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marthapreston4 chapter 2 . 2/15
Most people put more thought into it before they adopt why are they thinking of blotting if they thinking of running away
00-night-eyes-00 chapter 14 . 6/27/2014
love it
AoiLegend chapter 14 . 12/20/2013
Wow this story was amazing! I almost cried when Neal first warned Peter to watch behind him and called him daddy. This was so cute! Thankyou!
Lawlessness45 chapter 2 . 9/2/2013
The end of this chapter made me cry. Silly, I know, but it stirred up some emotion for me. I found out about a year ago I can't have kids, and El just crying at the image of Peter holding Neal... was terribly lovely. Painfully beautiful. Of course, I'm probably inserting entirely too much of my own emotion in to the story, but, I'd like to imagine that this scene could play out in my own life. Thank you. It's lovely.
Rehabilitated Sith chapter 8 . 8/18/2013
WhiteCollarLover chapter 14 . 4/26/2013
I just finished reading your story and I was sad that it is over. I so loved little Neal and his connection to Peter.

You wrote the story awesomely! It was so well invented and Neal was even in character, drawing all about his thoughts and having such a great mind and smartness.

You said it was a dark story but I dodn't get scared at all because you wrote Peter so great that I was sure he wouldn't let anything bad happen to little Neal. The bad guys where put away fairly quick so I didn't have any worrys that it was over the minute Peter found Neal, and "hearing" Neal call out to Peter was sooooo beautiful!

How you made Peter going with neal to the old apartment was really a wonderful idea to bring Neal back into talking and realizing that his momma won't come back.

I really love kid!Neal, can't get enough.
Lunar191 chapter 14 . 4/5/2013
This was absolutely wonderful. Neal's such an adorable little six year old! And this chapter was absolutely brilliant. I'm kinda happy Neal's still Neal from the show and interested in forgeries and the like. Also, I love how he's still about to meet June and the how you tied in the ring on the statue. Thank you for the great story! :D
anina613 chapter 14 . 11/27/2012
Loved it loved it loved it. Did I mention that I loved it? The end was SO perfect btw! While I was reading it I was hoping we'd see Neal grown up and you did it! Thank you so much! :D
DreamingSkies chapter 14 . 10/29/2012
T_T This story was so beautiful it made me cry. Neal's innocence and love that he shared with his momma was so touching! Please post more soon!
ghostdolly chapter 14 . 9/24/2012
LOL! Just found and read the whole thing in one go! I surprise even myself *pretty smug*
Poor Peter and El. Eleven years with Neal must have all their dark hairs turned silver by now XD Suspended again?! hahahahahahaha! Oh, my father would have spanked him until he got red tomatoes for buttocks Hahahahahahahaha!
I enjoyed this story very much. Thanks for sharing it with the rabid fans!
wotumba1 chapter 14 . 9/9/2012
for what? duh, the ring of course!

great story!
wotumba1 chapter 12 . 9/9/2012
what? no! where's neal?
wotumba1 chapter 8 . 9/9/2012
so that's where the fedora is coming from...
wotumba1 chapter 7 . 9/9/2012
wow! and a talented one at that who has given away he was still there with the pic in the mall
wotumba1 chapter 5 . 9/9/2012
wow, he starts interacting with the burkes

perfectly written!
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