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Matsky chapter 4 . 5/24/2014
When will the next chapter be up.
OC maker chapter 1 . 1/14/2014
Appearance: He looks like Ray
Pesonality:Cunning Coward Annoying
History:Jake is Ray's little brother. He discovered Impmon when spying on his brother who he literally worships when his brother took him to the mysterious leader of the Hackers he received a fusion loader and joined them.
Likes:His brother teasing Jade torture bad guy stuff gaming and winning
Dislikes People that disrespects his brother, Good guys virus busters
Personality:Power hungry hot headed monstrous devil
Digivolution line: Devidramon Gigadramon Darkdramon
Like his brother he is a hacker
His fusion loader is a twisted mechanical purple
He loves machines and digimons of the metal empire
How they met: While Ray took him for a stroll to find a good partner they saw Devidramon destroying a Tyrannomon and when Jake offered him power, he couldn't say no
Jake has Megadramon MegaSeadramon MetalSeadramon ChaosWarGreymon ChaosMetalSeadramon BlackWargreymon Sealdramon Hagurumon Solarmon Hagurumon X
Targeted: Guardromon Andromon HiAndromon Devitamamon
Love life:He still considers a love a "Eeew" thing
Extra:He is a prodigy
Guest chapter 1 . 1/14/2014
Here is Jade's final part I had accidentally pressed the send button.

Jade color
She likes nature spirits
After she met Devimon, Ray went to show her the Digi-Quartz. They saw BlackTailmon killing an innocent Chuumon family and when the evil cat saw her old accomplice Devimon, she met Jade and when she heard the power of humans she accepted partnering with Jade so they could cause pain together
Jade has Gryzlimon Liamon MadLeomon DeatheMeramon Deathmon BlackMetalGreymon PicoDevimons(5 of them) Shademon Callismon Saberdramon Drimogemon
She is Ray's girlfriend
OC maker chapter 1 . 1/14/2014
Name Jade
Age 13
Appearance: Jade eyes and hair and clothes
Personality:Evil cunning tricky evil
History:Jade never got anything exciting but stealing from people and cutting she always enjoyed suffering and pain on others. So, she joined Ray and when she discovers Devimon, she joins the bad guys for some fun
Likes pain, suffering, torturing, bad guy stuff
Dislikes happiness on her enemies and annoying people or digimon
Partner BlackTailmon
Personality:Cunning smart aggressive merciless
Digivolution line:BlackTailmon-Basetmon-AncientSphinxmon
OC maker chapter 1 . 1/14/2014
Age 13
Appearance Brown hair black leather jacked black sunglasses
Personality:A cross between evil leader, bully, mastermind
History: Ray loved stealing from people weaker than him. One of theses days he attacked a girl of his age(Ana previous OC) and her boyfriend(Artur) kicked his butt. He sword vengeance and followed them accidentally discovering the Digi-quartz. He then met a power hungry bully named Devimon and they bonded quickly but when he attacked Artur and Ana, RizeGreymon and Taomon kicked their evil butts so he joined the hackers to destroy ALL hunters.
Likes: Torturing bulling evil bad guy stuff and scaring people with devimon
Dislikes Good guys good guy stuff Artur and Ana and that stuff
Partner Devimon
Personality: Even worse than his partner's
Digivolution line:Impmon-Devimon-SkullSatamon-Ebemon
He likes Nightmare Soldiers
How they met: Look in Ray, history's
He also have Chimeramon Devidramon Neodevimon sangloupmon
Targeted digimon Artur's Agumon, Ana's Renamon, Arresterdramon MetalTyrannomon
Love interest:Another hacker OC coming next
Guest chapter 1 . 1/12/2014
Here is Artur's gal
Age 13
Appearance:Blond Hair going to her shoulders, blue eyes average size Brazilian
Personality:She holds Artur and Agumon back calm and smart never gives up strong dedicated and fights to win.
