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Blondelle Foy chapter 27 . 11/4/2016
This is an amazing shift of roles in Twilight. The only thing that would make it more interesting if the wolves had another (Jacob) of course in female form. Thamx for making this , Im a huge twilight fan and I was quite disappointed when the saga ended.
TooApatheticToCare chapter 27 . 6/24/2016
Oh sweet baby jesus, I was not ready for this fan fiction. I know it was last updated in 2014, but please, I'm begging you... Have some compassion, update for this poor, obsessed fanfic-junky that thinks you're an awesome author and loves this story so much...
It's really good, I love it!
violetkpop2332 chapter 26 . 1/19/2016
Break up? OMG, you okay? Don't worry ,I can relate!
Though it still hurts since I really really 100percent like him... *sigh* even now...
PrimroseMariePotter chapter 27 . 1/12/2016
Please update! I can't wait to read what happens next!
Mrs.HDonor chapter 22 . 4/13/2015
I love that, despite him being human up until now and therefore naturally weaker, you have written Edward as such a strong character for Bella. He may not be physically strong or even particularly athletic for a human, but he is still masculine and provides exactly the security Bella needs. I know it will be that way even more so now that he's a vampire! Great story, I love your take on if the roles were reversed! 3
le.pechi chapter 20 . 9/26/2014
I speak Portuguese, and in Brazil we don't speak like that. it's different from the Portuguese in Portugal. if Bella really said that, the taxi driver would be looking at her like she was an alien.
the correct in Rio would be: "dirige aĆ­ pras docas Rebucka!" or just "pras docas Rebucka" (if ya wanted to be polite)
that would be the correct way to speak to a taxi driver in Rio.
(I'm Brazilian. sometimes the google translator just doesn't get the right answer.)
One-Step-From-Hell chapter 27 . 9/17/2014
The end? :( Please, write more!
dhvdnkbabio chapter 27 . 6/22/2014
barbiedoll123 chapter 27 . 4/12/2014
Yay for the update love it
Debbie Hicks chapter 27 . 4/12/2014
Chapter 28: The Wedding First Hunt : the Real first hunt was a Wedding first hunt as a mated couple had begun and it had started then we boil outside as a couple dressed from Beetlejuice in Tuxedo and myself dressed in my wedding dress with a tiara pretended to elope the letter said Gone to the Woods to hunt in private signed Mr and Mr's Edward Cullen typed and in very perrfectly typing very way too much many more words Emmett yes they got married in Secret yes what the Uncle Sam is that a Ark of their own planet is it all of them found all of the Dead Vulcans with child let Flash then while Hunting and feeding as kept our wedding clothes covered and spotless of blood and Here wear these and keep your clothes totally clean and spotless of blood then then used the Codes then suddenly dead and mated Hun-like people then suddenly who Had them all of them Eaten but completely all drained of blood safely stored but the venom suddenly killed them with their own children then suddenly hatched out perfectl;y in control children well-behaved kids then their own families all of them were awaken but alert but suddenly hunted in the Holodeck properly and kept the rain coats on and suddenly hunted for real the scout of the Volturi injected us and all of the very all of them with a toxic Serum that attacked very far way too much and suddenly slipped outside and took the bodies away from here to Volterra, Italy to the Volturi palace the Wholly Serum worked onto Werewolves and other Shifters as well with their own Women each pack with the Other Covens visited us and suddenly felt weak in the knees who violently Blew up as True Vegetarians forever and finally found my best friends Poisoned by a Serum was toxic but deadliest Edwaard and the Vampire friends Suddenly lost all control bit as very way very tri ten thousands or much many more and all of the very all of the bites were death and suddenly Screamed with as very way bmuch many more and my hubands friends all of the sudden created our own progeny all of them very much many more all of the best friends were suddenly Eaten by ourselves by giving venom to the very way all of the Newborn army I Was producing a very wholly but a whopper and ten thousands and hundreds lot of newborns or much many more and all of trizillions of the newborns the next scout fled in horror in fear of us making a Newborn army a walliop of it barged into the palace in a hurry reported it's Kindred making a Newborn army a lot of them are teenage men and women still frozen at death but all of the bodies reappeared from here then it was too late they killed us and them lot of their own immortal child thrown in the fire with all of them suddenly revived as very all of them as Volturi members all of the bones breaking with the each both and animal shifters and their own women with grown Vampire children made us and them Infertile in both species unable to breed at all suddenly snapped a red thread of life now Death then Silence they held a ball of victory then we shot up very too fastest then had no heartbeats no pulses at all reanimated as Vampires who had Golden eyes of Martians Commander yes your eyes are Golden Momma