Reviews for Enemy Mine
Guest chapter 35 . 4/3
I have been reading this fic nonstop for three days now. is that it? i would love to read some more! you have a real talent!
brendafay chapter 35 . 3/14
icebabesfire chapter 35 . 3/13
I fall in love with this story more with every chapter. And the parts from Spike's perspective are my favorites. Oh, and if Reg gets any more adorable and conniving, I may have to kidnap her myself!
icebabesfire chapter 34 . 2/24
I'm absolutely in love with this story. I've been reading it nonstop (in my free time anyway) for 3 days. I'm thoroughly enjoying Regina's personality and the dynamic you have between Buffy and Spike. I can't wait for the next chapter!
brendafay chapter 34 . 2/19
IAmWhitLocked chapter 34 . 2/7
This story is amazing. I love how I'm so torn - both wanting them to be together, RIGHT NOW, and knowing I wouldn't be satisfied or nearly as invested in this story if you were the sort of writer to do it the easy way. You do it the REAL way - that's true to them and the characters and I tip my hat to you. (And possibly hold it there for a little while, hoping that instead of coins you drop an update soon :) )
lyricalgleam chapter 34 . 2/2
I am so glad that I have only just discovered your story. I think it would have killed me waiting months in between updates. I do hope you continue again soon. Your writing is wonderful and pulls me right in! I'm so invested in this storyline now, I can't wait to see more in my inbox. Thanks for posting it!
DMoravec0505 chapter 34 . 2/1
I'm so glad there have been updates again! I'm loving this story and I'm sooo glad they finally got it all out there. I can't wait to see Buffy really step it up. It's gonna be amazing. I'm sure of it.
Angels-do-exist chapter 34 . 2/1
Good job! You prove it to him I can't wait.
Angels-do-exist chapter 33 . 2/1
I like it...can't have it be too easy for them. My heart breaks for them but it has to be this way or its too OOC for them. Their relationship previously was really toxic so i don't blame him at all. She's just gotta change his mind.
Angels-do-exist chapter 32 . 2/1
I love Spike. He's so precious.
Angels-do-exist chapter 31 . 2/1
That was really hot and beautifully written and heart wrenching at the same time. I really like how you handled the change over and I WANT TO HUG HIM TOO
Angels-do-exist chapter 30 . 2/1
So precious and beautiful and wonderful. AND I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH. Not just buffy and william, but all the characters you created - Kit and Reggie and Lily. They're all so wonderful and well written and i love this story.
gpmum chapter 32 . 12/27/2016
Just reread the last three chapters. It has been quite a while since your last update. I refuse to bitch and moan; I understand that real life comes first. I will say that this is a well written beautiful story. I love your take on the nuances of William/Spike's character. In 32 chapters we finally climax( no pun intended) with Spike's return. I am
hopeful you will give us this story's resolution eventually, because it is too good to become just another unfinished fic.

this story is too good
brendafay chapter 32 . 10/23/2016
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