Reviews for A Mistake
insidejokepartyof1 chapter 28 . 11/19
Great story. I read this before it was completed earlier this year and finally just made my way back to it since you have completed it. Of course, I reread from the beginning, and I enjoyed your story very much. Have you considered writing a sequel to this? Or are we in a version where a rebellion never happens?
mistaary chapter 28 . 11/6
Thank you for that journey. It's been over 3 years now since the beginning. I commend you for actually finishing it. Wonderful story.
Elricsister chapter 28 . 11/3
Dont remember much the first time, but this was worth reading.
Guest chapter 28 . 10/29
Beautiful ending. Wish the time was post mockingjay. Then there'll be no more hunger games.
VMars lover chapter 28 . 10/26
Absolutely love how you ended this story.
So sad it's over, I cant believe it.
PrettyLu chapter 28 . 10/26
Do not! because it has to stop! It is so sad and exciting at the same time, I loved this fic really my congratulations is the best I've read, and I loved the end and three of them happy, you will continue with Her Royal Highness and the fic next you do, greetings from México :)
lovelovelove0 chapter 28 . 10/25
Will u be writing a sequel? You really should, ur a very talented writer and ive literally fallen in love with this story!
Guest chapter 28 . 10/22
Thanks for the story!
ohmymultifandom chapter 28 . 10/22
love, love, love it :)
RainbowMinnieMuffin chapter 28 . 10/21
Wow. The epilogue was definitely my favourite chapter. Maybe you could do another fanfiction with Aster being reaped or growing up with the fear. Or maybe one of Asters friends gets reaped and Aster goes in her place. I would read it immediately.
A magnificent chapter. I hole more of this will come, like a sequel.
Nik1627 chapter 28 . 10/21
Amazing! Totally loved the story!
azflower chapter 28 . 10/21
Wonderful end to a beautiful story.
Pearlfever chapter 28 . 10/21
I'm so sad to see this story come to an end: '''( I've been reading it since the start. Thank you for all the work you have put into it. I appreciate it.: )
bookloverforevah18 chapter 28 . 10/21
Huh. That was weird! But it was a wonderful chapter anyway. Happy birthday Katniss and Aster!
Tiffany.4.81 chapter 28 . 10/21
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