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Eve Hawke chapter 85 . 15h

I think I've started every single review about her with that single word, haha!

I always admire a Hawke who doesn't dismiss her outright. Such a tragic situation. I do hope this can be a step in a healing direction for her.
Genesis Vakarian chapter 85 . 18h
Great work with chapter 85.
wintryone chapter 85 . 18h
Aww! Nicely done! I'm left feeling a little bit better about Merrill :)

So glad she destroyed that thing. And hopefully she will find that "better path". There's really not much more Hawke can do for her, except send those resources her way. Poor Merrill. I sometimes wish there had been a way for her return to her clan. Stupid blood magic lol.

I don't think I ever went back and talked to the clan after the Keepers death. So many things you bring out in this story. I love it!
Lady Velvet C. Peterson chapter 85 . 18h
great chapter...i love Merrill even if she is a bloodmage...
Princess of Mirkwood2 chapter 85 . 18h
Write more soon please. I love it.
Jaden Anderson chapter 84 . 5/26
Very introspective chapter and some great questions! Hopefully Hawke can find some answers. I always got a kick out of seeing your friends visiting other friends. Makes me wonder what else is happening behind closed doors... *waggles eyesbrows at Isabela and Fenris* lol
Princess of Mirkwood2 chapter 84 . 5/22
Write more soon please. I love it.
Genesis Vakarian chapter 84 . 5/22
Great work with chapter 84.
wintryone chapter 84 . 5/22
"I am only half Amell, but I am also half Hawke, and I have always used the Hawke name with pride Father, for you. The Amell's belonged to Kirkwall, not me."

Choked me up, it did.

This chapter brought up so much that the game reflects about life. Where is home? What is home? And most importantly, who is home? To stay and live with the ghosts of what we've lost. To stay for duty and responsibility. Or to embrace the adventure, to follow where the heart leads. Aveline's choice is pretty clear, but Hawke certainly has more to struggle with, at least in the short term. And in the end, Sebastian will be her magnet. At least I think so. I hope ;)

Yes! Convince Varric to go too! Love it lol

Wonderful chapter!
Jaden Anderson chapter 83 . 5/19
Yeesh! So creepy! The finger, the dreams... egads. But makes for good reading :)

Sorry these all took me so long. I've recently had an influx of daily emails, so to lower the amount, I've turned off all incoming notifications from fanfiction, which means I have to remind myself now and then to go peek and see what's been updated, lol. But it also gives me the opportunity to binge read :D Nothing wrong with that!

Great chapters! I'm glad to see that you're still writing :)
Jaden Anderson chapter 82 . 5/19
My choice was always to make him a Warden. I'm a little bias that way, lol! It wouldn't be easy being the loved one of a warden, that's for sure. Poor Delilah.
Jaden Anderson chapter 81 . 5/19
So sad :( I could never make that choice. I always released Feynriel and told him to seek out the Dalish. I like that you go other routes though in this story, routes with severe consequences such as being made tranquil. Lends it a more realistic feel.
Jaden Anderson chapter 80 . 5/19
Such a cute couple :) *blissful sigh*
Jaden Anderson chapter 79 . 5/19
Interesting way to do this chapter! It's been awhile since I've played, but was Carver always an option? If not, cool way to bring him in :D
Jaden Anderson chapter 78 . 5/18
More jealous Seb! Lol That's going to take a bit to get used to. Not so easy being in a relationship, eh Seb?
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