Reviews for Big Time Rush A to Z
TalidaMueller chapter 1 . 3/8/2014
Wooooaahhhh VERY intense story! I loooved the beginning, where the reader was able to find out what happened just like Kendall did in that scene...and the moment you mentioned the sirens.. from then on it was over for me, I was a nerve wreck, I got goosebumps like CRAZY! And the end...goosh that was really sad! You made me cry ;) Also, this was really well written! It was really enjoyable to read! GREAT job! :)
TheLovelyRusher chapter 3 . 9/21/2013
this made me kinda sad. that James would be a jerk like that. I always thought he was kind of a jerk in that episode. But the urge to slap James Diamond only makes me love James Diamond even more lol.
winterschild11 chapter 2 . 8/27/2013
That was so sweet!
TheLovelyRusher chapter 2 . 8/27/2013
omg. I fangirled THE WHOLE TIME I READ THIS. It was perfect. Seriously, James' paragraph had me cracking up laughing! And I could hear Kendall's younger voice in my head reading off his, and the subtle mistakes in Logan's paragraph omg for some reason my heart just swelled at that. And the squished "friends like them" why don't you rip out my swelling, happy heart and stomp on it. I absolutely love this! it was so unique, too. Tiny BTR is the best kind of BTR. I'm really excited to see an update from you! I miss your stories! To be honest I hardly ever read fanfic at all anymore but when I saw you updated I got all cozy and sat down read it three times. I'm so happy right now. Hopefully you can update, for your poor ol' dear Jar whom you love. I miss your stories! I already said that. But, yeah. I gotta go because I lit a candle and the flame is getting dangerously high and I'm afraid my room might burst into flames at any moment. I better take care of that. LOVE YOU! AMAZING WRITING AS ALWAYS XXXXXXXX
lordessoftime-tau chapter 2 . 8/27/2013
Aaaaaw! Cute!
woahschmidt chapter 1 . 7/29/2012
omg, i was literally a sobbing heap when i finished reading this. especiall the part where kendall was like, 'you're almost there. i am so proud of you guys. hold on a bit longer. then you can rest.' holy crap, i didn't get it 'till i realized that they were about to die. seriously, you deserve a standing ovation for this. omg, please keep writing stories like this. i love you, omg.
TheLovelyRusher chapter 1 . 7/27/2012
Ok first off I am super sorry cuz I said I'd review last night but I ended up staying out all night cuz we saw magic mike. which was awk. moving on.

ok can I just say, I love how it starts off. Because I had no idea what this story was about and as Kendall slowly finds out himself what happens, so does the reader. And that my dear is genius.

I already read this story but I'm reading again as I review, but I remember the feeling I got each time Kendall found another one of his friends, oh mygod most heart pounding thing ever. And I am about to do this to myself again. What am I thinking.

I need chips and salsa.


yum spicy.

ok we're good now. Whoa I just flung a pepper across the room HA. I'm adhd.


I already know that they arent charred burgers of flesh (nice word choice channy omg) but I still get this stomach-dropping feeling just becuase Kendall has no gotta be the worst feeling ever.

wait. OMG. DID THE DRYER BREAK AGAIN. Ok I went to a water park today and wore my normal clothes cuz I'm dumb and I dont have any new ones to change into cuz Im not at home so I had to put them in the dryer and it KEEPS BREAKING. And I dont want to sit in my underwear any longer.

heh youre getting an underwear review for me ahahaha. *politely removes that image from your brain* its payback for the charred bodies.

"He heard his name called faintly, and his head snapped up. Kendall stood very shakily and took in a deep breath through his mouth. Before he could run toward the voice, Logan appeared, limping, bleeding, but very much alive.

