Reviews for A Few Repairs
Jaywings chapter 6 . 3/13
Right, last chapter. I guess I'll read the corresponding one-shots next week or something.

I've always liked the idea of Aperture having a ton of hidden entrances on the surface, like the lake in Blue Sky and the cabin in this story

;alksdfj you managed to work that terrifying, unused glados line in

Oh no... her crows...

AAAHHH this is a very good story. I'm really glad I reread it
Jaywings chapter 5 . 3/13
Okay this is the second to last chapter so I think I am just going to finish reading and reviewing this today.

"with maybe two or ten or fifty or more words for emphasis" ;lkafjs

Ahhh the part with Chell thinking about Wheatley is pretty heartwarming :)

Oh wow is that the first time she's said his name

Haha, one of the scenes I always remember from this story is the one with Chell cleaning his optic. For some reason I really like that

pfff, "move the kitchen" ...Oh hahaha I forgot you used A113 for the room number. That is the best thing

Jaywings chapter 4 . 3/13
Hahahaha I feel so bad for Wheatley but I can't help but laugh about how confused he is...

Gah I'm almost all the way through this chapter and I haven't said anything.

Ah, well, Wheatley got to apologize at last That is awesome :D
Jaywings chapter 3 . 3/13
Hmm I'm wondering how much more of this I should read right now because I want to do other stuff today but I'm caught up in the story

Oh well onto this chapter

Catapult nightmare hehehe

...I kind of find it odd that the bathroom keeps being referred to as "her personal bathroom," since she's the only one in the house. I guess that means that the bathroom is just off her own room but it seems a little extraneous

ACH NOOOO... sheesh what does it take for GLaDOS to just leave well enough alone, huh?
Jaywings chapter 2 . 3/13
...Oh, you've got "managed" twice in the same sentence, and then "management rail," which is almost the same word... Actually these stories are a couple of years old so I'm not sure how much you would want me trying to point out stuff like that eheh sorry

Okay, um, I have to admit that I've never really understood what the turret on the Redemption Line means. The different paths Wheatley could take and avoiding one... I assume they come up later in the story but I... never... caught that ; Is it meant to do with him earning forgiveness from Chell? Or working through his own mental brokenness?

Apple. Hahahaha. Man, Chell, don't take a bite out of an apply while you're running around, you'll choke and there's not much Wheatley could do about it DX

...Wait, how is Wheatley even sitting up without his bottom handle? In the game if you don't pick him up, it's hard enough to get him to sit upright even with the handle XD

Yaaay I'm so happy she fixed his voice aaahhhh
Jaywings chapter 1 . 3/13
So I remember this story as being considerably less heart-wrenching than the last one.

I like how Wheatley and Chell's relationship is shown here. Like they're both sort of wary of each other and they've both been betrayed by each other (or at least Wheatley thinks he was betrayed) so... yeah that's a lot of tension

Yesssss I really love the portrayals of Chell showing no emotion and just pushing on no matter what happens.

Wheatley having horrible hallucinations hurts my soul

aaaahhhh next chapter
Techno Writer chapter 6 . 11/25/2013
This is a wonderful story! I very much enjoyed it. Do you have any other stories like this?
evanyaphoenix chapter 6 . 10/25/2013
After listening to the ending theme of portal 2, repeatedly, over the last hour, the first thing I noticed was the amazing use of song lyrics in your author's note. And then again in the post-chapter one. Thank you. You just made my day. It's always good to see intelligent fanfiction writers.

Oh, yeah, the story was good too! XD

Ehwhat chapter 6 . 10/24/2013
NOOOO it cant be over! its not allowed! THIS SHALL NOT PASS! I need more to survive, I need my hurt/comfort Chelley like I need air to BREATHE and your story was PERFECT NOOOOO... Well at least Wheatley is back with Chell :) and I feel kind of bad for that turret. The turret which for some stupid reasons reminded me of God but whatever... thanks for writing such an in-character and amazing story about my favourite characters! I hope you one day do more or something :) Byee!
AsrielWolve chapter 6 . 8/11/2013
Absolutely loved this story and the one before! I hope to see more from you /M
Silverstreams chapter 6 . 7/16/2013
Ah yes good a long chapter. It seems like there's a lot left that needs to happen, and I have a feeling this is going to go by fast.

Oh hey Chell was right. It did snow. And yeah, I'm with Chell. The two of them have come a long ways since the beginning of this fic.

Uh oh. This is NOT good. But I like her thoughts, how she considered just letting him go. But YAY she's going to go rescue himmm.

And aaahhhhHHHHH no BAD BIRD how could you rip that out after Chell fixed it nooo.

