Reviews for New Moon
1983Sarah chapter 59 . 4/28
So glad that Allison was able to help Scott's mom! Also glad that the sheriff is now in on it all and can maybe get in on helping Stiles and Scott and co.!
orionastro chapter 59 . 4/28
very good new chapter , took time but its back , its time for the Sheriff to go and arrest or kill gerard and his minions . And Stiles should develop magical powers to help deal with them . Cant hardly wait for the next chapters .
Sarah chapter 59 . 4/27
Really good chapter. Glad that this story is still going.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/7
update man its been months
Guest chapter 1 . 3/25
Sarah chapter 58 . 2/17
Excellent chapter. Very much looking forward to the next and Stiles "explanation."
1983Sarah chapter 58 . 2/16
So glad that the Sheriff is finally in the loop, love the comic relief Stiles adds at the end. Also I'm happy that Chris finally got on board with Allison.
maxiefae chapter 58 . 2/16
Harold I'm sorry is a bully and he needs to shut up and put up since he came back into town he's been throwing his weight around saying he has a right to things just because he's an original werewolf if you Scott's father which means nothing in the long run thinking that he can do whatever he wants just because he has a right and that if he loses his cool it's okay it's not okay you're an asshole and the sheriff is right he's been more of a father to Scott than he ever well
orionastro chapter 58 . 2/16
very good new chapter, now the sheriff knows , he can arrest those damned hunters , or kill those who resist , witch is way better , Gerard should be killed on site . Cant hardly wait for the next chapters .
Up-In-the-Clouds1285 chapter 56 . 2/12
Also if u have any TeenWolf fanfiction suggestions I would love it if you PMed me :)
Up-In-the-Clouds1285 chapter 57 . 2/12
I believe an update is due. I stumbled upon this thinking that it would be kinda boring (bc I'm going to be honest your summery didn't give enough away to intrigue me) but when I saw it on some bodies favorite list I gave it a chance and I'm so glad I did. I've been aching for season 5 to come out and fanfiction has been my filler but I hadn't found grand stories like this. Just Sterek which I'm kinda opposed to since I'm in love with Stydia. But this entire story has been like another season. Your plot is well planned out and flows very well. At first I thought you were a little out of character but as you moved on in the story you hit them spot on. So coming from a new fan... Please update soon :) (and as a critic put a little more umph in your summery bc I want more people to read this fantastic story)
Guest chapter 1 . 2/12
Guest chapter 1 . 2/6
Guest chapter 1 . 2/2
please post
Silverdawn2167 chapter 57 . 1/19
Well I've just sat in my bedroom reading every single chapter for the past 7 hours non stop. I'm so in love with this fanfiction it's insane. I love how original it is lol. Seriously though I've never read a teen wolf fanfic like this. And I'm telling you I must really be in love with it because I haven't reviewed a story in about a year until this. You have to update soon I need to know if Melissa lives or not. I really need her to live I don't think scott can survive with out mama McCall at least not mentally. I'm so excited for chapter 58 (:
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