Reviews for Love in Shades of Green and Gray
JOHNXgambit chapter 70 . 2/2
great so not only was this thing god-class but it and trigon went golfing on the weekends what the hell man. awesome wrap up to the arc though even greater explanations to why we won't see raven hulk and the green dragon too soon the research u have done throughout the story is epic (thought I was gonna say awesome again didn't u)
krostovikraven1 chapter 70 . 2/2
Nice. Easy enough to get rid of the entity but got them worked up and injured enough but how could Rokoff have survived all that. He was beheaded at some point. I guess every time it healed, really was healing the body that contained it. Well i hope he's in close supervision after that.
Great chapter. His explanation of the dragon and how he contained it is impressive. The guy is not only jokes, by now we ll know that.
BlueLion chapter 3 . 2/2
dude, you made my day with this chapter! Of course "Wicked" is right up to Raven's alley - I guess you've watched the production, too? I had the pleasure to visit both the German version (Stuttgart) as well as the English one (London) ... The ideas of their conversation clearly are derived from "No good deed", aren't they?
YumeTakato chapter 70 . 2/1
I enjoyed the chapter.
The-Best-Librarian chapter 70 . 2/1
This morning I was going to PM you and ask if you were dead because i decided to reread this awesomeness. Then you know I finished Ch33 and i started freaking out because there was no chapter 70 yesterday, and I read and loved it, can't wait for 71.
PS have you read Dance of the Skeletons by CalliopeMused, because you kinda not really but whatever remind me of her/him
Goldie Locks is dead chapter 29 . 2/1
I don't understand the problem, it shouldn't matter if you are eighteen or not as long as you are well educated in the art of sex.
Chakor Reulle chapter 70 . 2/1
Most impressive chapter I can't wait for more
Blueeyez01 chapter 70 . 2/1
I'm so excited you updated this! I was seriously thinking about this story yesterday and re-read the last chapter to make sure I hadn't missed it being updated. As soon as I saw the email this morning, I dropped everything I was doing to read it. You've made my day! Update again soon!
necro-wulf chapter 70 . 2/1
I liked the bit about dragons. Really, when you combine near-immortality, huge passive and active magical strength, near-invulnerability, possibly a genius intellect, supreme arrogance, greed that would make Larfleeze proud, and reptile sociopathy, you get one heck of a powerful jerk. But I always kind of figured Dragons are, both mythologically and (fictional)biologically, halfway between animals and gods. And they are what they are, there is no doubt of that.

Frankly I would be interested to see how the dragon mind was similar to The Beast, which being an amalgam made from Gar's instincts and powers would probably pose similar issues. Not that that hasn't already been covered.

And now Rae has to go on medical leave from her vacation. And they have to explain the artifact from an Elder God buried in a random jungle clearing. I recommend just hanging around the house for the duration of her recovery. Travel never ends well if you're a super hero, or former agent of anything. It just causes a disaster you have to deal with wherever you go.
JasonVUK chapter 70 . 2/1
LOL Climax and it ended with 'Primal Activity' :P

That was an intense fight 8O I'm glad they were able to win 8D

And always demon Raven is hot o,,o X3 hehehe.

Ah thus starts the rest of the Logans' married life
TheForceIsStrongWithThisOne chapter 70 . 1/31
Is Raven ever going to stop putting him down? She seems to be stuck on the idea that he's a mental midget.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/30
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Guest chapter 1 . 1/29
Guest chapter 29 . 1/29
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Jerel chapter 54 . 1/29
I see Yeoman Rand makes an appearance...
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