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Tigerstaysinhiscage chapter 31 . 10/9/2012
Name:kaylor mathewson

Age: (15-18)16

Personality:Kaylor is a shy And quiet tries to be social but sometimes end in weird moments. He is friendly and cautious. He is like dj but worse

Everyday Clothing: (there will be no swimsuits or sleep gear) a white minecraft shirt with khaki cargo shorts and blue vans

Appearance:he is short,around 5'5 and skinny weighing about 187lbs

Fears:Being chased by a chainsaw killer

Good and Bad Habits:his smartness are good. He has a bad habit of pointing out the worst in things. He isn't very social. He is flexable

Label: (this is optional but what would you label your OC as) the non-social nerd


Method to Win:be nice and try not to screw up

Three word description:awkward,quiet,friend

Reason to Win:he wants to buy tickets to pax east,comic con,E3 ( I may be a gaming nerd when I have free time

Audition Tape:* a scrawny kid staring at the cheerleaders behind the benches snorts and looks at the camera* " oh hi my name is kaylor and and... *looks at camera closely* i have really bad teeth. I mean look at that * shows cavaty* that's a big one. Oh! Right the audition um... I... Would like to join cuz...I'm a huge gaming nerd and Im tired of being pushed around bullies wh-* a football hits the camera and another football knocks out kaylor* "nerd!"
The Normal Twit chapter 31 . 10/9/2012
Name: Charlotte "Charlie" Sunday

Stereotype- The Friendly smarty pants

Age- 19

Personality: She is kind, bubbly, likes to have a laugh, will help certain friends, and overall is a generally nice person.

Everyday Clothing: A black jacket, underneath is a long, white knee length dress, with black tights running down from where the dress ends and to her ankles, she wears black flats.

Appearance: Pale, dark blond hair, tied up in a pony tail, which reaches to the beginning of her back. She is also skinny, has dark brown eyes and is quite pale. In height she is about "6'9"

Accessories- None

Personality: She is kind, bubbly, likes to have a laugh, will help certain friends, and overall is a generally nice person.

Bio: Charlotte lived in London until the age 4, she moved to Kansas, and she became popular, Elevra Janinc, the most popular cheerleader, envied Charlotte, trying to get Charlotte in trouble, however her friends backed her first started watching total drama island at the age of 14, becoming instantly hooked, when hearing about TDR, she instantly signed up.

Friends & Family: Marine Sunday (Mum, Aged 34) Kevin Sunday (Aged 17, younger brother.) Carl Sunday (Dad aged 34) Friends (Various groups of people.) The two Main are: Lilly Kiomy (Age 18, BFF) "Kraze" Thomas James (Aged 19, Friend)

Likes: Reading, Writing, out-smarting Enemies, Bananas, Making new friends, giving people advice, being popular and fruit.

Dislikes: Heights, injections, being made fun of and getting pranked on.

Talents: Reading, Athletics, Sports, Playing instruments and explaining things well.


Relationship?: Yep.

What kind of person: Someone Like Noah/Cody/B/Trent

Reaction to being eliminated: She smile and say, "Good Luck guys, I'll root for you all."

Reaction to winning: "I won!" She squealed, "Is this a joke?" she asked.

Why did you join?: to make new friends and enjoy the experience

What do you want the money for?: She wants it to male Library's a better place

Audition tape: A pale girl is on her red couch, she waves ad smiles at the camera, "I'm Charlotte and i-" she was interrupted by stomping, a boy with brown hair, glared at the camera pouting, "Don't accept her, she doesn't bring drama, she brings Diarrhea!" the girl pushed the boy, and then they started fighting Charlotte hit the camera, Charlotte falls to the floor, and the camera goes into static.
Kosmic chapter 31 . 10/9/2012
Name:Sarah Brooks

Age: (15-18)16

Personality:Sarah is adventures where she will try to get into everything. She is not a strong thinker and will decide to go into things head first. One push and or bad word she will hunt that person down with no second thought.

Everyday Clothing: (there will be no swimsuits or sleep gear)White short sleeve home made shirt with a really bad black fox printed on, short enough where her belly button shows. Blue pants held up by a brown belt. Blue under garments and black mini boots.

Appearance: Dirty blond hair that flows behind her ears that hangs down to her upper mid back, and long bangs that hover a bit over her forehead. Brown deep set eyes and slight tan skin. She is 6'3 foot tall weights 76 pounds pear shape body.

