Reviews for Flocking Movement: The Seventeenth
gg chapter 49 . 1/17/2015
did the flock ever find out from cain how exactly he tracked them to new york and down to mexico?
des said lucy was the first person he killed. who was the first person lucy really killed? what did the adjatevs make her do when they were raising her in juno? alt doesn't count because she knew he'd recover from death. excellent chapter.
gg chapter 48 . 1/17/2015
how frustrated cain must have been in the 17th. he spent centuries watching over alt’s flock from afar, protecting them when he could without treading on alt’s super sensitive toes. then alt puts him on ice for 128 years. when cain finally meets the flock formally they fear him and keep killing him. thanks to alt they only see cain as a bad guy. it’s no wonder cain was taking out all of his frustration on them, killing them and kidnapping des later on. cain probably figured this served them all right for the grief they’ve given him over the years. turnabout is fair play, something cain would understand very well. it's very hard when people misinterpret something you thought was perfectly clear. in your own mind it was, but other people think differently.
gg chapter 47 . 1/16/2015
the empty man. if hawk could empathize, i bet he'd feel badly for daniel. he understands what it means to be stripped of his identity, his very soul. proeathan tech stole away hawk's soul, so he has every reason to hold a grudge, if he were able. and daniel had everything taken from him by the assassins, by abstergo, by the proeathans. yeah, daniel is a jerk, but he's a sad creature, too. looking at daniel, hawk must see what he could've been. hawk might be more tragic tho since he remembers what he lost. daniel doesn't. small mercy.
gg chapter 46 . 1/16/2015
i know alt asking des if he's ok makes him mad. but maybe the better angle here would've been for des to ask alt if he's ok? they haven't had a chance to talk one on one since cain's return. alt must be a ball of emotions at this point. confusion, anger, longing, betrayal. beating des up in the last chapter was probably the only way alt knew to get it out of his system. sometimes the others need him too.
with all the slaughter and experimentation and enslavement and terrible living conditions that humans suffered at proeathan hands, des (or the flock if he's dead after atlantis) is going to have his hands full convincing the surviving humans not to pursue vengeance but work together in peace. have there been any problems with humans seeking vengeance in demeter? i know demeter and the flock would quash attempts right away, just curious.
gg chapter 45 . 1/16/2015
training must be interesting now with des. Have the others realized he can see a few seconds into the future during a fight? they must’ve noticed when he goes into blue eyes at least. pluto must’ve been really aggravating in life, since even as an ai he keeps making trouble for everyone, misleading them or not telling them everything he knows. his hints about venus were interesting; since she specialized in hunting down runaway human slaves in her lifetime, maybe she could help locate any remaining humans on the planet. some must still have military weapons available. If the flock contact them they could launch hit-and-run strikes when the battle of atlantis begins. divide proeathan attention. of course with their limited 100 mile communication range the battle could be over and lost before the proeathans know what happened anyway. tho it sounds like they all knew instantly when toba happened.
who were eve and adam's slave owners before the pair broke away? i wonder if she had a particular axe to grind. one of the ais maybe? tiamat herself as she did have human slaves? if an angel was one of tiamat's slaves she'd be even better placed to help lucy as she understands them better probably than anyone still living.
gg chapter 44 . 1/16/2015
pluto said 16 clones went brain dead trying to relive des’ memories. since d2 isn’t the genuine article, won’t he be at increased risk trying to go as far back as eve? not to mention the flood of emotions he’s sure to be bombarded with when he relives her experience of realizing what happened to adam. and however she was terminally injured during toba, to the point that she died shortly after that when she gave birth to her twins. reliving that could do the clone in. tho i’m sure pluto has considered that. i suspect d2 will be spending a lot of time in a healing chamber when he isn’t in the animus.
gg chapter 43 . 1/16/2015
d2’s memories in the animus should be interesting. eve and pluto engaging in battle might give pluto what he wants almost as much as revenge against the proeathans: his identity back. did he play any role in adam’s capture and his soul being put into an apple? pluto is a tactician. i doubt he’d have agreed to sending the apple back to eve as he’d know that’d tick her off so much she’d destroy them for it. much like how des reacted when juno took lucy prime from him. he was willing to visit the same armageddon down upon the proeathans until cain calmed him down. when pluto called alt “abel” in this update it made me curious how much cain has revealed the proeathans. they couldn’t have got that info from des; he didn’t know about cain and abel when they captured him 6 years ago. cain maybe. the adjatevs did send him after the flock to try to recapture des since cain knew alt better than them. he’s the one person on earth who knows how his abel thinks.
gg chapter 42 . 1/16/2015
it’s actually rather painful reading cain’s introduction into the saga. given what we know about cain deeper into the saga, here is he just one big walking open wound, bleeding all over his abel. heart’s blood, i’d guess. centuries of pent up emotions just bled out of cain, betrayal, anger, fear, love and drowned them all. so much rage they didn’t know what to do with. at this point, everything in cain’s being was centered on alt, so it’s no wonder he had no room in him to care if he terrified the others. the only thing that mattered was alt and making him pay. i can only guess what alt felt at this moment. absolute terror for his grandson, fear because he knows cain will one day make good on his promise to make him suffer a loooong time, joy as his heart burst at seeing cain again. even alt calling cain his dirty little secret was hard to read. cain would never have referred to alt like that; he was bursting with love and pride in alt and would’ve said as much to anyone who asked. he’d moved heaven and earth for alt.
