Reviews for A Burning Flame
Altariel chapter 1 . 8/7/2002
If only, Deborah, if only. AU at its best.
vorondis1 chapter 1 . 7/17/2002
It's good you wrote this after the depressing first version of this chapter in A Very Fire. Au or not, dream or not, I was totally swept away. Thanks!
Cirdan chapter 1 . 7/14/2002
Does that mean this is a "wet dream"? _- Well, I simply loved seeing this because it showed that there was another possibility and that all the grief could've been avoided but for a twist of fate. Fingolfin's able to be strong in his little fantasy, but Feanor remains true to himself too. It's one of the situations where sex isn't just sex. It actually makes a point in the story. Yeah, the Silmarils do need to be yielded up, just like Feanor's got to yield to someone else's will. He accepted Nerdanel's cousel to a point, but it's not the same. Feanor's like a kid that's never been told "no" and Fingolfin actually manages to get through to him here. The story got my mind churning on all sorts of AU possibilities...
No name please delete chapter 1 . 6/27/2002
A dream of redemption that can never be. Sexual union as a metaphor for redemption. But also, as a desire in itself.

Fingolfin's feelings for Feanor: obsession,

hero-worship, fear, desire, guilt, need. He wants to be Feanor, wants to merge with Feanor, wants to become Feanor. But he cannot acknowledge the erotic dimension of his feelings, even to himself-except in a dream such as this. Will he remember it when he awakes? Will he dismiss it as just-a-dream? Will he acknowledge his own heart?

And Feanor desires him back, kissed him...but was that desire, or destructiveness, or need? Feanor is so alone, so desperately needy, a motherless child, convinced deep down that he killed his mother, terrified of the destructive rage that fills him, seeing in other people only objects to manipulate. Seeing in Fingolfin a child who was not abandoned, a hated usurper, but also, perhaps, his salvation, his redemption.

Is this dream Feanor's dream as well? Does he dream that Fingolfin will redeem him? Does he wish to destroy Fingolfin? Or to destroy and to create at the same time? He, too, cannot acknowledge his feelings.

But the erotic attraction that pulls these brothers together, that neither can acknowledge even to themselves, except in a dream...

...that attraction itself is a metaphor for the redemption that they both seek, and can never find.

Except in a dream.

Finch chapter 1 . 6/26/2002
This story leaves me breathless. I even want to cry (and I seldom cry at fanfics). It makes such perfect sense: what might have been if only Fingolfin had known what to do with Feanor's kiss instead of shrinking back from his own feelings. Now that he realises he will die (I don't think he ever seriously believed he could defeat Morgoth), his dream-consciousness allows him to be wholly honest with himself. Thanks for writing this!
Artanis chapter 1 . 6/26/2002
Hope this thing works! Or else I'll kick for eating my review.

Finally you post it! It is a good "smut". Poor Fingolfin desired his brother to such extent! imagine that.. and Feanor isn't so evil here. Of course, it is just a dream after all.

and yes, maybe you should be proud of yourself. *laughs*