Reviews for Talk to Me
Chel-esque chapter 1 . 8/13/2012
Beautiful. I loved the interaction between Boyd and Nephenee. The detail of the writing was clever and exquisite. Also loved the ending where the one word seemed to mean so much more, in my opinion.

Awesome job on writing this! :)
The Stupendous Jimbo chapter 1 . 8/10/2012
Man nothing irks me more than seeing great stories like this get no attention. I thought this was very beautiful, and well crafted. I absolutely LOVED how you managed to portray the deep emotions running through Boyd. And Nephenee's persistence is stunning. Amazing. Simply amazing. Seriously, I loved this. I can even imagine this scene playing out in the game is Oscar were to actually fall. Maybe not with Nephenee, but definitely something similar.

I wish there were some type of criticism I could give, I really do, because nothing helps writers like other people offering advice on how to improve, but WOW! This story absolutely blew me away! I mean sure, I could clock in on some of the grammatical mistakes ("looked like someone had knocked him off horseback", or "she carefully moved to the take a seat") but they were simple mistakes in wording - casual mistakes everyone makes... In fact, I think that's the only ones I saw. Unlike a lot of authors I've seen, you actually took the time to proofread and revise. Furthermore, it's clearly obvious because the story is in such pristine shape!

I'm not entirely used to the Fire Emblem fandom, so I cannot say for sure what the average review count per story is, but I truly believe this fic deserves more. You released this fic on July 30th, that's 11 days ago, and you still haven't gotten a single review? How absurd!

Believe me, I'm not trying to suck up or make you feel better, I seriously feel it's outrageous to see great stories like this get absolutely no attention. In fact, I actually look for stories with little to no reviews because those are generally the best written stories.

Oh and by the way, I actually almost teared up while reading. Whenever I saw Boyd cupping his face, I started thinking "okay, who died?" And I realize it's common for a fic to kill people off, but I still felt bad for Boyd because you portrayed his emotions well! So well, in fact, that I found myself emulating his posture throughout the story. That pretty much says something.

With all that said, there is one thing I really want to make a note on. And this is honestly my favorite part about this story. You didn't reveal the ending. You didn't say if he made it or not. You left it a mystery. I absolutely love it when authors do that. It invokes this type of reaction where the reader can write their own ending without scrutinizing the plot. I give a thousand and one kudos for that! Thank you for doing that!

Not only does it invite the reader to write their own ending, it also keeps the focus on the main plot. This story isn't about whether Oscar dies or not, it's about what Boyd's going through, and Nephenee trying to be a good friend. It's about Boyd realizing he's making it hard on her. And considering you mention in your profile you're a fan of Boyd/Nephenee, it subtly hints at the two making a connection, having that spark. Personally I don't hold opinions on who should be with who, as long as the author makes it believable, and work. If Boyd and Neph end up getting closer after this, I wouldn't be surprised, because you've created a believable, realistic situation. And again, thank you for that.

So umm yeah, I believe I've made my point. Don't want to look obsessive over this, so I'll simply end my little rant here. Thank you for writing this, and I hope to see this story get more attention in the future.


The Stupendous Jimbo

P.S: I'm recommending this to a reviewing forum. Hopefully that should get some criticism.