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strawberry-angel1002 chapter 20 . 5/15
good writing, but the grammars a little off, same with spelling, and some times the words you use sound the same but mean completely different things. for example, the french convo, its not "i out of kick you out", its "i ought to kick you out"
Shade Michels chapter 10 . 5/3
Ok I am here to say thanks for making Lucy warm up a little. And glad there is more to come.
Shade Michels chapter 4 . 5/3
Please turn Lucy back or make her just a little less bitchy thanks I know it's not much use any way but hey a comment it a comment.
Guest chapter 59 . 5/3
Can u make a part where Lucy and everyone plays pranks on Mr Asuki? pleaseeeeeee
Dr.HorribleSingAlong chapter 59 . 4/27
Read it all in a week I loved it I wish there were more of the other couples but besides that an amazing story
Guest chapter 18 . 4/20
When I read or see the word issues it reminds me of this story and I get off topic remembering the funny parts and stuff
Guest chapter 14 . 4/20
In most of the story so far, I cant stop laughing, specially the cracker and ketchup part and when Lucy first thought she was going gay for Juvia
Noctalya chapter 59 . 3/29
Hey it's me again !
I finally finished your story. It took me a week but here I am. And I swear I love it, no I more than love it. You did such an awesome story, everything got together very well, even the end was good. I mean I don't see much people pulling it up so well from beginning to end. I think I am ready for another round. I'll still follow in case you decide to write an after story or something like that, maybe on Bora leaving jail. ;) Keep it up, I love it.
xoxo, Nocty'
Noctalya chapter 20 . 3/27
Okay, I believe I'm gonna leave a full review on the story at the end. But I'm still gonna leave this here. So I'm french, and since you used French that weel I think doesn't fit the kind of people Lucy would hang around, I took the liberty to write it with what I'll call more street-french, the one I, and my friends speak at school, not the one I believe people learn in school in foreign countries. I tried to keep the same words, tho.

"Bonjour, bienvenue à- Oh ! Lucy, quelle surprise ! Ça fait un moment !" she said.
"Salut Pepe ! Ça fait un bail, ça va ?" Lucy spoke back
"Pas vraiment, puisque tu n'es pas venue me rendre visite. Où étais-tu ?" Pepe said.
"Attends, je viens d'emménager ici. C'est à une heure de mon ancienne maison, deux à pied !"
"Ce n'est pas une excuse, tu aurais du venir me rendre visite plus tôt." Pepe said.
"Et me voilà. Écoute, ma chère Pepe, j'ai eu une très mauvaise journée. Dis-moi, est-ce que Kanon est ici ?" Lucy said
"Bon, je vais laisser passer pour cette fois et oui, Kanon est là." Pepe said
"Parfait ! Tu viens d'éclairer ma journée Pepe, t'ai-je déjà dit que je t'aime ?" Lucy asked
"Une ou deux fois" Pepe giggled
"Pepe, je t'aime." Lucy said

"Qui est cette tête brûlée aux cheveux roses ?" Pepe asked staring at Natsu.

"Félicitation pour finalement mettre le grappin sur ma chère blonde. Je vous souhaite du bonheur et bonne chance !" Pepe told Natsu.

"Une table privée, s'il te plaît, éloignée des clients." Lucy told her.

"Strip club ?! Qu'est-ce que je t'ai déjà dit à propos d’appeler cet endroit un club de strip-tease ?! C'est un café, pas un club de strip-tease ! Si vous voulez voir des strip-teaseuses, tu ferais mieux d'aller voir ailleurs ! Lucy, putain, je suis fatiguée de t'entendre appeler cet endroit un club de strip-tease ! Je vais vous foutre à la porte !" Pepe yelled.

"Je vais lui dire, quelle chanson tu voudrais écouter ?" she asked.

So now it's done, you can do whatever you want with it. Some words might not be accurate translation but I found them more fitting, so yeah. Now I'll get back to the story. ;)

xoxo, Nocty'
Guest chapter 41 . 3/23
I read this outloud to my friend and I densities all the swear words so at one point I said pink haired rainbow and good sugar manelf cx and I laughed for like 5 minutes
TitaniaKnightwalker chapter 59 . 3/12
Your stories with this sort of theme are the best. So far, you're the only author on here that I've seen pull it off, and you do more than that. Your stories like this are the best, the kind that I go to school and tell people about. Thought you should know that you're my favorite author on this site, and that I hope my stories will be as good as yours. You make such a depressing story fun to read, and for both this one and mythical creatures I stayed up till three in the morning, with a test the next day, reading them. I hope you continue making amazing stories like this one.
Jazz-Likes-Fiction chapter 59 . 2/27
Really really really loved this story. I think I laughed every chapter!
This is my second story I've read written by you and it was awesome!
Hikaru Uzudraneel chapter 6 . 2/19
I feel soooooo bad for Wendy.
A friend indeed chapter 12 . 2/16
I cannot belive it, but this story has somehow actually made me come to like Bora's character. He is still an absolutely terrible human bing but that's kinda the point isn't it, the real thing about Bora is despite being a literal sack of shite he still manages to be a decent freind to Lucy witch is difficult to pull off. You took a character that was just a simple throwaway two dementional vilin in the original material and managed to create a fairly indepth character that is both likable and complex without compleat lay changing him intirely. And that my friend in the mark of a brilliant story.
Guest chapter 2 . 2/15
I just realized when Lisanna said "...had a didn't give a fuck attitude" you were basically foreshadowing their "club"
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