Reviews for The Hero and the Veela
Lukoshi chapter 3 . 10/13
Well the whole McGonagall is my grandma thing really invalidates the blood wards needing to be at Petunia's place because that is the last living family Harry has thing. Seems like a bit of a plot hole in the story here
BlazeStryker chapter 11 . 8/26
Yup, he's human. A human head BASTARD.

Headbastards Must Die.
Charlee56 chapter 2 . 7/4
Master Blaster? I LOVE THIS!
libby chapter 20 . 6/10
Hawklan chapter 12 . 4/12
only stated on reading chapter 12 now, but just wanted to say thank you for an awesome fic so far. A shame you stopped posting here, but I can fully understand the reason for it.
missgsmith51 chapter 19 . 4/10
I loved Harry’s response to Amelia’s comment that she was trying to get the Wizengamot together to start reorganizing the government: “If that's your plan then leave me out of it."

The following key points show what Harry has always been up against — a helpless Wizarding population who expected SOMEONE ELSE to do NOT JUST THEIR FIGHTING but also THEIR THINKING AND THEIR WORK for them.

The response from around the hall was one of shock and expectation. Harry even heard someone say, "But he's the savior of the wizarding world."


I blame the thinking of the general population on Dumbledore. He was the one who trained the general Wizarding population to expect someone else to fight their battles and solve their problems for them. I think Harry has had enough of that!

After Harry finally “disposes of” Tom, he and Gaby return to Potter Manor and have the following rather sad exchange: "Angel, I did what I came here to do so as far as I'm concerned, it's time to move on."
"Yeah, I kind of gathered that we will never be accepted in polite company. It's like they are grateful for what you did but can't help but think bad about you for doing it.”

I love Neville’s speech at the end.
cnrowe chapter 13 . 4/3
The series totally jumps the shark this chapter and just becomes another dark!Harry story about him being an edge lord super hero. I was really liking how the the story was going up to this point but it feels like the author abandoned the original story and instead wrote the same tired out fic about Harry going dark and getting all these cool magical weapons.
cdnviolets chapter 20 . 3/8
Great story
Fnaflord1000 chapter 20 . 2/3
A great end to an even GREATER story absolutely loved it and would definitely read it again, and go to say the last bit at the end definitely made me laugh
Marj123 chapter 20 . 1/21
I nearly stopped reading when the punishments of the DEs became a bit too gruesome, but I am glad that I didn't. You have made a good and a well-rounded story. Thank you.
redeyehawk23 chapter 16 . 8/23/2022
This story was good up until the end of the 3rd task. I just kinda became pure angst at that point and the repeated the same thing over and over again.
mrs moonie chapter 7 . 7/11/2022
Love the story but in a previous chapter didn't you say Remus did the lycan treatment and it was a success, now you say in this chapter he vetoed it because of greyback?
Fellbane chapter 14 . 6/15/2022
The major angst and moodiness of Harry is extremely tough to get through. He claims to not care for his injuries and would do it again without hesitation because he was able to save Fleur's life yet he spends every waking moment since being injured, moping about it and snapping at everyone who cares for him. Frankly, it's exhausting to read and not very fun at all.
MysticOak chapter 13 . 6/11/2022
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EZChunka chapter 2 . 6/4/2022
Who run Bartertown?
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