Reviews for The Journey, not the Destination
Guest chapter 1 . 4/28
Such a good fic. Can't wait for more :)
ba2006 chapter 66 . 3/8
Wow this fic is freaking awesome I wish there was more. Loved reading this fic
elligabs chapter 66 . 2/15
en lo personal me encantan tus historias, me gusta el enfoque de parja, amantes, amigos y padres que le has dado a Angel y Buffy... estoy ansiosa y a la espera de tu actualizacion. solo tengo unas de quejas con respecto a esta historia:

1. debes darle mas fuerza al caracter de Angel y no quitarle importancia por las emociones de nuestra cazadora favorita

2. por favor... no destruyas el personaje de Angel, es decir me refiero a su ego y su orgullo, que siempre pasa a un ultimo palno solo porque buffy suelta un par de lagrimas o le grita.

3. por favor traiga algo de celos hacia buffy, digo seria interesante.. como nina de regreso o algo por el estilo, seria muy divertido, tenso y entretenido

crees las escenas de tension y pela entre ambos, no lo rsuelvas tan rapido y no siempre angel tiene que perdonar a buffy de buenas a primera...

si mas que decir, espero que actualices.. oh y solo son sugerencias no me odies por eso... actualiza pronto por favor por favor...
SMGbest chapter 66 . 2/4
Very well.
Not quite understand how you can be so mad on person, whom you love so much. Patrols are a bad idea, they often have a near-death experience, they should think about the children. BA were separated enough time for a sacred duty in the past. I'm still hoping for #3...
I look forward to update)) Thanks for work)
SMGbest chapter 64 . 2/3
This's obviously Cass cann't cope with her duties (at first she's in a swoon, then she's afraid of Angelus, and she doesn't have time to cure both Buffy and Angel), they have to expand the medical staff. And it's wrong that wounded Angel babysitting.
And Hank just didn't leave Katie and Liam orphans, I don't know how Buffy can maintain normal relations with him.
holderby.valerie chapter 66 . 2/2
Hey, I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed this story! I was very excited to see someone bring Buffy and Angel back together and Willow and Oz as well! You're doing an amazing job continuing their lives this way. I can't wait to continue reading what you put up. You rock!
SMGbest chapter 62 . 2/1
Oh, thank you so much for so many chapters at once!
Buffy and Angel was definitely need sex marathon. I think Hank tries to kill Angel ?..
Reading all free minutes)
coolgirl1010 chapter 66 . 1/31
I just love the way Angel n Buffy are a family with babies! Beautiful story.
SMGbest chapter 61 . 1/31
Great! Thanks for the update)
I think something's wrong with Hank (the secretary's demon or the demon who killed her moved into him) - so Buffy stopped being a loving wife, but even if the daemon isn't to blame - Hank is unworthy man to spoil their marriage because of him.
Looking forward to the new chap))
Guest chapter 61 . 1/31
I really hope Angel doesn't do something that he'll regret.
EmmaTownsend chapter 61 . 1/31
Oh I'm not liking Hank thanks for the update.
EmmaTownsend chapter 60 . 11/3/2014
Aww beautiful update I loved it
SMGbest chapter 60 . 11/3/2014
Cute sweet chapter)
It's so weird that after all they've been through - curse, separation, death experience, marriage, children - they still doubt in their love. But it's a truth of life...
I look forward to update))
Guest chapter 60 . 11/3/2014
Aww that was quite a sweet chapter
Only1ToniD chapter 60 . 11/2/2014
Awww... that was such a lovely growing interlude! A perfect blend of family fun and real maturity as people and in their relationship! I absolutely love it! And so much the better that it should come during the IWRY month! Absolutely amazing!
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