Ahhhh Wheatley no this isn't a delusion and gosh I have to admit that GLaDOS is fantastic at tearing him down woah. And uuuuuugughghhhhhh I don't think I'm going to survive this chapter and I'm not even that far in. But yesss I am glad he remembers Chell's name.

" She continued to stare at him wordlessly, and he took it to mean she was speechless." Oh no Wheatley you've done it nowwww ;n; and oh no not arms this CAN"T BE GOOD oh nooooo

Ah looks like we're back at the redemption line…and surprisingly it's a message of hope..

But gah the fact that GLaDOS did break into her house is terrifying. I'm with Chell. AHHHH ROCKET TURRET GAH…phew.

" Even after five years, she could still walk in them with ease." Aaah Chell…

" And her entire body shook with rage." Ahahaha YES. Is it strange that I smiled at this? And ahah we're back in business. Loveee this part so far, mostly because I love the dark relationship between Chell and GLaDOS.

" It was time to end this once and for all." BRING IT ON. But uh oh, testing….and gosh GLaDOS is, like always, both childish and cruel. HOLD ON OH NO HER BACKPACK this is baaaaad. Tenacity can get you through, Chell. You must endure.

A smart choice on GLaDOS's part to not let her have a gun…

" She either needed to throw her out or kill her." UH OH WATCH OUT CHELL. Getting kind of panicked here.
" Was GLaDOS just going to test her indefinitely?" AAAAHHH maybe but I don't think so gah. And GLaDOS's dark humor is slipping in again…perfect.


" "Very well—let's get right to it." Ooooh owch what a perfect use of that line from the song.


Ah yes gooood Wheatley. She really did save you and I'm glad that you remembered and hold on. So they ARE connected… YESSS GOOD.

Ahhh so intense. But OH NOOOO her birds ;u; Still, it's a good way for Wheatley and Chell to get OUT OF THERE.

Wheatley nooooo this can't be good. Listen to the turret…endure. Yaay Oracle turret….awwwwwww yes good. Tearing up a little bit at that beautiful and lovely ending.

..I'm going to have to put all of my feels about the fic as a whole into a more coherent post later on because right now I'm just ajfkda;jk;aj;

I just realized how long this review has gotten, but I've still got a bit more to say. I really have no idea why I waited so long to read this, since I already knew A Little Test was so excellent, but I am SO GLAD I did. Ahh what an excellent fic, and what a perfect ending. Reading that was definitely an experience.
Silverstreams chapter 5 . 7/16/2013
As always, here comes a long review.

I like that Chell didn't immediately forgive him upon his apology. I also like how it's eating away at Wheatley.

I am curious as to how he's hearing GLaDOS. To me it seems like parts of it are very real, and it's just the visual that he's hallucinating. Still, I wonder…

Aw poor Wheatley. I know I say that a lot, but…yeah. Chell is not going to be happy if you wake her up in the middle of the night…YEP she's not happy with you. I really do wish his sleep mode worked.

Looks like the guilt is still there with Wheatley, and I like that Chell's response to his apology is the same. Nothing's really changed there. And Wheatley there's no magical guide to getting people to forgive you, man. Chell's doing as much as she can.

UH OH. Cling to your hope Wheatley, DON"T LISTEN. GLaDOS NO UURGH.

Ugh her laughing just made my skin crawl. I AM VERY NERVOUS and I am hesitantly scrolling down because I need to know what happens but at the same time fjak;jdka;

Uh oh Chell's getting suspicious. GOOD….and all of the sudden I have this sinking feeling that the entire thing was a trap CRAP CRAP.

"And she realized—in spite of all she had thought before, maybe she really was finding something in that broken hunk of metal that was worth forgiving." Awwww. My heart is happier.

UGH CHELL ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT? I appreciate that you're trying to calm Wheatley but gaaaaaaah. And owch those repairs do sound painful. But YAY he's not feeling pain any more.

Understandable that he's worried about being washed, but I'm glad that Chell did it anyways. And aw it tickles. And why is she looking at him like that…

Makes sense that Chell would spend time reading…I can imagine anything electronic would be an immediate cause of suspicion.

Hold on how did his optic…while I'm glad that he's not sparking anymore, part of me is going aaaah what's going to happen. But aww I love Chell's reasoning for keeping Wheatley around.

" Everything was going to be all right." My writer/plotting senses are on HIGH ALERT.

…but yaaay he knows her name and has at least some hope yet. This is the happiest I've seen him.

Silverstreams chapter 4 . 7/16/2013
Ack okay funny story. I sat down and read this entire chapter, then looked up and realized that I had absolutely nothing written for the review because I was too absorbed to take a break and write. So, now I get to skim back through :3

Ahh I love how you develop this first section. At first, I was just as confused as Chell, and I love how their misunderstandings play off one another and almost make things worse. But ahh poor Wheatley. I still like how Chell keeps her silence as long as she can.