History:Ana and Artur grew up together. She also got sucked into a digimon game but it was digimon battle. She met Renamon her partner and her digivice changed to a fusion loader with Renamon following her. When Artur saw her fusion loader they became a unbeatable duo
Likes Ana likes to battle and quite enjoy strategizing she is a tomboy she likes fishing and judo
Dislikes Noobs Annoying people bullies and injustice
Partner Renamon
Personality Renamon is quiet and do as told she never questions Ana and their bond is supreme Renemon also enjoys sparring with Agumon
Digivolution Line: Kyubimon-Kyukimon-Sakuyamon-Kuzhuamon or Prairiemon-Andiramon(data)-Houmon-Valdurmon
X hunter chapter 1 . 1/12/2014
Name Artur
Age 13
Appearance Brown hair and eyes, white, brazilian
Personality Smart, quick, does anything for his friends, never gives up, shoot first asks later, natural leader, brave and gets his hands dirty as last resort
History Ever since Artur met Agumon he worked hard to be the best hunter, he fights ruthlessly and never say no to a battle also he defeated millions of enemies with no problem and already reached the burst mode
Likes Artur loves a good battle, hunting, gaming and pizza
Dislikes Bullies, boredom, evil and chaos
Partner Agumon 2006
Personality Even more battle ready than Artur and really proud and confident, never gives up and goes head first on enemies
Digivolution line: Greymon-MetalGreymon-Wargreymon-VictoryGreymon or slide forms, GeoGreymon-Rizegreymon-ShineGreymon-ShineGreymon Burst mode
Artur's fusion loader is crimson
He likes the Dragon Roar
How they met: Artur met Agumon when he was sukcked in his computer while playing Digimon Masters they bonded quickly and his "Masters" digivice changed in a fusion loader they quickly defeated a wild Seadramon and Artur came back with Agumon with him.
Captured digimon:MetalGarurumon(Yes he can DNA evolve/jogress with Wargreymon to get Omegamon)Arresterdramon OmegaShoutmon ZeekGreymon Deckerdramon Plutomon Apollomon Darkdramon Ornismon JumboGamemon Surfymon SlashAngemon UlforceVeedramon BantyoLeomon Chaosdramon Ravemon Cyberdramon fusion MetalSeadramon Justimon Dominimon Alphamon Owryuumon(Jogress him with Alphamon to get Alphamon Owryuuken) Dynasmon Dorbickmon Fanglomon Examon MetalTyrannomon Digmon Vritramon KaiserGreymon KendoGarurumon MagnaGarurumon
Targeted Digimon Skull Knightmon DeadlyAxemon Vamdemon Plessiomon BlackWargreymon Drimogemon Seraphimon Ophanimon Cherubimon any strong digimon he finds and etc
Love Interest: Another OC that is his girlfriend.
Extra he has the ability of Digi-modify
Oc maker chapter 1 . 1/7/2014
In case you may want Artur, here is Ana:
Age:Same as Artur
Appearance:Blue eyes and blond the hair goes to her shoulders she is average sized
Personality:She analyzes the situation and holds Artur when he is reckless most of time both of them have honor
History:Ana is king of the Virus Busters digimon back on her dimensions. She was chosen to travel with Artur and their friends on their digital world
Likes:Ana likes gaming, pizza and judo
Dislikes She hates being forced to do something and if there is no way to do something she give up.
Partner:Gatomon who can slide evolve to Garurumon
Personality:Gatomon is like your average cat and always try to do the easy way also she loses temper easily when insulted
Digivolution line: Gatomon has the twin DNA trick and two evolution paths as well she slide evolves to Garurumon to do her second path, Gatomon-Angewomon-Holydramon-Azulongmon or Garurumon-Tylingmon-Seraphimon-SlashAngemon and twin DNA evolve to UlforceVeedramon
She is a hunter
She also uses her pure white royal gauntlet
Her favorite kind of digimon are the Virus Busters which she is queen in her dimension
Ana met Gatomon when she and her friends where sucked into their digital world and only Artur managed to skip the "Ahhh! Monster" stuff after that they got along well.
