Reviews for The Snowflake Seduction
FadilShameer chapter 26 . 8/17
Thank you for writing this!
Savageverse chapter 26 . 5/24
Ok first off these are American characters so they wouldn't say rubbish or mum or mummy, its mom and mommy
Jayden Whitehouse chapter 26 . 2/19
To be honest, I wanted to quit this story multiple times while I was reading it, for the sole purpose of Sheldon being a completed Pollock. However, as I read further into the story I, whilst still feeling frustrated at Sheldon's behaviour, I began to really enjoy the character development. It was a brilliantly written story and I found the interaction between the characters invigorating and smooth. The flow of the story was good also.
Blazeb79 chapter 9 . 2/13
Ok now it really sounds like sheldon is 11 years old or extremely gay. Like bad. I dont remember sheldon being so naive or even so dumb.
Blazeb79 chapter 7 . 2/13
Sheldon seems a little...weirder. I cant put my finger on it but hes almost acting like hes gay and using penny as a beard. And theres nothing wrong with being gay but I thought this was a shenny. Ya know
Guest chapter 24 . 10/30/2019
I feel like you’ve made Sheldon more immature and obtuse than he actually is. Sheldon does learn over time, but yours doesn’t seem to. Your Penny must have the patience of a saint to put up with it.
Guest chapter 8 . 10/29/2019
I love this so far. The plot is funny and interesting and Im glad the snowflake gift wasn’t a big romantic gesture. That would’ve seemed out if character at that point. A few Britishisms have crept in (half marks, rubbish, bang on), but you’ve mostly done a great job having it sound authentic. Thanks for writing it!
kimjo2 chapter 26 . 2/12/2019
This was very well written and the characterizations were spot on. I loved what happened to Leonard but I'm glad they reconciled in the end. Interesting characterization of Meemaw. I don't think I have read her like that anywhere else. Thanks so much
Chippers chapter 21 . 5/10/2018
I think it was a really neat idea to have Meemaw be not so friendly. Perfectly fits with what we had learned about her up to this point, especially since Sheldon is not the best judge of character. Love how you wrote her and how the interactions involving her went.

I did give up the story with this chapter though as the plane melodramatics became too much for me after the continued on again off again drama of Penny & Sheldon.
AlleyLovesMusic chapter 26 . 2/3/2018
This was absolutely the most beautiful and emotional fanfiction I have ever read and I wish that these two had actually ended up together in the show. This will forever be my favorite fanfic that I have read about anything. 3
Inu Tashiro p chapter 26 . 10/1/2017
This was so cute! I'm totally a fan now! I use to hate the big bang theory but after reading this I actually wanna go back n watch the show again!
The Rude Girl chapter 26 . 8/16/2017
Really enjoyed this story! U had me hooked after only 2 chapters. Your Sheldon is 1 of the most in character ive read. He's totally like the arrogant and absolutely clueless when it comes to social interactions guy on the show who frustrates me so much. The slowness of him opening up to sex is realistic (and frustrating, lol). That was a bit childish of him, but then again the writers have wrote him as a man-child. Im kinda surprised that Leonard managed to become friends with them at the end. As much as i like a happy ending, somehow i dont feel like he got enough punishment (i just hate him so much lol)
creepy chapter 10 . 3/13/2017
I truly hope you have Sheldon stop behaving like a child. It is just creepy that Penny wants to have him as a boyfriend at all. I get being sweet and liking the idea that he isn't just after one thing, but Sheldon goes out of his way to make sex appear to be something icky. His responses indicate more than just being a germophobe. He is emotionally so immature that it is starting to be creepy just reading it.
Sam chapter 3 . 3/11/2017
I hope Leonard gets kicked out of the apartment. As for Howard, when he said "A pity but I'm going to have to say no. Not unless you...", I wish you would have had Penny punch him in the mouth. What an absolutely horrid thing to say, indicating that Penny was no better than a prostitute. Of course what more could be expected from Howard.
evermore.x3 chapter 26 . 2/1/2017
I really enjoyed reading this, it's different from other shenny fics. I think you did an awesome job keeping everyone in character and i love the fact that you made meemaw mean. I've never seen that done before, so interesting!
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