Reviews for New Moon
Guest chapter 1 . 9/3
Dude it's been months post the next chapter
BloodMoon chapter 60 . 8/22
Please update!
It is such a Great Story, so not stop
With it!
Masteroftime chapter 60 . 8/20
Well, a completely different au for a change. Which is already a lot better than the hundreds of copy the show with an extra character. I look forward to how you are going to grow Scott's character in this story, especially since his lineage secures both allies and enemies in the supernatural community.
Sam chapter 60 . 7/9
I love the story and can't wait for you to add more. Left it at a cliffhanger, the end of the chapter got me so worked up I can't wait for the next one.
1983Sarah chapter 60 . 7/7
Great intensity and pacing of this chapter. I really feel for all of the McCall's,it's a terrible situation to be in. Wonderful fake out with Stiles, I thought he was shot for that whole time!
prettyshon10 chapter 60 . 7/4
God bless you for updating. This pretty much made my day, even with it being a holiday and all. Begging for more to come and SOON!
Guest chapter 60 . 7/4
AWESOME ! Can't wait for next chapter
orionastro chapter 60 . 7/4
very good new chapter, the Sheriff has just killed a hunter , Now he should unleash the the Sheriff Department ,and State Police on all the Hunters , to Arrest them , or kill them , especially gerad .And Deaton as a druid should teach Stiles to develop his magical powers. Cant hardly wait for the next chapters .
Guest chapter 22 . 7/3
update bra it been months
Soccersam19 chapter 59 . 5/26
Please continue with this story. It's one of my all time favorites at the moment. You're a great writer annddddd please update
1983Sarah chapter 59 . 4/28
So glad that Allison was able to help Scott's mom! Also glad that the sheriff is now in on it all and can maybe get in on helping Stiles and Scott and co.!
orionastro chapter 59 . 4/28
very good new chapter , took time but its back , its time for the Sheriff to go and arrest or kill gerard and his minions . And Stiles should develop magical powers to help deal with them . Cant hardly wait for the next chapters .
Sarah chapter 59 . 4/27
Really good chapter. Glad that this story is still going.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/7
update man its been months
Guest chapter 1 . 3/25
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