Reviews for The Best Laid Plans
Fred's fanatic chapter 9 . 4/22
Gideon and Fabian are absolutely sensational granted
However is she only agreeing to marry them as she
Thinks she won't be able to return to her future which
Is wrong fumbles got a number of things wrong about
Time travel I reasearched you don't have to say
Sorry for writing fumbles like he really was a very
Under handed manipulative old man whom had blood
On his hands,he could've saved regulus and others but
It was meant for the greater good pish tosh no such
Thing. However I'm totally fascinated by this wondrous
Highly imaginative incredibly descriptive story line
That becomes skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 8 . 4/22
This was so beautifully written that I began crying
Happy tears naturally both the prewett and long bottom
Families are so exceptionally warm and caring plus so
Very thoughtful no wonder brilliant Neville turned out
So well he was a it's not that
Surprising they love hermione everyone does being
Completely as natural as breathing apart from ginny
Whom had better start praying hard.i still think she
Belongs with Fred yet these two are equally charming
And witty protective though Fred's more so it's
a doubt this will forever be rated
As the best one as she's met everyone though Fred
Will always be my favourite yet that's because of
Gideon and Fabian I love pranksters particularly
Redheads. A truly magically gifted exceptional
Amazingly wonderful story filled with passion
Friendship romance among my favourite characters
Thank skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 7 . 4/22
Her ions needs a night of lovely nonsensical crazy
Stuff to occur so she can forget the horrors she's seen
Plus had happen to her Gideon and his twin are perfect
For that although they're both powerful bright wizards
They're also pranksters ,I always loathed dumbledore
He very rarely told the truth and then there's the
Wonderfully bright young magnificent witches and
Wizards whom were murdered by death eaters and
He didn't give a damn no wonder hermione hates him
she'll return to the future and nothing will
Be different everyone loves her dumbles lied about
That hoping and praying that regulus lives
If not thank you for letting Sirius James lily Remus
Etc learn the truth actually I'd just like to give my
Regards and congratulate you for writing such
Magnificent heart warming unique courageous
Chapters in an inspirational skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 6 . 4/21
She's in big trouble as when she ceased believing Ron
Was the one Fred was there to help her through it and
They fell in love except he was murdered unhappy
Ending and after Fred even the prewetts would seem
Second however now believes in soul
Mates plus the make out sessions were great yet as
Friends yes but her heart broke when Fred died
Although hermione deserves to be happy loved
Protected sometimes with mischevious red haired
Children not rons whom make her laugh but thank
You for the long bottoms etc .i never trusted fumbles
Not even once the earlier order should have
Lived an exceptionally wonderful
my love Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 5 . 4/21
These wonderfully Interesting wizards getting tongue
Tied is exceptionally amusing if a trifle strange not
Even the twins did that but it's great they kiss her
She's in heaven the same with Fred weasley yet Ron
Makes her violently both of them might
Be easier separately otherwise ugh no way it's to
Creepily absolutely loving this exciting
Magical journey to the past hog warts when mouldy
Voldemort rose to power through insanity this story
Brings every characters in Harry's world to life
Which thoroughly enchants the loyal potter fans
All over the world so thank you for your brilliant
Fred's fanatic chapter 4 . 4/21
Franks great but as Fred and George are two of her
Greatest friends and supporters she knows about
Twins firsthand plus both twins were so very warm
Hearted compassionate considerate handsome caring
Wizards whom would kill anyone who attempted to
Murder family or friends without will return
To normality by the morning but heaven help worm tail
He's going to pay a thousand times over for hurting
Harry as will gin you if she doesn't return also with
Her created an excellent interesting
Descriptive story via time travel that's impossible
To stop reading even when there's housework to
Be done your brilliance shines through magically.
Elizabeth skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 3 . 4/21
Hermione has always been able to get her own way with
Young wizards by being honest there's nothing under
Handed about her even dumbles and snape couldn't say
Gideon and Fabian both have great crushes on
Her ions they're very intelligent she's as good as solid
Gold from Kalgoorlie Western Australia except
More did Ron miss out on the most
Charming qualities of his brothers and Uncles such
As chivalry protectiveness honesty he cheated off
Her ions essays,everything brilliant and unique he
Missed out on utterly magnificent
Tremendous chapter which just keeps on enchanting
Readers like myself whom never want to stop reading
Such excellence yet are happily hooked on this
Marvellous time travel fun filled skinner
Fred's fanatic chapter 2 . 4/21
She might be strange yet hermiones still brilliant and
Will give this order so much knowledge about mouldy
Voldemort whom wore black to much ugh ,my favourite
Part was when she told them what regulus did and why
I've always thought that Sirius didn't hate regulus
But what he became out of misguided loyalty as he
Broke down and she exposed the filthy vermin pet tigers
written a thoroughly fascinating story
That has brought the original order to life so many
Potter fans get to know them and their incredible
Bravery plus hermione was always a firm favourite
So I'd like to thank you so very very,much I'm
Fred's fanatic chapter 1 . 4/21
This was wonderfully highly amusing and when will
Gunny realise hermione is supposed to be paired with
Fred not Ron plus the exceptional prewett twins I've
Wanted to read about them for the past two years
As they weren't very well known unfortunately so
Thank you very much please don't ever scrap it
That would be very tragic indeed as its exceedingly
Interestingly well written quite set
The first scene so let's see how this story can be
Brought to life through such great inspirational
Writing due to a truly gifted skinner
Happy chapter 14 . 4/19
This is one of the most unique fanfics I've ever read! Well done and very creative!
Happy chapter 1 . 4/19
So interesting!
Akela2Bears chapter 14 . 4/8
Thank you for writing a story about time travel without a time loop. I loved every chapter.

This is now one of my favorite stories.
CoquetteKitten chapter 1 . 3/30
I have to say that I love that you're going the Bugger-maintaining-the-timeline route! I'm officially hooked.
Karatekid-Ninja chapter 14 . 3/29
Dumbledore is a bastard... now enough on that matter. I really loved this story, only thing is I wish it was longer and that you focused on dumbledore a little more as he was the main antagonist and you didn't really hear anything about him during the story. But all in all great plot and I loved it. Xx
knitknitread chapter 10 . 3/26
I'm getting Grumbly Dumbley feelings with the Granger murders. He probably didn't expect her to have a sealed soul mate bond and thought he could wipe her out.

This story is absolutely fantastic by the way. There aren't many HG/FP or HG/GP stories and it's been a delight to read this one.
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