Reviews for In Which Neither Coulson nor Sherlock are Dead
GuestDragon chapter 17 . 5/31
Really loving the story so far, but we Americans tend to say 'sweaters' instead of 'jumpers', not a big deal but its just a little cultural hitch. I keep forgetting that John isn't originally from the MCU fandom because of the way its written, I really like it though! He integrates with everyone's crazy so well, all that Sherlock experience makes him an excellent babysitter for them. Keep up the good work!
Rasi10 chapter 26 . 5/28
I totally loved it!
camierose chapter 26 . 5/28
3 good story
Ireland Scott of BROH chapter 26 . 5/1
Oh my gosh, I love “Dr. John “I have bo craps to give” Watson. Its beautiful.
PotterB2utyElf chapter 26 . 4/20
Oops, meant to "A very good story.."
PotterB2utyElf chapter 26 . 4/20
A very goof story..
American Tea chapter 4 . 4/16
Don't worry. The "tea and coffee" tray sounded about on par with most similar offerings. The "box" of hot water is weird to me, most hot liquids I encounter end up in at least vaguely cylindrical containers of some sort, if not shitty little plastic or tin "teapots", but for all I know that could be a military thing.
Honestly if the water was actually hot enough, that was a remarkably good spread for shitty brand choices.
(This is also why I carry my own sealed teabags, waste of packaging be damned. You can almost always get hot water with haggling, and if their tea is good fine but at least this way I have mine if they only have vaguely-tea-waste-like-powder-dust.)
Guest chapter 2 . 4/16
Guest chapter 1 . 4/16
This entire chapter alone is utter brilliance and I kind of want to print it up nice and frame it to put up on my wall. Not even my bedroom, rather out in the tiny "foyer" that holds most of our collective bookshelves and the good larger desk. Easy to see from that front door, walking through.
(I know from past readings the entire story is excellent, but there's nowhere to plaster that much of it and have it be legible anyway. The opening is the part that can stand alone so well.)
Liliah Dark chapter 26 . 4/10
It went by quickly. But it was a great story. Yeah this was amazing. Sweet ending too
Parn2545 chapter 26 . 2/23
I love this story! Thank you so much for posting this!
delta4phoenix chapter 1 . 2/4
Yeah, a moved planet coverup is really impressive. That was honest, just in case you think I’m being sarcastic. SHIELD could really learn from... Torchwood and UNIT I think. (Realizes just how long he hasn’t watched DW)
I will now continue to read this before I enter DW fever.
gaarasgirl389 chapter 12 . 1/8
I'm pretty sure Thor's mom is Freda. Not Frigga. Never heard of a Norse god/goddess called Frigga.
Lunary chapter 26 . 1/5
I hope for a sequel. Because i loved to read this story and how the things would continue.

Mintley8 chapter 26 . 11/13/2017
awesome story, thank you x
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