Reviews for Night Before Nationals
Guest chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
I love joe/Quinn together! I hope you decide to continue this story.
Q u e e n V a m p chapter 1 . 7/25/2012
Your blossoming into a writer! I love the title, the characters, the plot and the awesomeness! -random note, do you see that lightening outside? Yeesh-
Santana and Brittany, so adorable and contradictory. Comebacks and silliness, there wonderful relationship.
And Joe (Josephine) wonderful and peace signs. I kinda wondered what he'd do when he found out about Quinn's past: her baby, her boyfriends, her scandals, her fights. But she's become a strong better person from it all and she awesome. And I just want to pinch Joe's cheeks XD
Keep writing for them and maybe it'll encourage more ideas. In writing in mine (I can tell already it's going to be multi chap and your Beta-ing ALL of it.) and all my favorite side couples will be present including Sues baby and I have a name idea picked out for her (a dash of Madonna and her own sisters name)
Anyway, love the new story and will be looking forward to see more.