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JadenCage chapter 55 . 3/24
What an amazing story truley an work of art can't wait for the final chapter of this epic fiction
RosesAreRed464 chapter 55 . 3/24
I'm really sad to hear this story is ending, it's so good! Not to mention well written which is refreshing!
Alex B. Goode chapter 55 . 3/24
Outstanding job!
Ms. Catherine Willmon 2015 chapter 55 . 3/23
Well, it appears all is right in the ranger world.

Hunter and Tori's twins are just adorable. I'm telling you; they're gonna grow up and be all bad ass rangers just like their parents.

Conner and Kira can't keep their hands off each other; and, really, can you blame them? I thought it was awesome that Kira is gonna keep her last name, but also hyphen it with her soon-to-be-husband's name.

And I'm so happy that Kat finally got an happy ending. Malcolm got exactly what he deserved, Cassie was awesome as Kat's attorney and Billy and Kat are just adorable together. Now, with their own wedding and a baby of their own on the way, the Cranstons are just beginning.

Update soon!

Love you much, Nina!
garnetred chapter 55 . 3/22
Excellent chapter. I am glad that Malcolm got what he deserves. Please update soon.
DANKO aka Rekka Shinen chapter 46 . 3/22
Whoa, I think this story is overloaded with characters. Really hard to follow who's there and who's not. And they keep popping out of nowhere at random. Kinda confusing. Otherwise - good story!
Pinkrangerfan chapter 55 . 3/22
Good chapter I am gald all the rangers have finally gotten their lives back and I liked how helped billy send melcolm to jail for good and I liked how SPD is starting to build its furte base where the SPD rangers will one day get their Morphers and I have a question is Mack human now like in the ending of show?
MF 22 chapter 55 . 3/22
Given how the relationship was progressing, it's no surprise that Kira and Conner got engaged. I was actually surprised it didn't happen sooner. Given how short Kat and Billy were dating relative to Kira and Conner, they actually got engaged much sooner than the younger Rangers. Then again, each relationship moves at its own pace, so there's that.

On another note, what about the whole Mack being an android thing? It's great he and Rose are together, and that they appear to be in it for keeps. But there was no mention of Sentinel Knight and the Crown granting his desire to become Human, or even that they got all the jewels for the Crown so Mack can become Human.

As for Hanna and Factory Blue, fuck 'em. They got what was coming to them. He didn't have to shoot his mouth off. He could've easily said he made a colossal error, and apologized for his behavior. Instead, he chose to have a stiff upper lip, so he and his riders got their asses handed to them.

Speaking of not knowing when to keep her mouth shut, that Janelle woman also got her comeuppance, it appears. I laughed when Zedd "accidentally" spilled his smoothie on the loudmouth. It showed incredibly poor taste for her to basically encourage Roger's behavior, but I guess she wasn't taught proper decorum in journalism school. Oh well. There's people like that in every profession, as Hanna showed.

Anyway, most of the loose ends have been tied up. Malcolm's been dealt with, as have Will and Dax, in a manner that didn't have them being classified as domestic terrorists. Even the groundwork for an SPD branch on Earth has been set up. But there are still issues that'll obviously be longterm concerns. First, who's going to pay for all the construction now that the war's over? It's easy to destroy, but tough to rebuild. The cost has to be exceedingly high. Granted, the chapter also takes place a year after the war's conclusion, so things are obviously well under way, but even after that time, there'd still be a great deal to clean up before they can even think of rebuilding.

There's not only that, but there's also the emotional impact the war had. Livelihoods and countless lives were lost. Cherished memories. One can start over, but can never quite go back after something like that.

On a similar note, what about the overall attitudes of the public and government? The President has obviously done his part in trying to stem some of the anger. But given the damage, and generally that some people just aren't willing to accept that things are different from what they want, there's obviously going to be some bad blood that won't go away overnight. There will always be parties looking to prey on such anger, whether it's individuals with influence, private sector, or the government itself. Things can easily become tense again if say, someone tries to force the Rangers once again to work for the government. Just like how SHIELD did with the hero community, which invariably led to Civil War, and split the Marvel world right down the middle.
eva505 chapter 55 . 3/21
Good chapter yay karma got Malcolm and Billy and cat are happy and Hunter and tori have twins Blake did good and Toby got his rockporium back bitter sweet that it's ending it was a really good story what happened with gobin unless i missed something update soon
RHatch89 chapter 55 . 3/21
awesome update :)
TommyOliverMMPRFan chapter 55 . 3/21
All of this chapter was amazing. Especially Malcolm. Karma finally gets him.
Harry2 chapter 55 . 3/21
This has been an enjoyable ride Andrea, a VERY enjoyable one! And to see how so many Rangers past and future are doing, along with their friends is great to see. But the most pleasant surprise is one. that your long time readers should have seen coming: THE WOLF AND THE KAT ARE BACK TOGETHER! *Stronger than before, GO ZEO!* One more chapter to go and then its on to your other projects. Keep up the great work my friend!
Jokermask18 chapter 55 . 3/21
Nice! Looking forward to the finale.
MF 22 chapter 44 . 3/1
Something I noticed throughout the fic is that you kind of have a tendency to use an apostrophe where one isn't required, usually when using the plural form of a noun. For instance, rather than "My son is one of the most powerful warrior's in the known universe," it should be, "My son is one of the most powerful warriors in the known universe!" It is a minor error, and certainly doesn't take away from the fic, but as stated, instances like this have appeared multiple times, including in the very next chapter, where you mention "a couple of his Ecto Morphicon's trashing Reefside."

Another error that occurred in this chapter was when you wrote about Ivan's birth: "He made a deal with the King, who was a direct descendent of Xinshing's." That sentence would indicate that Xinshing came first, rather than this King. Pretty sure you meant ancestor. Unless you have some kind of Back to the Future paradox going on, of course. :P
MF 22 chapter 20 . 3/1
I've been rereading the fic, and something that sticks out is that Will and Dax will have to answer for their crimes, just as Gorbin will. And the Silver Guardians who voluntarily went along with these acts, as opposed to those (such as Rose and Ronny) who felt they had no other choice, and were forced into a corner. Dax and Will may've eventually turned to the right side, which may be mitigating circumstances. But the fact of the matter is that they still willingly committed treason, just as Gorbin did. That's the death penalty. And that's even if they're lucky. If they're not, they could be classified as enemy combatants, and if that happens...well, Gitmo is still open, with all that implies. And the intelligence community will not appreciate the black eye GAMA has given them, so behind the scenes, they'd definitely push for severe punishment, to send a message to all who'd think of pulling a stunt similar to that of Gorbin.

Speaking of loose threads, what about Malcolm and his ilk? They're not the type to just go away. On top of that, what about the Rangers' former employers? They were shitcanned without even being given a chance. After saving the planet, those entities have egg on their faces. Especially since the Rangers did so without asking for anything save for peoples' civil liberties being restored, and the damage the government caused undone.
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