mia I Look young again Lets Dance Silver Millennium style the ancient way follow my way of the Lunarians and the other races of the Silver Millennium the young Vulcan woman taught us very alien alien languages and all the sudden he spoke Lunarian the very first time to all the alien languages dance in the Lunarian way of her true people utside became much more Educated but became very well cultured and royality our wedding dance began as a married couple had begun I Had a mate a new life and allt a friends and foes and our new lives had started we will adopt teenage kids save their lives become parents and with them started pass the torch to them our new live as true Vegetarians with our Vegetarian allies signed the whole treaty paper for them to find houses and start hunt correctly and our battle was looming and suddenly Garrett found Kate flirtly but nice was stunning he asked her to marry her she said yes the other Covens became mates so to we then gotten Unification of a Wedding and mating in the Rigelian way to me had many spouses and husbands and wives oh no mated to a Vampire woman it was Sonvok my new co-husband aged 20 years old groaned WHAT?! T'Pran! it was Strom my other co-mate he was furious it is the law of the Rigelians they were a Vulcanoid race holy crap got married to Virok yes my wife we are wed in the Vulcan way yes both shared a lock of the fingers in private it was Lauren his mate who was his wife the Covens secretly adopted as very much many more children it was all over the wedding was finished now the unification Honeymoon as a group marriage ritual to start anew then we dressed in Black had to look Rigelian follow me everyone I Got a sense of directions Momma mia he was very tall but more Muscular was horrified of his new way of life as a Vampire began the Crystal Millennium coven the right way now Edward Cullen became a Vampire my husband he was flipping to adoption he used his cell phone sounding like a man's voice yes I Am infertile I Like to adopt teenage boys and girls only 8 only yes sir they are in their teens and my wife enjoys the ir life of teenagehood of teenage children it's done they formerly adopted to each of us then a worker sign here please I Have voted their turning yes bring them here then the no food ritual began they were turned but burst out as Vampires frozen at death were in fact high school students stuck at 16 to 18 years old my sibling adopted only teenaged Vampire children so my parents enjoyed with the others adopted as well showed powers written in a clipboard of powers then Eleazar then their training began we were getting toned and fit became very more Leaner and Athletic but stronger and powerful then it happened the black cat blasted a very full throttle of our unification of powers and right onto our unification of our foreheads suddenly closed our eyes and suddenly the side affect of the serum then Burst right outside from the chests as True Super Sailor Scouts and Knights but they were gone in seconds to Volterra, Italy and never returned with the adult bodies with their kids as well had them killed again According to Memory Beta when a Rigelian gets very upset it is the Grief frenzy he or she had to fight it and purge it away suddenly Irina was kidnapped never returned suddenly Tanya suddenly got very too upset much more upset will fight in the Rigelian way was in the Grief frenzy Sir! it is Irina she is killed by the Volturi had her executed she is dead her katra is destroyed as well then suddenly her grief frenzy was purged then Garrett became a member later on we Grieved like Vulcans were wearing Vulcan robes of burial I Was with glue up pointed ears had my eyebrow upswept like a Vulcan woman covered my hair in a specialized cape then wig of jet brown styled had to look like T'Pol trim a little added gel but then had to honor her memory the first officer sighted me the true inner beauty of myself he was striking but handsome Madam he was formal but very polite but ceremonial remembered his manners I Was still cooking like a Vulcan woman had to melt the food with blood for them had to swallow better hre Commander then the Vulcans sipped blood food and were full no bad Bella nice robes BURP! Excuse me please I Had animal blood for a very long time it had begun he was very polite but controlled of his hunger issues it had started the battle with the Volturi noticed a change in our lifestyle becoming very too cultured but much more Educated we were different but became Augment fully time but officially real.
Anne Celeste chapter 12 . 3/26/2014
Its a good story but don't get stuff mixed up; like in chapter 5 u said edward's dad died when he was 12,,,,then in this chapter you said his dad died when he was 5...not a major thing but its still something to correct incase its referred to in later chapters
hopeisfound chapter 25 . 6/25/2013
UPDATE! This is a very good and well written story please update.
Sabella Rose chapter 25 . 3/18/2013
Plz update I love this story
Guest chapter 25 . 12/1/2012
Oh my god Madison it's 12:40 AM and I just read 11 chapters in a row. You can't even believe how amazing this story is. Please post more more more more!
Guest chapter 25 . 11/14/2012
Good chapter!
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