Reviews for Against All Odds
cycworker chapter 40 . 1/5
So cute! I like differences in the way Faith interacted with Alex vs Lexie. And I loved the bit where she got all chatty & imaginative re: what kind of doctor she wants to be. Nice to see the communication between C/A re: this trial idea. Yay for a supportive Callie!
cycworker chapter 39 . 1/5
I love to see how you're starting to show the growth in Faith's social skills in this chapter. She's learning about sharing, meeting new people.. so sweet! Glad you introduced the idea of connecting with the family who donated the heart to Faith.
cycworker chapter 38 . 1/5
I like how you introduced the idea of the trial. Faith was very cute, listening to Mama's brain. Love her new costume... definitely better than an orange & green bug.
cycworker chapter 37 . 1/5
Love that Faith too her backpack to bed with her! So sweet to see her so excited about school.
cycworker chapter 36 . 1/2
What a great party! So familiar with kids finding pinatas to be overrated in the end. We actually would eventually make the kids divide up the candy evenly, because I'm uptight that way. It's gotta be fair. ;)
cycworker chapter 35 . 1/2
It would have been cute, when Mark asks Faith why she's here, if Faith had chimed in with 'No yuckies' again. For some reason I find that really cute. Love that she had fun in daycare. Was nice to see Callie & Arizona actually communicate and come to a decision together.
cycworker chapter 34 . 1/2
Oh that little monkey! This chapter was hilarious.
cycworker chapter 33 . 1/2
Oh, the agony of being 7 and having a little sister who won't write on her card the way you want her to. LOL. I'm glad you show Sofia being impatient with Faith sometimes. So glad you are showing Arizona and Callie caring about the donor's family. It is so heartbreaking to think about it yet such an amazing gift that organ donors give to people.
cycworker chapter 32 . 1/2
Love that she's getting chatty. The bit with the bagel was hilarious. She's such a cute kid. Would that really happen with the IV? I can't imagine it.
cycworker chapter 31 . 1/2
I love Carlos. Am always ambivalent re: whether I want Lucia to come around and try to work things out with Callie & Arizona. But I know it doesn't always happen, so it's realistic. I had to laugh at poor Sofia breaking her arm... the daredevil thing seems like something Callie's kid would do. Loved their little sleepover.
cycworker chapter 30 . 12/29/2014
Mark really is the fun parent, isn't he? Or at least the one who is most easygoing of the 4. I am actually good with that. I think Sofia probably needs that, because the 3 women can all be rather strict, I think. I love that he got their family a puppy. And I love that Calzona didn't forget about Sofia because they were wrapped up in worrying about Faith.

That scene in the OR was heartbreaking and yet sweet.
cycworker chapter 29 . 12/29/2014
Aww... I love that Faith is getting her new heart. At first I was bummed you didn't wait until the day after Sofia's birthday, but I kinda like it, in retrospect. I'll always believe, although you never spelled it out (you could in the sequel, hint, hint) that on Sofia's 6th birthday - or maybe even here in this chapter at some point - but in my headacanon it's her 6th birthday - Sofia wishes for Faith's heart to be fixed. I felt SO bad for Sofia, yet happy, too.
cycworker chapter 28 . 12/29/2014
This chapter was totally one of my favourites. Was so cute how Faith was starting to talk a bit. Loved the whole S-E-X banter between Calzona, and the whole sleeping all together as a family thing. Especially Sofia at the end... "But tomorrow I got more to say." Both of these girls are hilarious and you've given them unique personalities.
cycworker chapter 27 . 12/29/2014
LOL Sofia's crush.. again, nice use of comic relief. The bit with Faith wanting more applesauce was a nice little humorous touch, too, just in that they weren't moving fast enough for her. She has such personality.
cycworker chapter 26 . 12/29/2014
Aww... Sofia is such a sweet sister. Another heartbreaking chapter. So sad to read that Faith's in pain. You really have the characters well developed. Was so hoping she'd get the heart...
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