cain is giving alt a gift here that the others can only dream about. his big brother, who was essentially dead to him, suddenly came back to life, restored. des could only dream about dunc or lucy prime suddenly appearing on the road in front of him. hawk can only wish sarah and micheal jr. show up to hug and hold him close to their little family forever. ezio would love to go back and wring alt’s neck for not saving giovanni, federico, and petruchio. jake wishes he could turn back the clock and get eugene back. alt is living the ultimate dream of the entire flock. why don’t they kick his butt in later chapters for not appreciating the second chance he’s been given that none of them ever will?
from the first moment he appeared on screen, cain dominates every scene he’s in, he sets characters on fire with a storm of emotions, and he captivated the imaginations of readers. cain and tiamat are my faves of your ocs in fm, xazz. thank you for them.
gg chapter 41 . 12/3/2014
hawk. a bird whose terrified of flying. very poetic. nice ironic twist there. it's not surprising he's scared really. his soul hasn't been free to fly in centuries. if hawk can get his soul back, can his apple then be used on or against him like he wished des could use it to put him to sleep?
gg chapter 40 . 12/3/2014
ouch. lucy admitted she knew he'd lie to her. like the coming battle of atlantis he'll probably promise her that he'll come out of the unnamed alive. and she'll know that is probably a lie. i think des'll only ever ask one thing of lucy: that she survive. no matter what happens at the unnamed, lucy will keep her promise to him.
gg chapter 39 . 12/3/2014
good thing des has hawk waiting for when he and cain return to demeter. hawk is a good peace keeper because emotions don't cloud his judgement. maybe hawk can keep alt from killing cain for taking des to apollo. which leaves the door wide open for des to kill cain himself.
gg chapter 38 . 12/3/2014
i get where des is coming from here. but looking at this from alt's pov, i can empathize. des is screaming that he wants to be happy and if lucy makes him happy, so be it. des won't give her up. yet is alt thinking about what he gave up for the world? he gave up cain. his big brother. alt was happy with cain. but alt gave him up, mistakenly i admit, to save the world from cain. alt is wrong here about lucy, but i can imagine his frustration as he watches des not be willing to make the same sacrifices he once made to save the world. even to the point of sealing cain up alive for over a century. the one person alt wanted in all the world. not to mention that alt would and has died for des. the kid means the world to him, so the idea that des would rather have died is painful in a way all parents can understand here, i think. alt can't even think of des dead. atlantis and the unnamed should come as close as anything ever has to killing alt when it plays out with the stadalla. this is a messed up family. i like it.
gg chapter 37 . 12/3/2014
huh. lucy said the clone would kill her if he could, yet later on in fm you've said it's not that he hates lucy. since tiamat's intervention with the clone, will he be more open to lucy? like would he want her just like des has always wanted her? would d2 pursue lucy and maybe turn this into a love triangle? though i can't see lucy being confused about wanting the clone over the genuine article. another reason for the clone to hate des, that he's an inferior copy and the woman he desires wants the real des. (not forgetting the other men and women in demeter who are interested in lucy as she is exploring all of her options to figure out what she wants and needs.)
gg chapter 36 . 12/3/2014
hera said clones are inferior to originals and more likely to go insane. how does d2 not go insane? he's cloned from the greatest terrible things ever birthed on the planet. or did tiamat do something to stave off insanity? no wonder he hates des; for hera to describe him as a slab of meat with legs and nervous system and flawed. self-confidence issues much?
if synths always rebel, especially when they learn how they came to exist, what will that mean for cain's son? i have a friend conceived from a donated embryo whose genetic family was complete, but didn't want to destroy their remaining embryos. yet they didn't want their identities revealed to her, so that information is denied to her beyond medical history. she is very bitter about this. how will cain's son feel about his origins when he's old enough to understand? will he rebel against cain as hera predicted?
lucy is the saddest figure in this chapter. the flock is outraged that lucy was created to manipulate and deceive des, yet lucy was also manipulated and deceived all of her life. she's come a long way since then. she's more grounded and focused than any of the 'born' humans. cain needs to be honest with his son from the start about who and what he is. that he wasn't created to be a tool or the hope of two races. that he was created out of love, not greed and fear like lucy was. what a legacy she has to struggle with thanks to the proeathans.
gg chapter 35 . 12/3/2014
when hera told them all to write their "number" in their life's blood and ezio said to make something up because it didn't matter, I get the feeling that was a big mistake.
is lucy feeling very connected to hera here? they both have reason to want to see juno burn before fm is over. since hera was so intimately involved in making lucy and as close to a real mother as she can get, it would be interesting to see how much of hera is in lucy. on that note, it would mean she's as close to a mother as cain's baby boy will have, and her thirst for blood could be internalized in the baby. interesting challenge for cain if that's true.
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