Fears: Die hard fans(Sierra) - Will run as fast as her feet can carry her, flashing picture cameras - Being held by someone: hides behind someone or something - Sitting around: smash it and yell "You will take no one soul fowl creature, Old People - Runs and hides with her hands over her ears

Good and Bad Habits: Tapping her foot, twirling her hair, getting into other peoples stuff, Jumping out when a friend is insulted and or pushed

Label: (this is optional but what would you label your OC as)The lesser Izzy(I think i did this right)

Orientation: followed in the course of a trend, movement, or development: Is free for choose - Sexual orientation: Bi, one to get her (I could go on on other definitions/meanings of the word but those two sounded the very close to what i think you mean)

Method to Win: To be mostly herself and do anything dirty handed for Lucas if ask.

Three word description: Daring crazy Girl (not sure really there is so many things going through my head with this)

Reason to Win: To show she can be one of the best

Audition Tape: "Hey Total Drama people!" Sarah yells and jumps off her one story home to the grass ground.

"My name is Sarah Brooks, nice to meet ya. I am a tad crazy not like amazing Izzy. Let me in and I promise I will do dirty hard work to steer stuff up. Just promise me you wont have Die Hard Fans like Sierra there, no talkative old people, and flashing pictures cameras those will steal our souls. Yea I fear those. later!" Sarah finished running up the side of the house only to fall after a couple seconds on her back.
ShortAsVegeta chapter 31 . 10/9/2012
Awesome! The twins are back for another season! Can't wait!
ShortAsVegeta chapter 30 . 9/16/2012
Yay! Luna won! Aww! This was the first time my OC has won! I'd like to thank chilloice, of course. And my fellow contestants. But mostly I'd like to thank the internet. For giving me the inspiration to sit around and do nothing but think up OCs! If I remember correctly, you said something about another story that involved some of the OCs from this season. Just reminding you. Again, thanks so much! I'm sad that its over, though. Make more stories! :D
Meowth's Toon Dragon chapter 30 . 9/16/2012

Oh well, I got to the final 2... that's something!

I had fun!
Kosmic chapter 30 . 9/16/2012
Awesome story, I am kind of sorry you decided not to do a alternate ending but it is your choice. Luna is the winner!
TheOneTimeJarvis247 chapter 30 . 9/16/2012
It seemed pretty obvious the people would vote for Luna. That boy Joshua needed to learn his lesson and Luna was the only nice person left to win. Still though let's not worry about that. Awesome challenge and great ending to a great story. Unlucky we don't get to see an alternate ending for Joshua but it's been a fantastic season of Total. Drama. UNIVERSITY. :)

P.S. Check out my application on TDPJ. I can't wait to read that story mate.
TheOneTimeJarvis247 chapter 29 . 9/16/2012
Unlucky to Riley but Joshua does need to get what is coming to him for resorting to dirty tactics. Thanks for the shoe to the face Solis *grumble*. Good chapters and good Aftermath. Can't wait to see who wins :)
ShortAsVegeta chapter 29 . 9/15/2012
I lol'd at Solis and the shoe. Awww! Luna has so many supporters. Especially her brother and James! I can't wait until the finale! Update soon!

Luna: This is it! I hope I win! Even if I don't, I'll be fine. I came here to make friends and that's what I did! I hope I win though. Joshua needs ti get what's coming to him.
ShortAsVegeta chapter 27 . 9/15/2012
Lol. Larry.
Yes! Luna won! D: I can't believe that Joshua would betray her like that! Congrats to Riley for punching him xD
Poor Riley! At least he gets to see Cyrus again.
Kosmic chapter 29 . 9/15/2012
I wonder what you have for the last challenge. Thank you for 3 chapters today
Kosmic chapter 28 . 9/15/2012
Oh this will be good. A friend who back stabs a friend battle. :)
Kosmic chapter 27 . 9/15/2012
A small mistake in who picked up Larry but great work. I am happy you used my idea, thanks. :)
Chazzaroo chapter 29 . 9/15/2012
SPOILERSSSSS *Spazz attack* I clicked on chapter 29 first and started reading and saw it was aftermath and Riley was in it DX Well, I spoiled two of my favorite stories today *Claps* I am a genius. Lovely chapters LOL at Solis shoe throwing at both Ivy and James. Shoeless Solis XD Go Joshua!
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