Ana has ClavisAngemon, Plutomon and a army of virus busters digimon
As said before AnaXArtur
Oc maker chapter 1 . 1/7/2014
Name Artur
Age 11
Appearance: Brown hair and eyes, white, average sized
Personality: Brave, determined, smart, proud, little reckless, do anything for friends
History: Artur is a dimension traveler from a different dimension where he is the king of the dragon roar digimon. He travels around the dimension with digimon to find strong rivals
Likes: Pizza, battles, hunting, gaming
Partner: Dracomon
Personality He is like Artur's clone
Evolution line: Dracomon has two evolution paths, Blue Coredramon-Wingdramon-Slayerdramon-VictoryGreymon or Green Coredramon-Groundramon-Breakdramon-GigaBreakdramon and Dracomon can make Dracomon multiply in Slayerdramon and Breakdramon in a split second to activate a new kind of evolution where one digimon with two mega levels merge themselves into a new form. Dracomon's is Examon
He is a hunter
Artur uses a Royal Gauntlet, which is a different kind of digivice that has all abilities of the past digivices and fusion loaders it's color is crimson
His favorite kind of digimon is dragon roar
Artut met Dracomon when he and his friends where sent to the digital world of their dimension where they first became kings
Artur's top digimon after Dracomon are ShineGreymon who fought with them since he was an Agumon 2006, Deckerdramon, MetalGreymon 2010, OmegaShoutmon, Cyberdramon 2010, an army of dragon digimon and his counselor Fanglomon
Artur's girlfriend is the king of the Virus Busters in his dimension, Ana
Artur has the Dragonic Sword the legendary weapon that allows him to become BurningGreymon.
TailGatomonX3 chapter 1 . 8/4/2013
Name : Shiney ( Shin-ey)Nakala Sataya
Age : 12
Appearence : Has slightly curly aurburn hair tied in two low ponytails , slightly tan skin and cyan blue eyes .Wears a cyan jacket , a purple and white striped t-shirt/shirt , a blue skirt , a pair of Blue and White sneakers , which have some purple marks , and a white and cyan headphone.
Personality : A bit dreamy,through she is thoughtful and have a sharp mind and sense , she is very stubborn , but sometimes in a good way , easily startled by some small noise and is quite forgetful , sensitive ,reckess, blunt , honest and loyal .
History:Taiki's younger cousin , she behaves like his little sister , because she doesn't have a sibling . Always persude her cousin to find a girlfriend(example : Akari) , she is a bit ship-decker ..(I don't really know what you mean with history , so if I am wrong , pm me)
Likes:her cousin , animals , skating , singing , and drawing
Dislikes:Lazy people , "princesses" , boasting people , boring people , cheaters , wars , disgusting people and bullies XD
Partner:Nekomon(A little feline digimon which is silver and white , with dazzling green eyes , wears fluffy cyan thin scarf on her neck , with a silver neckness with four elements for the core(water fire leaf thunder)
Personality:Talkative , playful , cunning and happy , always makes jokes that makes people laugh , never been serious , a bit short temper .
Digivolution Line : nope , but has mode change like Firenekomon , Leafnekomon , Aquanekomon , and Thundernekomon(changes colour in mode change)
Hunter or Hacker : Hunters
Xros loader : White and Cyan
T.O.D.T.L:Dragon's roar , wind guardians and Natural spirits.
H.T.M:One stormy night everyone was asleep while Shiney stayed awake , a bright silver comet with blue ,red ,yellow and green tail flashed in the sky , she made a wish of having a best friend and partner . Then , the comet falls infront of her and revealed that is an bright silver egg , Shiney doesn't know whats that , but she still takes good care of that , she and Nekomon become partners and best friends after Nekomon hatched .
W.D.T.H.O.W.H.:Hunted:Swallowmon , Birdramon , Breezedramon , salamon , and lopmon . Will hunt : Skydramon , Rapidramon , Aquangemon , and Pegusimon
Love interests:/
SoulSavior71 chapter 4 . 4/27/2013
Yay! New chapter but man I'm always the las one to find out! Oh well, can't wait for the next chapter! *does a happy dance* see you next chapter
DarkLord98 chapter 4 . 4/21/2013
nice chapter and when's my OC gonna appear?
Pandamoniam chapter 4 . 4/20/2013
And the plot thickens. Great job, dude! The line up for the next chapter looks epic, but mainly because I love Fangmon.
Da-Tenshi Setsuna chapter 4 . 4/20/2013
I feel a little bit sorry for Myotismon (a little bit) and I'm glad everything ended good. Though I wonder who that godess is and... hey, my OC appeared! I loved the little argument between Impmon and Calumon
ZXCVBNMEM chapter 4 . 4/19/2013
Wow, I didn't expect that Myotismon to have that kind of personality. Now I feel sorry for it. D:
The Goddess brings great interest. It makes me think about her history with Tyson.
Keep up the good work!
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