Oh no a Chell flashback. It hurts to hear that no one believed her even WHEN she told them about Aperture argh. It's a perfect way for her to relate to Wheatley, though. And gah even when she tells him the truth, he doesn't quite believe it.

" Chell was not the kindest person—Aperture had made sure of that." Ahhh I love this paragraph—Aperture would affect her in everyday life.

My eyes DEFINITELY got bigger when that snippet of GLaDOS's dialogue appeared. Nooo don't dismiss it, Chell. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT.

Oh man Wheatley no…don't get too hopeful. Someone is bound to come and crush—yep, there she is. Gosh she is cruel (and perfect x33)

I love that he fights back—and the fact that he's not shocked immediately should show him that he's not actually with GLaDOS. But gah Wheatley nooo don't slip into delusions.

Yaaay Chell's back. Phew. Good timing. Gosh I just want to give Wheatley a little hug (even though it'd probably hurt him, oops.)

Aaah it is painful to watch him being repaired wire by wire, but there's no other way to do it, really. SO GLAD he apologized, though.

Oh hey! Blue and Orange.

GLaDOS I do not like where you're going with this—-NOPE NOPE NOPE YOU CAN"T DO THAT LEAVE THEM ALONEEEEEE

Silverstreams chapter 3 . 7/16/2013
Ahh you're too late Wheatley. She's not listening to your apology nowww. It's very HIM to now even pay attention to what he's saying, though.

Ack makes me nervous when he freezes like that. I am still impressed by the way that you show pain in these robots. It's perfect and makes a lot of sense.

Noooo Wheatley it's okay. Chell's not going to torture you without mercy just for giving her a suggestion. At least, I hope she doesn't. Still. What a great reaction to it.

Oh no not another hallucination…and I love NNNT! I knew EXACTLY what sound you were talking about. Ahh Oracle Turret again, which of course puts me on high alert. Especially this line: "You will eventually come to the end."

I love how these play out like a dream. (Well, I now know it IS a dream.) The variation on the betrayal scene is fascinating so far, and a good way to approach that scene without making it—AHHH GLaDOS NO WHY. UGH NOOO THAT JUST MADE THIS WORSE.

But gaaah I'm glad he didn't notice her speak, and I love how their relationship just sort-of friends to flat-out enemies simply by crushing GLaDOS….what a terrible nightmare. Entirely realistic, though.

Interesting that she picks up on the stutter, and I do like that she doesn't let him boss her around at all. He asks a question, and she sets him on the floor so that she can eat.

" Whatever had happened to him, he deserved it all, and worse." D: D: D: oh gosh Chell is that what you really think?

Good to see that some of Wheatley's optimism is returning, however slight it might be. And aaah it's okay Wheatley. He's not much better now, true, but at least he's not in Aperture…HOLD ON.

WAIT NO THIS IS BAD. GLaDOS NOOOOOOOO WHY WOULD YOU MAKE HIM THINK IT WAS ANOTHER DELUSION. Hold on now it's shifting to an actual delusion AHH. And ugh those birds. Well, that bird.

Heeheh I like how much it annoys Wheatley that Chell can talk but chooses not to. Ah I love how these two clash, and really did like that last scene there.

And gosh the last line of this is making me nervous.
Silverstreams chapter 2 . 7/16/2013
Ooh, I love the opening of this. Gosh I love the oracle turret.-so cute and cryptic, and you really have the puzzling speech pattern down. Really, though, I can't WAIT to see how some of these predictions unfold later on.

Ah it hurts that he can't cry out. And I like that he's conflicted as to whether or not he actually heard Chell's voice.

" How could everything be all right with how broken his entire body—his entire processor—was? " Awwww poor Wheatley. I really do feel sorry for him.

Still, it's interesting to see how he's almost entirely given up hope AFTER his rescue.

And shhh that's just the sun. Not GLaDOS. Heh. An interesting reaction, and one that makes a lot of sense considering he doesn't have much with the outdoor world.

Wheatley no. Don't hurt yourself more. You've tried that before; it never works out well.

And ahah I love Chell's reaction as she walks home and remembers Wheatley.

Aw. He's still so skittish around Chell, and it breaks my heart. She's going to try and fix you okay. And ahh the way Chell is attempting to use that screwdriver reminds me of being at the dentist/orthodontist (mostly because I've had some rather painful experiences there.(

And gosh this WOULD make a core nervous. Soldering irons are not fun at all . and I can't even imagine what that would feel like to a robot. Ack no don't scream. Though it's not entirely his fault, Chell…but UGH wow that HURT A LOT. Especially the bit about him sobbing earlier.


Hold on what is Blue doing with that turret? You're making me nervous there.

As always, your GLaDOS is spot-on, and oops poor frakenturret. Well, that does take care of that problem.
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