Kendall sobbed and cut it off with a whimper. He took three frantic steps, enough to put Logan in his arms. He closed his eyes and buried his nose in his brother's hair, concentrating on breathing and the warmth of the person in his embrace; focusing not on the ash in the brown hair, but on his brother's lingering scent, of fruitiness and earthy rosemary and evergreen, with which he was so familiar." THIS omg I cant even.. when he found Logan and the 3 frantic steps and the rosemary i just... I am so happy he found Logan and this isn't even real. but Im still scared to death.

this is too emotional I need more chips

I love Logans like, little breakdown where he realized he had to save everybody else. oh gosh. my baby :'(

"Logan's eyes were still trained on the sickening corpse in the wrecked car, his mouth open in an unused cry of distress. Kendall gently pushed Logan's head, turning his face into Kendall's own smoke-scented jacket, and away from the hideous, scarring sight. Logan cried quietly into his brother's chest as they sank to the ground." gross, yet beautiful, Kogan moment.

I cant get the salsa out of the bowl Katie Im so frustrated help

ok carlos and james. come out come out whereever you areeee.

an ancient fractured teacup dknewgeriogjeriofgjderkvfj James is out lil teacup Katie I love it.

""No, shush- nngh," James gasped in pain. Tears sparked in his eyes, but he still spoke in a tortured voice that broke Kendall's heart. "Kendall, listen."

Kendall obeyed, straining his ears over the hurt boy's fast breaths and muffled whines. A slow up and down in pitch, a sustained, incessant wail, could be someone's cry for help, or-

"Sirens," James breathed. The unbridled terror in the brunette's eyes scared Kendall more than the ominous sound itself. "Kendall, Kendall..."

Kendall knew. He remembered. The same whining noise, the air-raid sirens, the ones before the explosion, the signal that put any rational person into a mindless panic. The same panic that drove him to sweep his best friends out of the stopped car, off of the highway. The same panic that elicited horrified squeaks from Logan, frightened shouts from James, and hysterical cries of terror from Carlos. And there was nothing Kendall Knight could do to protect them, for he too was petrified by fright, unable to move, unable to think, and all the while the throbbing in his head and the beating of his heart and the unremitting blare of the sirens got louder and faster and louder and faster...

"-dall! KENDALL!" James' voice finally broke through, and Kendall looked at him blankly. "What can we do?" James sobbed. "What- what can-"

Kendall did the only thing he could think of doing. He wrapped two arms around James and lifted him over his shoulder, trying to ignore the howl of pain that action induced. And Kendall started running." are you kidding me right omg Im so scared right now.

prostate? oh, prostrate. whats that word mean..

carlos sounds really bad :'(

"Kendall stared down at his littlest brother. The broiled flesh on his young face and the brokenness of his body made Kendall sick to his stomach. Carlos' unfailingly cheerful brown eyes were agonized as they met Kendall's." dont do this to me, not my Carlos, not my baby. It hurts so bad. I'm in physical pain right now. Im not kidding. i wanna cry and punch something because thats carlos. omg. calm down channy. wheres my salsa? im out of salsa katie oh god.

the loud siren. im trying so hard not to cry. I dont like to cry katie. Salsa cant fix this.

his eyes. ok channy do not cry

kendall... no. katie.. no dont do this. please let this just be a nightmare. i cant even take this. its so much worse the second time around. I like, need to watch a video of them or check their twitter after this just so I know this story is just a nightmare.

oh my god.

nope no nope. my heart hurts and my eyes are all stingy and burny like I wanna cry and my stomach hurts and so does my chest. im going to pretend that kendall was talking about help, and that help came and they are all ok. omg I wish this could be like, a multi chap, with the boys like living alone and facing dangers in a post apocolyptical world. I dont want it to end that cant be the end. please tell me someone saved them omg :'( I dont like the sirens. that was scary. now whenever I hear a siren Im gonna think of this, and smell those wretched smells and see my babies hurt and dying and so scared. oh my god. Katie where did you even come up with this story?
RNB1998 chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
OMG that was so sad! :(
Guest chapter 1 . 7/26/2012
Omg! Loooooved it! Great job. But I'm crying. It was sad yet heartwarming. Great job. Can't wait for more.
winterschild11 chapter 1 . 7/26/2012