chapter 49 . 10/29/2014
You make beast-boy sound like an asshole he would never sleep with starfire and she wouldn't either so in my opinion their both OOC so i'm reading another BBRae story.
SilentGreenThief chapter 50 . 10/21/2014
I... I am very, very close to just closing the tab right now. So far, a lot of your logic has been sound whether I agree with it or not, and your writing is fantastic.

But I cannot, and will not, agree with the idea that it is in a man's nature to just have sex with someone when it is offered. It is not, under any circumstance, okay to knowingly and willingly cheat on your partner. Yes, that is excluding polyamorous relationships and non-consensual sex. If your partner chooses to forgive you and give you a second chance, then that is their choice, and they have every right to do so. But men are not just animals acting on instinct, they are rational human beings and if they make that choice to cheat, they are making. that. choice.

Yes, in Starfire and Be- Changeling's case, it is slightly different because neither of them are normal humans - Starfire isn't human at all.

But that still doesn't mean that cheating is okay, or that *anyone* should truly believe that 'if you hold out for a man that never makes mistakes like this, you may be waiting a very long time.'

That said, I will continue reading, because this fanfiction is fantastic and because it's incredibly childish of me to just drop a fanfiction because of one opinion. I just had to get that out of my system.
StardustLuna chapter 73 . 9/9/2014
First, a confession. I read this chapter first. I know, I'm bad, but I just /had/ to know (or at least have some sort of idea) of how this would end because I've invested my time into too many fics that just ended up wrenching my heart out in the end.

Second, this has to be one of the best pieces of TT fanfiction I have ever read. Yeah, death and all can be sad, but it can also be a happy thing as well. Raven and BB have a proud line of 65 thousand people (and growing) running around each with varying degrees of powers. Plus I like the idea that the Titans all lived as full of lives as they could, considering their physical limitations/boons. In the superhero world, lives are short. Good still always triumphs over evil, but often with a cost. (Terra, the 2nd (?) Robin, I think one of the WonderGirls died too. And that's just within the Teen Titan storyline) And, just sayin, you handled the topic of death very, very well.

Thirdly, I wonder what kind of pranks ghostie BB has been pulling all these years?

I am damn well going to read this fic in its entirety, and I hope to read more from you soon after!

The Third Biker Scholar chapter 29 . 9/4/2014
omg this is so much fun! I can't wait to read the rest!
DNCELEETS chapter 80 . 8/25/2014
been a while since i reviewed but it needs to be said this was truly my favorite fanfic of all time if i live as long as raven ill read this thing every month because it was truly great better than war and peace thank you for this wonderful masterpiece i hope theres more like it or an au with something similar for them i know it would be repetitive but it could be good to test new ideas anyways i think the people who truly know what lies in the hearts of men are the teen titans best superheroes ever this was perfect again thank you
jim78559 chapter 71 . 8/18/2014
Great read. Could not put this down for a second.
EverlyKnight chapter 6 . 8/18/2014
Great so far, the bra strap thing was a bit of a projected emotion overload
sara chapter 37 . 8/11/2014
I am over 18 but I do understand the email also I love your story really love ityou should try riding on archive of our own you can put explicit things there.
AnimeArtist5 chapter 28 . 7/25/2014
great story so far but wht is with you and making all the girls beast boy or changeling dated blonde?
Chelsea chapter 6 . 7/11/2014
"exposed bra straps are trashy"

Ugh, I have to stop reading there; I didn't expect to be attacked by misogyny in this story.
TeufelDrachen chapter 80 . 7/9/2014
So I've been reading this fanfic for the past week or so. There were parts I loved and some where I was like "don't you dare write what I think you're going to...of course you would" moments. I didn't really mind the scenes you left out since I have a vivid imagnation it was very decent of you to leave out the smutty fluff I would've added. You're a pretty good writer not many fanfics have made me want to throw my phone across the room angrily, quickly pick it back up, rub my cheek against the screen as an apology and continue reading it. Oh and kudos for making me bawl like a baby on the final epilogue. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your fanfic, thank you for taking the time to finish writing it. XD
puffinhuffle21 chapter 80 . 7/8/2014
Hi, I just finished reading this story and it was awesome. I really like how you write and would love if you could send me the links to the sections you couldn't post. I'm 19 and pretty sure its impossible to corrupt me at this point so you don't have to worry about that. Anyway this whole thing was really well written and thank you for posting it.
kingkoolaid chapter 37 . 7/5/2014
I kingkoolaid double-dog pinky swear I am over 18.
dj25taz chapter 80 . 7/2/2014
Loved every bit of this story continue to enlighten us
JasonVUK chapter 80 . 6/24/2014
Oooohhh, sounds like an awesome story. :-) I'll definately check out 6-8-0 :D
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